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Street Fighter EX2 Plus (PS1)

Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Visual: 2D scrolling
Gameplay: Fighting
Art: Anime / manga
Published by: Capcom Entertainment
Developed by: Arika Co.
Released: 2000
Platform: PlayStation (PSX, PS1)

The first Street Fighter EX, as I remember now, caused some disappointment among SF fans, as it did not quite correspond to the spirit of the game and suffers from some truncation of the traditional gameplay, which has lost some of its depth as a result. I am not even talking about pinocchio graphics. It is clear that no matter how hard you kick the gameplay of this game, it will seem weak only in comparison with the two-dimensional original (well, maybe with something else), and by no means in comparison, say, with any work from the Tekken series ...

Yes, I should have said that phrase! Okay, although stones will be thrown at me again, but it's true. However, this does not apply to the case, but we talked about the gameplay, which in Street Fighter EX, despite the fact that it was not at all miserable, like Soul Edge (sorry, I was mistaken, in this nemkovskh work it is not miserable - it simply is not ), but still turned out not to be what many fans expected from the team led by one of the creators of the legendary Street Fighter 2.

It should be noted that, apparently, Arika didn’t think too much about all this, and therefore soon gave birth to the second part of IEX, which for some time even enjoyed tangible popularity in the halls of arcade machines and was included in specialized charts. With the release of the home version, as usual, they delayed, and this miracle crawled to us only recently in the form of Street Fighter EX2 Plus (Alpha was not added to the name this time - it would have been delayed for another six months, then it would definitely be).

In principle, creating Street Fighter EX2 Plus, the developers clearly did not plan to seriously change something in it compared to SFEX, believing that the transfer of the cult two-dimensional fighting game at 30 was quite a success. With this, of course, you can argue for a long time, although you can’t say anything, in comparison with some Samurai Shodown transformed into three-dimensionality, the brainchild of Arika looks like an absolute masterpiece. Nevertheless, we still need Street Fighter, and not its pale copy, albeit for all its "pallor" it remains very pleasant in terms of playability and the possibility of improving game skills. It is clear that 2D classics are unlikely to become classics once they are in 3D, but this does not mean that everything should be left as it is.

The implementation of the gameplay in Street Fighter EX2 Plus looks like this. There is, in fact, the combat system from Street Fighter Alpha, but slower and, in my opinion, somewhat awkward. That is, the dynamism that took place in Kapkom's two-dimensional fighting games is not observed in this case. That is, there is undoubtedly dynamism and speed, but not to the extent to which we, say, are accustomed. In addition, all this "streetfighter" looks sometimes and, what is most important, it feels rather strange in SFEX2P. For example, with the standard jump kick plus sweep, there is a feeling of some lack of complete control over what is happening. Perhaps this is quite difficult to understand, especially for those who in their life only played tekkens, but it will probably be easier to explain it this way: the sword in the hand may, in fact, be an extension of the hand, or maybe just a piece of steel, clamped in hand. In this case, we have something similar. At least, I personally think so, other people are likely to feel somewhat different. Although, in fairness, I note that in Street Fighter EX2 Plus, oddly enough, it was more pleasant for me to play in this regard than in SF EX Plus Alpha.

In general, EX 2 Plus, like its predecessor, in the transformation of Street Fighter follows the same path of using in a three-dimensional environment (it is loudly said, the backgrounds there are not particularly three-dimensional, I can tell you) fights in one plane. That is, you can, of course, not wait for any sidesteps, dodging blows, and all the more fashionable nowadays running around the arena for battles.

Like all streetfighters from Capcom of recent times (about six years of commercials "last time"), Street Fighter EX2 Plus has a traditional line of super hits. Everything is the same three-level, and the supers for level 3, in theory, are completely new even in the home version. Well, with their power, everything, in general, is clear. There is also an Excel system that resembles the Custom Combo from Street Fighter Alpha 2 (and SF Alpha 3 too). The thing is quite interesting and effective, and with its help, with the proper skill, luck and a number of other factors, they say, you can be sophisticated and make a combo that will completely remove a whole line.

As for the characters, Street Fighter EX2 Plus has seen some replenishment in the form of completely new, never-before-seen heroes. Among them, one can, for example, single out the owner of the gorgeous Vulcano Rosso hairstyle, a peculiar, but, in fact, not very interesting in terms of the battle scheme, Sharon, dashingly waving the pole Nanase and Area, which, in general, does not really fit into the Street Fighter series. despite the fact that it is one of the most original fighters invented recently by Capcom (well, or Arika in this case). Judge for yourself: a schoolgirl in round glasses with pigtails, on roller skates and with a mechanical arm that turns, if necessary, into a rocket. Like this.

Of course, Street Fighter EX2 Plus has hidden characters for which you will have to sweat, plus old heroes who have not appeared in EX before, such as my favorite Vega and Sagat, have appeared. In addition, and this is strange, given the general tendency to increase the amount of something in game products: a number of characters that were present in Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha, like Sakura, have disappeared and do not appear here.

In terms of graphics, Street Fighter EX2 Plus clearly looks better than Arika's first 3D fighting game experience. The angularity of the fighters' models has obviously smoothed out with the influx of additional polygons, the animation is a little better now, the backgrounds have become more beautiful, although, in general, the progress compared to the first EX is not overwhelming. So, in principle, everything looks quite pleasant, but, say, in this regard, the game does not reach some third Tekken. By the way, many players will probably also be disappointed that there are no final cutscenes in the second "IEX" at all, even in the form of the squalor that was in the "IEX" first. I really can't say that for me personally in this case it plays a special role in. This is not the last Final Fantasy, in which, except for the movies, and almost nothing else to watch.

