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Jet Moto (PS1)

Jet Rider PSX
Genre: Racing / driving
Perspective: Behind view
Gameplay: Arcade
Setting: Sci-fi / futuristic
Published by: Sony Computer Entertainment of America
Developed by: SingleTrac Entertainment Technologies
Released: 1996
Platform: PlayStation (PSX, PS1)

You are about to race on fantastic flying motorcycles. Since he can hover above the ground, he does not care where to move - on land or at sea. True, this affects the speed. It is necessary to carefully examine the geographic situation and - step on the pedals! The task is to walk the path between the start and finish gates in the fastest and safest way. On 10 tracks you compete against 19 opponents. Your device can hover over city sidewalks, overcome water obstacles and ice fields. In difficult times you can turn on the accelerator; in addition, you have at your disposal a rather curious auxiliary technique - magnetic capture. Playing this game, you have to throw up your hands every now and then: what an excellent game this plot could turn out to be! However, the whole thing is spoiled by an imperfect control system - sometimes it seems that your motorcycle is moving through impassable mud, and insurmountable difficulties arise with the choice of the moment of giving the command at turns and during jumps.


  • Using the magnetic gripper, keep a certain distance from the pole, otherwise you will crash into the wall.
  • Save boosters (Turbos) for use either on safe straight lines or in strong countercurrent.
  • If you are about to skip a jump, lean back so as not to roll forward.
  • Do not use Turbo on difficult terrain - fall into an abyss or somewhere else. Turn the turbo on straights and acceleration before jumping.
There is no need to sit at the screen from morning till night to become a cool racer. Listen to our advice and tips and soon reach the heights of mastery:
  • Braking is a very important element of driving. You cannot rush at crazy speed at full throttle - you will crash into a bridge, fly off a cliff, or just roll over, or even worse. So be careful on descents, turns, pay attention to road signs.
  • Jumps and Stunts (aerobatics). The most exciting element of racing is aerobatics, jumps, Stunt Mode on the Options Screen - great stunts and adventures await you.
  • Repositioning. This is a very important tip. During the passage of difficult sections, when rivals sweep past you like bats from hell, you must keep your cool and get out of any situation with honor. If you are jumping over a bridge or a wide "gap", and even from a turn (!), Try to direct the motorcycle in the right direction in the air, then upon landing you will definitely come out to the correct position. On landing, it will be too late to taxi.
  • Riding The Waves. Heavy motorcycles in the game have one advantage over light ones - they can rush along the waves, practically without losing speed, and not roll over from wave to wave. To do this, you need to press Down (shortly) before each wave, and you will jump over one or two waves at once.
  • Steering / Hard Turns. Some motorcyclists do not handle well, especially on tight curves. Dont be upset! Use L1 and R1 for tricky turns and you should be fine.
  • Opposition / Collisions. Well, everything here depends only on you. On some tracks, motorcycles move in different directions, dangerously close to each other. We hope that you have a reaction like Fox and you will be able to avoid collisions. You can, however, use the L2 and R2 buttons. Pressed R2 - moved to the right, missed an obstacle or an opponent. Pressing L2 again returned to the track.


But on which tracks you will have to compete:

Blackwoter falls

Most of this winding track is located in the fast-flowing river region. Do not relax - it is called "Black Water Falls" for a reason! Easy start, a few left and right turns - you can easily handle it. But further on there is a steep slope - do not yawn in the heat of the fight. Take a sharp right turn with L2. And especially do not accelerate closer to the finish line, otherwise you will crash into metal beams.


This is a very difficult, dangerous and winding track, especially in the northern section. From the start it is better to take a sharp left, so it will be easier to enter a long right turn. The most dangerous area of ​​the track is the roadside, so be careful. Reduce speed if necessary. Sometimes, instead of following the track, it's better to jump directly! In mountainous areas, try not to knock down rocky ledges - you will lose your head!

Cypress run

It's just a nightmare full of obstacles interspersed with swamps. If dense reeds in a steep serpentine road does not slow down your movement, then trees and stumps will. Stay on the inner edge at the first left turn, it is easier to go through it. Once in a tricky position, use L1 and R1. Be careful, trees are in your way.


