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LMA Manager 2002 (PS1)

LMA Manager 2002 PSX
Genre: Simulation, Sports
Perspective: Bird's-eye view
Gameplay: Managerial / business simulation
Sport: Football (European) / Soccer
Published by: Codemasters Software Company Limited
Developed by: Hoodoo Studios
Released: 2001
Platform: PlayStation (PSX, PS1)

The LMA 2002 is the third in the Playstation soccer management series and also the first to be released for the Playstation 2. The PS1 version includes 8,000 players in 302 clubs, while the PS2 expands this to 17,000 players in 722 European league clubs. Both platforms offer choices for full-fledged careers or taking on one of 10 challenges such as accepting a bottom team mid-season and trying to avoid relegation. Regardless of the game mode, managers have access to detailed tactics and training settings, allowing you to work with players' weaknesses and build on their strengths.