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Tunnel B1 (PS1)

Tunnel B1, 3D Mission Shooting Finalist PSX
Genre: Action
Perspective: 1st-person
Gameplay: Shooter
Setting: Sci-fi / futuristic
Published by: Acclaim Entertainment
Developed by: NEON Software GmbH
Released: 1996
Platform: PlayStation (PSX, PS1)

It is a action game with impressive visuals. The plot of the game revolves around your attempts to stop the megalomaniac, who really wants to detonate the bomb he invented. To save the world, you will have to crawl a lot through the sewer tunnels, which basically make up the world of Tunnel B1. Along the way, you will encounter robots and enemy guard posts, as well as plutonium warehouses. All this must be destroyed. As in any game, consisting of several missions, to get to the next level, you need to complete a certain task. The game starts off relatively straightforward, so you will have time to get comfortable with controlling the ship, firing, collecting devices that enhance your firepower and the tactics of destroying androids that come across at every step. When you reach the last missions, the time to complete the assigned task will be limited, and the number of enemies will begin to multiply, and their types will increase significantly.

And now about the schedule. Great attention paid to graphics has created an extremely realistic environment in the game. The lighting is remarkably implemented: light sources, haze, lamp transparency and color distribution schemes that change in different places.

In Tunnel B1, your ship has a non-standard set of flight qualities. He is well controlled (responsive to your every command), and his movement is quite predictable (fleeting interference does not affect him). The inertia is very believable and the motion model is accurate and realistic. The accuracy with which you can move your ship through space is amazing. To get into a comfortable position, you can make movements to the left - right, forward - backward, and even turn the aircraft in place. The available arsenal (lasers and mines, guns and missiles, etc.) is impressive in variety, and the possibilities for destruction of the environment are almost endless. You can use two types of weapons at the same time, and there may be even more on board the ship. Excellent graphics ensure the success of the fighting. In Tunnel B1, enemies appear on the horizon, you will not have any sudden jumps from a distance of two meters. So the fight is always on an equal footing.


  1. In many cases, the best attack (without too much energy loss) can be done at close range. It is effective against turrets, grenade launchers and other “small weapons”. Now, if you attack a huge ship, then you will lose energy oh-ho! But the closer to the target, the more powerful the attack. And this is not about scientific calculations - just in the heat of the battle, do not forget about it. In some you can even be saved from death. Energy is life!
  2. At almost every level of the game you will find containers. They are simply necessary for the successful completion of the game, since they provide a saving extra time. By destroying the container, you get a couple of important seconds before the deadly radiation begins.
  3. Pick up the "debris" before they turn a bright orange for a great and always beneficial energy boost.
  4. Sometimes shooting from a long distance decides the fate of the battle. Your ship has a longer range than most land-based weapons. So, if possible, try to shoot enemies while keeping your distance. And destroy the enemies, and you yourself will not suffer.
  5. You can shoot mines, but you can also “throw” them. Release the mine (while driving) and it will fly forward. Speed and distance are determined by the speed of your movement. In this case, the mine explodes upon collision with any object. But this technique is dangerous and difficult and requires some training.
  6. At some levels (towards the end of the game) you find yourself in rather cramped corridors, chock-full of mines, boxes, bad guys and other nonsense. Best tactic: Walk along the corridor (keeping close to one wall) and fire continuously. Clear one wall and return along the other as well. You yourself will be surprised how nice everything will turn out, especially if you manage to recharge from an energy container.
  7. Green weapons are everyday weapons. Red is best for emergencies.