What is really interesting about Street Fighter EX2 Plus is its modes, albeit few, but very interesting. Naturally, Arcade and Versus are certainly present in the game, but then we see something more unusual. For starters, there is a thing called the Bonus Game. It is a Bonus Game version of the game in which you need to participate, as the name suggests, in bonus stages, like those that delighted us (specifically, me) in the early nineties (and still continue) in Street fighter 2. There is even there is a famous bonus with falling barrels! By the way, similar tests are also present during the passage of the Arcade, after you manage to score a couple of fighters (all in all, you need to defeat only seven opponents to complete it). Their new varieties, however, are not particularly interesting, and sometimes a little stupid (like the destruction of a falling satellite). No, just think: a satellite is falling from above, and you are kicking it, kicking it ...

The next mode is Director Mode. I can’t say that I am delighted with him, but he is definitely interesting and original. Its essence is to conduct a small fight (25 seconds, if I am not mistaken), which can be recorded and directed right away by controlling the camera and other things. Well, then, accordingly, put this action on a memory card and watch it from time to time.

There is also a standard Practice. More precisely, at first it seems that it is standard. It includes, of course, a completely ordinary training regime, as well as Trial Mode. The latter offers to choose a character and perform all possible supers and various combos for them, the list of which can be viewed right there. After all the characters complete this task, the hidden characters will be revealed, which will also need to repeat this operation. As a result, the eerie Maniac Mode will open, in which you will have to be perverted in the same way, but only with brutal combinations of blows, just taking away a hundred percent of vital energy.

So what can you say in conclusion? In conclusion, we can say that Street Fighter EX2 Plus is not exactly what Street Fighter fans would like to see in a three-dimensional embodiment of the game. However, this does not mean at all that Arika has made something completely uninteresting and killing with its mediocrity. In reality, SFEX2 Plus in terms of the level of gameplay is frankly ahead of most games of this genre for the PlayStation (and not only), and therefore I can say that any fan of 3D fighting games will not regret the hours spent playing this game. Well, perhaps only if the splashes of blood on the screen and spectacular jumps of limbs upward interests him more than the real content of the game.


  • The special Doctrine Dark combo (circular motion across the D-pad buttons) is very powerful, and when combined with the jump kick is even more powerful.
  • When fighting Garuda, the first of the three bosses, a good defense will be your best tactic, as his combat combinations are very powerful. Beware of his reversal reception. It will literally fall on you from the sky after you deliver an accurate blow.
  • When playing as Skullomania, perform a D-pad circular motion when an opponent tries to attack you with a throwing attack. You will slip under his weapon and stab his lower body (Low Kick).
  • Press MP and MK at the same time and perform a stun reception. In this case, the stunned opponent will be open for the most powerful combination or throw with which you will finish him off.
  • In the bonus round on the satellite, use uppercuts and other shock combinations to destroy as many asteroids as possible and quickly cope with your task.
  • When you defeat your opponents, thereby raising the level of the Super Combo Gauge indicator. In this case, the sections in this indicator will change color and, in the end, you can achieve that the indicator is filled to the top and there will be three multi-colored levels in it. These levels are called Combo Gauge levels. When you have one level on the indicator, you can perform a Super Combo or Guard Breaks attack, or even activate Excel mode for your character. If you manage to get all three levels, then you can perform the most powerful Meteo Combo attack and become almost invincible.

Guard Break

As in the original, this combination can hardly be blocked by your opponent and is capable of knocking him down. This consumes one level on the Super Combo Gauge indicator, and you can perform this combination by pressing the punch and kick buttons simultaneously with the same force, for example, HP + NC.


This is a new combination. It was not in previous versions. To complete it, you need one level on the Super Combo Gauge indicator, and as a result, your character will literally turn into an insane fighter who strikes much faster and more powerful. In this case, you will perform multi-hit combinations with much more ease. This mode works only for a few seconds, but gives you the opportunity to deal with your opponent. To activate it, press the Punch and Kick buttons of different strength, i.e. MP + NK. When running Excel, super combos and Guard Breaks cannot be executed.

Super Combo

These powerful attacks deal serious damage to the enemy and are often decisive. Each character has an arsenal of such super combinations, each of which requires at least one level on the Combo Gauge indicator, but do not regret it, as you will cause very serious damage to your opponent.

Meteo Combo

Perhaps the most powerful and almost deadly attack. Each character has at least one of these attacks, and the effect is simply overwhelming. True, they are quite difficult to complete, but if your Combo Gauge indicator is filled to capacity, then you can perform this crushing attack and achieve an unconditional victory.

Cancels system

There are three types of Cancels in the game, i.e. "transformation systems". The Standard Type Cancel turns a normal Punch or Kick move into a Special Move move. However, not all moves can be turned into Special Move and vice versa.

Super Cancel

When you execute Super Combo, a completely different combination can be executed if the super cancel system is activated. Up to three different super combo combinations can be performed in a row in this way, and the enemy will take monstrous damage.

Cancel Break

When a super combo is executed and the character is on the ground, as a result of activating the Cancel Break system, the attack can be turned into a Guard Break attack.