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Cruis'n USA (N64)

Cruis'n USA N64
Genre: Action, Racing / driving
Perspective: 1st-person, Behind view
Vehicular: Automobile, Street racing
Published by: Nintendo of America Inc.
Developed by: Midway Manufacturing Company
Released: 1996
Platform: Nintendo 64 (N64)

As in most racing video games, players compete on one-way tracks consisting of streets loosely based on real-life locations. While competing, players do their best to avoid the various hazards that can be encountered on the road, such as oncoming traffic or construction. Players can choose from seven different cars to compete. Like other racing games, the car can simulate both an automatic and manual transmission car. In automatic, the gear speed is increased, while in manual mode the transmission has to be changed manually during the race. Players who finish in first place continue to the next race, while if they finish second or third, this has to be repeated in order to progress. Unlike most racing games, there is an option to change the background music with a button. Controlling cars in Cruis'n USA is quite tense compared to other racing games for the Nintendo 64. Whenever the game is completed, both a new car and a new color of it are unlocked.


In the game, the cars are given false names, as the creators were unable to obtain the respective licenses for the original names. The following are the names of the cars in the game, and the names of the cars in real life:

Playable Cars

  • '63 Muscle Car: Chevrolet Corvette C2
  • The Pump: De Luxe Ford
  • Devastator IV: Mitsubishi Eclipse
  • Italy P69: Ferrari Testarossa

Secret Cars

  • ATV: Jeep Wrangler
  • School Bus: GMC B-Series
  • Police Car: Chevrolet Caprice
NOTE: To unlock these 3 cars, you must do the following: When you are in the car selection screen, they must be pressed at the same time: c-up, c-down and c-left and without releasing them you will see that the Chevrolet becomes in a Jeep, Ford in a school Bus and Mitsubishi in a police car and finally press Start to go to the race (Without releasing the 3 "C" buttons) (The only one that does not have a "secret car" is the Ferrari on the right)

Traffic Cars

  • Pick-up truck: Chevrolet C-10
  • Truck: Kenworth T600
  • Minivan: Dodge Caravan
  • Small car: Ford Mustang '65
  • Cruis'n USA bus: MCI MC-9
  • Fire Truck: Seagrave M


The slopes that are run are a tour of the United States, with a total of 14 tracks classified as easy, medium and difficult. It should be noted that there is no difficulty curve (that is, you start with an easy one and suddenly a very difficult one), and they are:
  • Golden Gate Park (Easy): It is the initial track and therefore there are many lines with some easy curves, its only difficulty is the final curve where you can see a sign that says Nintendo.
  • San Francisco (Expert): It is the second track and really difficult to be the second, it certainly has straight lines but they are ascending straight lines in the form of small hills, so visibility is lost for a few valuable seconds, their curves are also strong and tight but small.
  • US 101 (Easy): The third track and in general quite simple except for certain ramps that force jumping and losing visibility, also the final curve that is strong.
  • Redwood Forest (expert): It is the fourth track and it is one of the tracks with the most consecutive and strong curves that it has (when entering the forest), however when leaving the forest it becomes much easier.
  • Beverly Hills (medium): It is the fifth track and it could be easy if it were not for the coconut trees present in almost all the track, because when colliding with one of them you lose almost all the speed and surely it would push you to another crash, its curves although they are not very pronounced if you neglect they will send you to the coconut trees.
  • LA Freeway (easy): It is the sixth track and it is totally simple with only a difficult curve.
  • Death Valley (medium): It is the Seventh track and one of the narrowest (only 1 channel going and another one back), it is very easy to crash or get off the road, and its curves do not reveal anything. In the end you can cross a train to reach the goal.
  • Arizona (easy): It is the eighth track and it is simple although its curves take away your visibility.
  • Grand Canyon (Expert): Ninth track, full of ups and downs, with not very steep curves but curiously its descents can be problematic.
  • Iowa (medium): similar to Death Valley but easier. If you take the screen in driver mode in some parts of the track some birds will pass that stain your mirror.
  • Chicago (Expert): At the beginning simple until you enter the tunnel, there it becomes one of the most difficult tracks, since inside there are many continuous curves, closed and also with cars in both directions, so colliding is a made totally safe, and not enough with that, when leaving the tunnel it is still difficult, and you will surely have the time problem.
  • Indiana (medium): The penultimate track similar to Iowa, is the only track that ends exactly in the middle of a curve as a surprise factor.
  • Appalachia (medium): Penultimate track, possessing few straights, many hills and you can easily lose control, really worthy of being the penultimate track.
  • Washington DC (Expert): The last track, somewhat short for what is expected, although it has the tightest curves in the game, before reaching the finish line, you pass through a tunnel with walls of "tickets". It is the only track that cannot be played outside of Cruise the USA mode.