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Duke Nukem: Land of the Babes (PS1)

Duke Nukem: Planet Of The Babes PSX
Genre: Action
Perspective: Behind view
Visual: 2Dscrolling
Gameplay: Shooter
Interface: Direct control
Setting: Sci-fi / futuristic
Narrative: Comedy
Published by: Infogrames
Developed by: n-Space
Released: 2000
Platform: PlayStation (PSX, PS1)

In the distant, distant future, the earth was attacked by aliens (as you understand, the plot is extremely original), who took over the planet, killed the entire male population and enslaved almost all women. However, the plan was not entirely successful, as the women who escaped the capture organized a rebel squad known as the Unified Babe Resistance (UBR) and, of course, began to create headaches for the alien aggressors. It is clear that the aliens quickly found the headquarters of this organization and immediately attacked it. The unfortunate women did not have the slightest chance of winning this fight, but they still came up with something. Scientists who were part of this rebel group managed to somehow construct a time machine and used it to find out if there was in the distant past of the Earth some outstanding hero who is able to destroy an alien plague? And, of course, they immediately found Duke Nukem, who was quietly having fun and living for his own pleasure. Suddenly, a woman from the distant future and five aliens, terribly resembling pigs, appear before him. When, finally, Duke understood the situation that threatens the future of earthlings and all of humanity, he immediately went to the aid of the unfortunate women. Actually, this is where the game begins.


  • Don't kill Babe in any way.
  • When you hear Babe scream "Duke Save Me!", Then try to find the screaming one as quickly as possible and save him.
  • Never freeze yourself .
  • Do not use any trick when playing a level for the first time. If you use, for example, something like Temp, Invulnerability or Double Damage, you will not be able to get any new trick, even if you find all the secrets and the Quest Item. The same applies to tricks that you only activated during the game and heard the sound of a cannon shot when that trick was actually activated.
  • Most of the boxes are not smart.
  • Burning barrels will explode if you shoot them.
  • Do not fire the Energy Weapon at close range because it is pointless.
  • Use Throwing Knives often. There are, in fact, an infinite number of them, and you can easily destroy boxes when there are no dangerous enemies around, and at the same time save ammunition.
  • Any liquid, except for transparent pure ox, is almost deadly, for example, green slime, red hot lava, and the like.
  • Nightvision Goggles are very good for finding a secret, though maybe. It will seem to you that there is no special need for them.
  • If you restart a level after you've used up all four continuations, you will only have your primary weapon. Therefore, it is better to load the previously memorized game.
  • If you are in the lower "space" and see a window leading to the outer space, then most often you should not use it, especially if it is somewhere on the floor.
  • An excellent weapon Freezer. You can easily freeze the enemy. hiding around the corner and then quickly switch to another weapon and blow it to shreds. If you run up to a "frozen" friend, Duke can smash him to pieces even with a kick of his foot.
  • You can throw several bombs at once and make it explode at the same time. To do this, you need to throw one bomb, press the Circle button. then drop all the bombs that you want to use in this place, and then press the X button, and they will immediately explode. It will be an amazing "BOOM!"
  • To open a chest, door or something like that. You will need to fire several shots. Also, several shots are sometimes needed in order to break through some kind of ventilation grill, wall, etc. Often five shots may be needed, rather than one, as one might expect.
  • You cannot kill enemies who use special Cloaking Devices and surround themselves with some kind of special "cloud". You must first destroy this device, and then deal with your enemy.
  • Don't attack enemies using your Steaith Generator. As a result, they will become almost invisible and invulnerable. Of course, on the other hand, you can freeze yourself using the Freezer gun. But unfortunately, it is absolutely impossible to make yourself invisible by shooting yourself with the Stealth Generator.

Brief walkthrough of the game

Level 1. Welcome to the Future Objectives

  1. Clear the path to the generator. After you eliminate the enemy on the right, climb over the farm and jump into the room. Activate the red button.
  2. Restore power supply to the base. Climb to another farm past the rocket, go left, activate the switch behind the grate.
  3. Get to the surface. Climb the fence surrounding the Power Button you just pressed, go through the hole, go up the stairs and when you get out, move to the exit on the other side. Walk past the electric room, enter the laser room, shoot the glass, turn on the laser with the red button, and then rearrange the central structure so that the laser beam bounces off and destroys the door. Go inside the room, move the "yellow" cart closer to the back door, jump on it, climb up, shoot the grate and jump onto the stairs.

Level 2. The Future lsn's so Bright Objectives

  1. Dive Tank. Turn on the huge fan, then jump through the wide crevice, grab, hang on your hands to the left and make your way into the room where you activate the switch.
  2. Access to the top floor. Get to the big red centrifuge, activate it twice, then grab the walls, go upstairs, go left and drop down to the Dive Tank. Blow up the door and swim down. Dive in and out in the next room.
  3. Blow up the exit path. Find the detonator, then find the Real Time Bomb. It's that kind of thing with yellow and purple ribs. Duke will automatically blow it up.

Level 3. Bis Guns Objectives

  1. Blow up the tower. Find the detonator, then go to the next room, find the Real Time Bomb. Duke will automatically activate it, and you must immediately run away! Otherwise you will suffer from an explosion.
  2. Find Jane. Jump down into the hole created by the fall of the tower and make your way to the other side. Get out on the "land" and when you find yourself in the upper room, climb up the stack of green boxes in the corner, turn around and see Jane, she is hiding behind one of the green boxes.
  3. Drown Silverback's Ship from the cannon. Take the key that Jane will give you, go to the tower with the gun turret (it is located near the turret that you blew up), reflect the attacks of the infantrymen while you deal with the ship.

Level 4. Getting Wer Objectives

  1. Find a way to free Urb Babe. Start from the place where you destroyed the ship. Go through the upper hole and move on until you get over the lattice wall. At the top you will see a brown metal ladder. Walk along it, jump down to the green platform and get to the hole in the wall. Open the container and take the ax. Move further across the room, approach the pillar, climb up on it, find glasses and a knapsack jet engine. Otherwise, go downstairs and find other useful items. After that, return back to the sunk ship.
  2. Find the sunk ship. The sunken ship is located below the broken wooden beams, near the enemy submarine. After destroying the submarine, swim down, dive under the wooden rungs and arrive at the place.
  3. Free Urb Babe. Go back to the sunken ship, press the X button and Duke will do the job with his ax.
  4. Deal with Silverback. Take a look at the opposite side of the sunken ship, see a hole, swim through it and get to the end of this stage.

Level 5. Trapped Objectives

  1. Ventilation system. Attack the switch, which you find in a dark room full of some machines that resemble washing machines.
  2. Activate the pump. The pumping system is located behind the pipe series on the left. The switch is very similar to the previous one and is located on the car on the right side of the tunnel. If you don't have enough air, swim to the right, find a hole in the ceiling, float to the surface and be able to gulp air when the water level drops slightly.
  3. Blow up the boiler room. To detonate the boiler, look around and find several valves. One of them is located at the top of the boiler, and the other two must be activated in order to raise the pressure to the maximum. The third valve is located behind a wide crevice in the floor. Jump over the crevice, activate this valve and immediately blow up the boiler, and at the same time get a knapsack jet engine.
  4. Escape from the basement. Head to where the boiler was, and then go up through the sewer passage.