This is a trail of suicides desperate to save their lives by crossing bridges and water barriers. Be careful around corners, this is where the Jet Riders are bumping into each other most often! Immediately at full throttle to the left and down the bridge straight from the start. Once out of the bend onto the straight, activate Turbo. And on long straight sections, turn on Turbo too or even two Turbo. This will help you take a leading position. Well, while making a jump over the destroyed bridge, give full throttle.

Ice crusher

This trail is as if carved into a glacier. This is a serious test of your capabilities! How fast you dare to race, how tightly you will chase rivals, how much your courage will be enough. Keep the tail carrot! In general, not a track, but solid ice! You cannot brake, but it is absolutely necessary to fit into the turn. Activate Turbo to defeat most of your opponents. You need to keep high speed for most of the track. After taking off to the tops of the hills, you can turn on Turbo if there are no turns and obstacles.


Wide free track. The secret of victory on this track is not in cut corners and finding the shortest paths, the most important thing is different laps. Keep full throttle on the track and avoid bumps and obstacles. When preparing to jump, do not forget about landing accuracy. The speed must be very high in order to get past the damaged sections of the track.


Some people dream of flying, while others dream of collisions and falls. Jet Rider racing will satisfy both. Nightmare is a nightmare and the track lives up to its name. And there are so many holes and holes here. The track requires precise piloting, otherwise an accident and possibly a fire. Keep in mind that Death is waiting for you at every turn! And indeed it is!

Snow blind

Although this track is deadly with its U-shaped bends, the main danger lies in the track itself. Stay in the middle and watch out for the curbs or find yourself head over heels in ... snow. Do not put too much pressure on the brakes, otherwise you will find yourself on the roof, wheels upside down. Be careful - there are very difficult turns ahead.

Suicide swamp

At first glance, a very easy track, but when you get close to the finish line and enter the U-turn, then we'll see. Get off to a good start - this is vital and try not to push trees together. You can take a detour or cut a corner, but you must then use L2 to get back onto the track. Turn on Turbo and full throttle on straight sections and watch your opponents. Feel free to fly over rocky turns, and then activate Turbo.


On this track, speed is not always your friend. When in the lead in a race, it's easy to hit a wall or cliff. Steep left turns are very dangerous, especially a couple of them. There are chances to exceed the sound barrier, about ten times! Engage Turbo and develop a tremendous speed on this slope. Pay attention to the formidable rocky cliff on the right, otherwise you may have an accident here.


How to handle a powerful roaring car, how to turn a tough race into a wonderful adventure? We will answer your questions and reveal all the secrets!

You must first do the Codes Enabled trick. To do this, enter the options screen and set the difficulty mode to Professional, and the number of laps in the race (Laps Per Race) - 6. Press Start and on the title screen press Circle, Circle, Circle, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Square, Triangle. Hear a confirmation sound, and a balloon (like in a comic) will appear with the inscription Coder Enabled.
Now you can enter the following code on the title screen:
Changing camera angles - Triangle, Down, Square, Triangle, L1, L1, R1, R1

But to enter a group of the following players, enter the title screen and follow the following procedures:

Special award

Select Dacota, then return to the title screen, enter options and set the number of laps to 2 and the Trophy Presenter to Female. Hold R2 and select Credits.

See all endings

Enter the options screen, set the difficulty level to Amateur, disable Turbos and Grapples, hold L2 and select Credits.

Rewarding all drivers

Enter the options screen, set the difficulty level to Amateur, disable all Turbos and Grapples, hold L1 and select Credits.

All tracks are open

On the title screen, highlight Option and enter it. On Option Screen, set Difficulty to Amateur, Trophy Presenter to Male. Now go to Exit Option and press X to return to the title screen. On the joystick, press Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Right, Down, Left. Then press Left, then X to return to the Option Screen. This time, set Difficulty to Professional, Trophy Presenter to Rider's Choice. Now go to Exit Option and press X to return to the title screen. This time press Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right. You will hear, as it were, the sound of a cash register indicating that the code has been entered correctly.