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Jackie Chan's Stuntmaster (PS1)

Jackie Chan: Stuntmaster PSX
Genre: Action
Perspective: Bird's-eye view
Narrative: Martial arts
Published by: Midway Home Entertainment
Developed by: Radical Entertainment Inc.
Released: 2000
Platform: PlayStation (PSX, PS1)

Known for his stellar roles in films such as Mr. Nice Guy, Rumble In The Bronx and Drunken Master II, Jackie Chan, in collaboration with Midway, created a project for himself, his beloved. In the game, you fight a lot, jump off chairs, rush along stairs, etc. The game begins in any place of one of the above Jackie Chan films. Your task is to take on the role of Jackie Chan and find out how your movie really goes on. Actions in Jackie Chan: Stuntmaster take place in more than twelve unusual situations, saturated with tricks of all kinds and interactive scenes in which you can throw various utensils at your opponent, whether chairs, stairs, cans, bottles, even benches - all this goes into business and makes the game attractive. And in one part of the video game, you should boldly jump from the top of one roof to another using a sleeping mattress. Among other things, Jackie’s classic dodges and punches are not forgotten, however, there aren’t so many of them and if it weren’t for the opportunity to throw everything at hand, it would be completely boring. Nevertheless, the game suffers from the monotony of the process, which is generally characteristic of the genre. The levels in most cases are filled only with enemies and after you deal with them, a situation may arise that you run through the stage, the enemies seem to be already “buried”, and the further goal is not always clear. Whatever it was - playing with Jackie is already fun by definition and having it in the collection of games will not be amiss.


  • The Cook Boss has a very powerful Stomping Attack that works over a long distance. To dodge it, press the X button, and then promptly jump to the side when it tries to attack you.
  • Stand with your back to the wall when fighting numerous enemies, especially if the level of health is not very high.
  • When you press the L1 button to capture, calculate the time to catch the enemy while he is in the air.
  • When the enemies have surrounded you, carry out the attack forward, and then press the Away button and the Action button to lightly carry out the rear attack.
  • Veterans familiar with the Double Dragon and Final Fight games know that in these games you can never allow enemies to surround you, and this game is no exception to this rule. Use the flip-flop (R1) to escape from the enemies around you, and then, when they attack, try to make sure that they attack you one by one.
  • Even if you manage to gather all the enemies in a small space, it is completely unsafe to rush directly at the crowd to attack, unless you use “wide-range” attacks, for example, such a technique as the Dive Roll Kick, or weapons that you can immediately hit several enemies in one sweeping sweep.
  • In the game, of course, it is very important to combine kicks and fists, but with some enemies it is easier to deal with any one type of attack. Depending on the position they occupy and the characteristic manner in which they fight, you can deal with certain enemies using only kicks or only punches. Try to understand such situations and do not forget that a kick is much longer than a fist.
  • It’s best to blow up barrels so that you don’t suffer yourself from the explosion. You can throw some weapon or object at them from a long distance, for which it is enough to press the Circle button.
  • Always try to lure your opponents into even spaces. Avoid bouts on slopes, stairs and on eaves. If you have to fight on an uneven surface, you can always get more serious damage.
  • In the game, Jackie Chan will often have to jump over the walls. To do this, generally speaking, it is enough to stand facing the wall, press the X button (to perform a jump), and then press the X button again at the top of the path.