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Crash Boom Bang! (NDS)

Crash Boom Bang NDS
Genre: Action, Sports
Gameplay: Mini-games, Party game
Sport: Olympiad / mixed sports
Published by: Sierra Entertainment
Developed by: Dimps Corporation
Released: 2006
Platform: Nintendo DS (NDS)

Roll the dice and dive into one of the 40 multiplayer action-oriented mini-games, where you can communicate with other players through the revolutionary DS Touch Panel Communication.


  • Revolutionary “Touch Panel Communication”–Communicate with or distract your friends through motion panel messages (speech, sounds, characters)–Use wireless LAN to communicate with players mid-game, establish alliances, and ‘bother’ other players’ gameplay.
  • 40 Wacky Action-oriented Mini-games Taking Full Advantage of the DS Platform–3D graphics, touch screen, microphone, wireless network.
  • Enhanced Interaction Among Players Via Betting & Item Collecting–Unique Betting Feature - Take player interaction to a new level by betting on outcomes of multi-player games and earning points to purchase items–Item Collecting & Trading - Up to 80 items to collect, trade or use to alter gameplay scenarios.
  • Trademark Crash Humor and Characters–Enjoy Crash’s wacky and zany sense of humor and play as one of 8 of your favorite characters including Crash, Coco, Crunch & Neo Cortex.