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Kagero: Deception II (PS1)

Kagero: Deception 2 PSX
Genre: Role-Playing (RPG), Strategy / tactics
Perspective: 3rd-person
Pacing: Real-time
Narrative: Horror
Published by: Tecmo
Developed by: Tecmo
Released: 1998
Platform: PlayStation (PSX, PS1)

Kagero: Deception II is a sequel to the original Tecmo game. Unlike the first part of Kagero: Deception II, it is executed as a third-person action game (the first part was implemented from the first person view). Even with the first part, there were problems with the classification of the genre - this is both an RPG and a tactical game in real time, but you do not control the troops, but set traps and activate them. In fact, the game is a simulator of killer traps. It almost always looks like a real meat grinder. To achieve success, it is very important to set a combination of traps, this is when the enemy first receives an arrow in the heart, then a stone on his head, and for dessert falls into a pit with thorns or burns alive. So much for the weaker sex .. As before, each success brings you experience points and allows you to acquire more sophisticated methods of killing, this brings RPG elements into the game. Dark music heightens the atmosphere, and more than 26 levels of the game will not let you get bored.


  • Throw the enemy onto the fan propeller for a six-shot combo.
  • Fire pit gives two automatic hits. The first was when the enemy was thrown at her; the second is when he tries to get up.
  • An electrical wall combined with a rod creates a long electrical barrier.
  • A good wall shove can immediately send an enemy into a deadly trap.
  • Push the barrel down the stairs. Not good luck to everyone who turns up.
  • Bombs can throw the enemy where, and when he crashes to the floor, you can bring stones at him.
  • Magnets can attract several enemies at once. Blow up two (for the price of one) and get a two-hit combination.
  • An electric magnet and an electrode create a powerful electric field that can shock an enemy. And then his bun on the head!
  • "Endless" combinations can be arranged by placing two traps such as Evil Kick and Spring Floor on both sides. Better yet, place them under the falling blade. There will be blood, beauty!
  • With the Press Wall, large stones can be rolled in the desired direction. And if you use Evil Kick, then you will further throw it across the room with terrible force. Get Long Range Hit!
  • Evil Kick is just a super cool move, especially if you use it to knock an enemy into an electric wall. Here will be a shish kebab with illumination! But Evil Upper will probably be just as good, so develop your technique.
  • Field mines are very effective and versatile weapons. They produce a powerful explosion that is delayed, giving you the time you need to escape.
  • In Chapter 2, set the trap arrow parallel to the railing. Then Slash will take multiple hits at once as soon as he gets close.
  • The fireplace room (at the beginning) is a great place to take out enemies - here you can lead them in a circle like bulls on a string.
  • The most effective combination in the game is a magnet combined with a spiked large stone, which can fall down at the right moment, and then just (a block ahead) a field mine! It will turn out to be a cool meat grinder.
  • In the King Palace, set up an ambush near the magic "boob" and wait until the enemies are caught!
  • Deadmoon's Double usually stands still, moves a little, but attacks powerfully with throwing weapons. His energy is restored slowly, so hit him quickly and with all your urine.
  • In Chapter 3, a field mine at the bottom of the stairs (with an arrow pointing past the water). When it explodes, it will pull a powerful combination.

Scoring system

The game is pretty simple and the behavior of the enemies is easily predictable. However, just finishing the game is not enough. This does not mean that you have become a real Kajero Master. The most difficult thing is to earn a lot of Ark points for combinations and bonuses, and for this you need to show ingenuity, ingenuity and skill. At the end of each level, the result of your "performance" will be summed up, and the more Ark-points you get, the more cool traps you can purchase for the next mission.
Here are some tips and tricks for you - how and for what you can get a lot of points at each level:
  1. To get "Perfect Genocide", don't let any of the enemies leave the building.
  2. Try to stay intact, then get the "No Damage" Bonus.
  3. Arrange the traps in a specific order to create a complex combination.
  4. Always consider Bonus Ark points when setting traps.
Here are the bonus points you can get when setting traps:
  1. Long Range Hit - when the trap hits the enemy at a distance of five blocks from the place of his birth.
  2. Counter Hit - when you catch the enemy in a trap, when he attacks or pursues you.
  3. Aerial Hit - when an enemy is hit by a trap, thrown into the air by another trap.
  4. Double Hit - when you manage to close up two enemies at the same time with one trap.
  5. Core Hit - when the trap hits the enemy in the deaf-on center.
  6. Virgin Trap - When a brand new unused trap hits the enemy for the first time.
  7. Just Kill - when the trap lowers the enemy's life indicator down to zero.


