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Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition (PS1)

Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition PSX
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Art: Anime / manga
Gameplay: Fighting
Published by: SNK Corporation of America
Developed by: Japan Vistec, SNK Corporation
Released: 1999
Platform: PlayStation (PSX, PS1)

Fatal Fury has been a favorite among fans of cool arcade fighting games and will not disappoint them. An interesting, meaningful plot, fourteen stages, fourteen fighters and two street hooligans (Terry and Andy Bogard avenging the death of their father to Geese Howard), perfectly performing up to thirty different techniques in Versus, Arcade, Team Battle and Training modes. A feature of fights is the presence of a special power strip, having accumulated which, you can stun your opponent. Cool game!


Play as Duck King (Bonus Modes)

Win the game with Mr. Karate, and Duck King will appear on the screen to the left of the question mark, which means he can be selected to play. When everything is done, additional modes Team Battle Mode and Data Mode are at your service.

Alternate ending for Geese

Complete the game with Geese in his alternate outfit successfully.
Other Geese Outfits
Highlight Geese in the character select screen, then hold the Start button and press the Circle or X button to acquire the black suit. You can also hold the Start button and press the Square or Triangle button, then you get a dark brown suit.

Billy's alternate ending

Successfully complete the game with Billy in his alternate costume.

Fight for Duck King

To make Duck King a playable character, successfully complete the game with all of the default characters.

Fight for Mr. Karate

To make Mr. Karate a "playable" character, successfully complete the game without using any sequels or losing a single round.