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The 7th Guest (DOS)

Genre: Adventure
Perspective: 1st-person
Gameplay: Puzzle elements
Narrative: Horror
Published by: Virgin Interactive Entertainment
Developed by: Trilobyte
Released: 1993
Platform: DOS
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Intrigue «The 7th Guest» one fell swoop throws you into the creepy atmosphere of a haunted mansion , a popular haunt for the novels " gothic horror ". However, the ghosts in the game not just moaning and rattling chains, as they should on the books - a stranger in the house in mortal danger !
T7G, The 7th Guest DOS
To understand the chain of events of the game , let's move to the plot.
At the beginning of the XX century. vagrant drunkard and Stauf saw a strange dream - gorgeous doll , dream of every child. Waking up, took a piece of wood Stauf , a knife and tried to realize his dream in reality. In truth, he did so from a very prosaic motives - to sell the doll in the bar. It worked! We were Staufa golden hands , his dolls were selling like hot cakes and were loved by kids . Stauf settled down and even opened his own thriving business - the toy store . Later dolls were added to the wonderful puzzle - the first of them Stauf also saw in a dream.
The 7th Guest floor map
New toys bear joy for children, they stand out from the everyday life of the town. But soon a measured existence was overshadowed by the mysterious epidemic of child . Even yesterday, healthy children became ill and died away in front of shocked parents - until the last minute , they pressed to his favorite puppet master Stauf ...
The 7th Guest title
The news of the closure of the famous toy store amazed everyone. Stauf did not explain anything , he had made in his private mansion farewell party and invited her to six guests. For entertainment was prepared the best puzzle. However, the next morning, the house was empty - and the master and his guests had mysteriously disappeared, and no one more than they had ever seen. Superstitious residents claimed that at night you can hear at the mansion of human voices and sounds to be coming sometime in the very same party.
Decades have passed . About Staufs no one thought - but then in the county children have to die again. The coincidence was more than strange. Reporter, who decided to spend the night in the house Staufa and conduct their own investigation , fished out of the river dead ... Here, in this very place the initiative and goes to you. Will you be able to spend the night in a sinister house Staufa cope with puzzles and figure out what is the cause of all these strange events ?
To play the game you do not even need to touch the keyboard - all necessary actions are performed with the mouse . To move around the mansion , just move the cursor around the screen. The house has a lot of places where you saved the psycho- kinetic energy of those sinister events. When the cursor is over this place , its shape changes , and click the left mouse button causes the release of this energy.


SWING LEFT - RIGHT FINGER - we can not take any action.
HAND SHOWING FORWARD - click and you will be able to go further in the direction you are looking at.
can turn in this direction. Usually, this kind of takes over the edge of the screen.
MASK - you'll see the dramatic events that took place at this site.
SKULL with pulsating brain - the puzzle !
JAWS - a supernatural event . Sometimes they can bgg more than strange and incomprehensible .
PYRAMID WITH EYES - SIGN THE SPHINX . This is where you get access to all the main functions of the game - save and load , exit to DOS , etc.
EYES - the various steps in puzzles , Staufom scattered around the house.
Some parts of the mansion are not available if you meet certain conditions . So, you will not be able to solve the puzzle on the door until he finished with the puzzle in the dining room , etc.
At follow-up visit to a place you can sometimes see the new events or supernatural phenomena . After major accidents - solving puzzles or show dramatic new stssn - can be very useful to re- visit the already completed before the room.
The mansion , as already mentioned, is full of complex brainteasers - creepy and entertaining at the same time . You have to master all the secrets only a madman Staufa open to you .
Most often enough to sit on a little puzzle to understand its rules and purpose. But if you do get stuck and do not understand what is it that you have to do - visit the library on the first floor and get acquainted with the book tips. For each puzzle you can get two pieces of advice . After each prompt you will be transferred directly to the site of the solution. The third visit to the library over the fact that this puzzle will be solved for you ... But it is not interesting and unsportsmanlike . On the other hand, some of the existing " puzzles " are distinguished sadistic sophistication , so try not to spend their decision for life.


Upon his release , The 7th Guest is one of the first PC games really exploiting the possibilities of storage CD- ROM , and was considered in the gaming press at the time as the first title actually justifying the acquisition of this type of support. The size of the game , which occupies a full CD- ROM and a small portion of a second disc, due to the poor performance of computers at the time, unable to handle the decompression in real time video.
Upon his release , The 7th Guest required a relatively new processor, 80386 or higher type of PC , 68030 or higher on Mac , supported by 4 MB of RAM and a Super VGA video card capable of displaying 256 colors at a resolution of 640 by 480 pixels. It should also have a CD- ROM Double speed , capable of transferring 300 KB of data per second to compensate for the lack of compression -decompression in real-time 3D scenes or digital video (technical today used by all the games based on a recent 3D engine and made possible by the emergence of specialized video cards in the treatment of such tasks ) .
The CD- I version , superior to Microsoft Windows and Mac OS versions , requires Full Motion Video option cartridge for decompressing MPEG-1 on the fly.
In 2011, Trilobytes Games releases a version for iPad -based version of the CDI , the video quality is higher than the PC and Mac OS versions.

Gaming System

The menu system is original: an oracle called " Sphinx " includes the "Load" function , "Save" and "Exit" , data entry is via an interface mimicking a Ouija board . The game does not have an option for setting the sound levels that can not be modified by changing the settings of the operating system. For example, if the dialogue is masked by the soundtrack , the music volume can be lowered by changing the volume of the MIDI output of the OS.
The player is a mysterious entity known only as the Ego . Its role, identity and purpose are not explained but seem to be part of the environment of the Stauf mansion . Movements and interactions with elements of the game are clicking on the game screen with the mouse and the cursor in the shape of skeletal hand
, comes to life and changes appearance depending on the events that the player can trigger : movement , launch video scene , solving a riddle.
The book on the coffee table in the library can provide clues to the unsolved riddles , but there will be a price to pay ...
Once the first part is finished, the player can start all the puzzles in the order of their choice.