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The Adventures of Lomax (PS1)

The Adventures of Lomax PSX
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Visual: 2D scrolling
Gameplay: Platform
Published by: Psygnosis Limited
Developed by: Psygnosis Limited
Released: 1997
Platform: PlayStation (PSX, PS1)

Lomax is an excellent, high-quality platform arcade from Psygnosis about lemmings. The plot is that the main villain (such a shaggy lemming in the red mantle) turned all lemmings into evil zombies. There was only one Lomax left, which should correct this disgrace. This is done very easily - we beat the zombies, he turns into a good lemmming and runs away. Management is very simple - you need to run and jump, as in any arcade, if you press the jump quickly several times in a row, then Lomax starts spinning and hitting enemies, at first it seems a little unusual and you can, without calculating the rotation time, get the blow from the enemy yourself, but after a while this is already done on the machine. Another means of attack, which you will also have from the first level, is a hat. In a hat, Lomax does not die the first time - at first it falls off him, and you can even pick it up until it disappears. What is really done perfectly in the game is the graphics. Backgrounds and platforms themselves, enemies and Lomax itself - everything is bright, stylish, beautifully animated, this must be seen. Of course, despite the fact that the game was originally made for playstation, studies have shown that it uses the Amiga engine of the Flint game, released in the 94th year of Psygnosis, most developers are the same as in Lomax, and indeed games are like two drops of water. What are lemmings without accessibility? Of course, Lomax can dig, build stairs, blow up - everything is like in classic Lemming. In the game, 40 levels (or 20, depending on how you count) are divided into 4 into the world, approximately like in the Vikings. Each of them is remembered - this is the first flower forest and the water world (there Lomax can fall into the water and drown), and I especially liked the swamp, so far, after about 8 years, I remember how it passed. By the way, I went through the game completely, but with the help of a little scam. The fact is that after each level a password is given, which is generated depending on the number of lives and other parameters. Thus, the number of working passwords is quite large, so you can pick them up by simple exhaustive search ... which I did when my life was running out - I selected the password to the same level, but so that there were more lives. I had to do this only 2 times, so in general I can say that the game is simple. I remember the last boss, a very long and interesting level, in the style of all the same Vikings. The game itself resembles Reiman very well, but I don’t think it’s a clone, the game is quite original and interesting, although all kinds of flowers and creepers are very similar. The game is very decent and will appeal to both children and adults.


Skip level

Option 1. During the game, press Down, Start, Up (hold), L1 (hold), Triangle, Circle, X, Square. A number will appear to the right of Lomax. Move the Up, Down arrows to select a level.
Option 2. During the game, press Down + Start. Then, while holding Up, press Triangle, Circle, X, Square. After that, a figure will appear to the left of Lomax. By clicking on Start, you remove the game from pause. While holding L1, press Select several times to change the level number. When you get the number you need, then holding L1, press Start. To skip a level, press Up, L1, Select, and Start.

Helicopter Mode

Attention! This mode is activated only if you have activated the pass code level.
Press L1 + Select or L1 + Square, and you can take off the ground (use the direction buttons).

Level passwords

03 - Square, Square, Square, Triangle, X, Square, Circle, Triangle
04 - Triangle, Circle, Square, Triangle, Circle, Square, Circle, X
05 - X, Circle, X, Triangle, X, Square, Circle, X
06 - Square, X, Triangle, Circle, Circle, Circle, Circle, X
07 - X, Triangle, Circle, Circle, Circle, Square, Circle, X
08 - Triangle, Triangle, Square, Circle, Circle, Square, Circle, X
09 - X, Circle, X, Circle, X, X, Circle, X
10 - Triangle, Square, Triangle, Square, X, X, Circle, X
11 - Circle, Square, Circle, Square, X, X, Circle, X
12 - Square, Square, Square, Square, X, Square, Circle, Square
13 - X, X, X, Square, X, X, Circle, Square
14 - Square, Triangle, Circle, X, X, Triangle, Square, X
15 - Circle, Triangle, Square, X, X, Triangle, Circle, X
16 - Triangle, Triangle, X, X, X, Triangle, Square, X
17 - Square, X, Triangle, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Square, X
18 - X, X, Circle, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Square, X
19 - Triangle, X, Square, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Square, X
20 - Circle, X, X, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Square, X
21 - Square, Square, Triangle, Circle, Square, Triangle, Square, X
22 - X, Square, Circle, Circle, Square, Triangle, Square, X