To get more powerful traps, you need to buy as many traps as possible with your Ark points before starting the next level. Read the list of traps in the Trap Data Menu carefully. Many traps cannot be purchased until you have stocked up with other, simpler traps. For example, you cannot buy Laser Arrow until you have Bazzsaw and Gold Arrow. Similarly, you cannot buy Bazzsaw until you have purchased the Spike Wall and Chain Needle, and Gold Arrow will only become available after purchasing the Triple Arrow and Gold Claw. In the Trap Data Menu you will see which traps you need to purchase in order to get the desired deadly device. In the game, you never know how much a trap will cost until you get everything you need to buy it. Therefore, the lists below indicate the cost of all traps (in Ark-points) to make it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

Traps on the ceiling (Celling Trap, Push Triagle)

Rock traps are very powerful. Stones crash down on enemies' heads, slide down stairs, obstruct enemy movement and destroy them when they first appear.
Vase - 400/0/2
Basin - 600/10/2
Vat - 1200/20/2
Oil Vase - 1400/0/2
Lava Vase - 2400/55/3
Evil Stomp - 5000/50/4


Slow Gas - 0 // 0/5
Confuse Gas - 600/0/6


Breath - 1200/0/4
Berserk Gas - 1700/0/4
Heat Breath - 4000/1/5


Mega Rock - 0/70/9
Spike Rock - 1800/75/9
Iron Ball - 3600/80/10
Flair Rock - 6300/90/10
Volt Rock - 700/100/1

Wall Traps (Wall Trap, Press Square)

These traps are very useful when planning combinations as they allow you to Shove or Magnet enemies to the desired location. Throwers (Projectiles) can overtake the enemy at the other end of the room and give a chance to get Long Range Hit bonuses.

Shoving Walls

Press Wall - 0/5/4
Attack Wall - 1200/10/6
Spike Wall - 2400/35/5
Evil Kick - 500/30/6


Arrow Slit - 0/35/3
Fire Arrow - 1000/40/4


Bomb - 2200/70/6


Arrow - 2600/26/5
Chain Gun - 3800/23/7
Cold Arrow - 4000/32/4
Fire Ball - 4000/65/5
Buzz Saw - 4600/45/7
Laser Arrow - 4800/85/10


Magnet - 900/0/8


Magnet - 2400/0/10


Magnet - 3800/50/10

Floor Trap (Press X)

In the early levels of the game, these traps are very useful, as they allow you to hold enemies in place and shoot them with throwing weapons or fill them with stones from the ceiling. Holding traps are just the perfect start to a wide variety of combinations.


Small Bomb - 0/35/3
Flash Bomb - 800/0/4
Land Mine - 1200/40/5
Blast Bomb - 2400/50/7
Quake Bomb - 3400/0/5
Catastrophe - 4300/0/8
Hell Fire - 4800/85/11

Electric rods

Spark Rod - 1900/45/6


Volt - 4100/65/7
Judgment - 5300/85/9

Foot traps

Bear Trap - 0/15/7
Heavy Claw - 1000/25/5
Cold Claw - 2000/25/5


Floor - 3400/0/4


Floor - 4300/0/12

Lift & Catapults

Lift Floor - 1900/25/4
Spring Floor - 2900/15/6
Smash Floor - 4100/25/6
Rising Floor - 3600/30/6
Evil Upper - 5000/25/6

Stationary traps

There are three main battle arenas in the game: Mansion in the West Woods, Kings Palace, and Ruins Underground. Each arena consists of several rooms with stationary traps. They are very powerful and useful in your offensive combos. It is best to push or throw an enemy at them using walls or catapults. Sometimes enemies can get caught in them themselves, chasing you - this is a great help. But be careful yourself.


First of all, study the behavior and attacking manner of enemies in the Enemy Data menu. This will allow you to more intelligently choose traps against them. For example, many wizards are immune to bombs and magnets. Armored soldiers can easily block bomb explosions, and those dressed in bio-suits are not exposed to gases and bombs. Very large and powerful enemies can easily break out of traps in the floor (or traps) and hurl stones falling on them. Guys like ninjas and shadows pass from room to room through walls, easy!
Therefore, look at the map more often - they can appear from anywhere. In general, a sickly company has chosen, and you need to study the script very carefully in order to always know for what purpose the enemies appeared. If they come to kill you, they will follow like a shadow, and it is clear how to finish them off. If they are only going to examine the room, then they can be caught and soaked at the exit. And if they want to capture the statue, then this should not be allowed in any case, otherwise the building will collapse and the game will end. Finish them in any convenient way, because you know where and why they came.


Of course, this is the most exciting part of the game, building ingenious combinations of various traps, especially since there is no one single way to deal with the enemy. And each time you can come up with new, non-repetitive techniques and sequences of using traps, so that monotony and repetition do not threaten you. But you should not invent particularly sophisticated and long combinations, the enemies are fast enough and dangerous. And yet, the combinations are very beautiful and effective, they can be recorded and viewed with friends. So develop your deadly art, become a real Kajero master!


Four game endings

There are four possible endings in the game, but in order to achieve the best one (N1), you must destroy all enemies without letting anyone escape.

Additional Аrk

Enter "Astarte" as the name for the additional 2800 Ark.