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Banjo Pilot (GBA)

Banjo Pilot GBA
Genre: Racing / driving
Perspective: Behind view
Published by: THQ Inc.
Developed by: Rare Limited
Released: 2005
Platform: Game Boy Advance (GBA)

You control a bear hovering on a plane. As you can see, this idea is not suitable for all gamers. The main thing here is how much you have a sense of humor.
Flight simulator, which featured already well-known cartoon characters. Four game modes: Story Battle, Dogfight, Clock Race, and Tournament. Races are held in various climatic landscapes, ranging from the jungle and deserts to the Arctic regions.
You are amazed at how many high-quality karts and flight simulators came out on the GBA, apparently the developers are seriously taking up the theme of racing. The world of Banjo Kazuki decided to take a break from complex platformers and moved to 3D racing simulators using air equipment. Several game modes, such as Grand Prix, Fast Race, Time Trial and Jiggy Race, where you will participate with only one opponent, will allow you to choose the best entertainment to take your time. Various prizes, usually located in a row on the track after collecting them, give out various effects and weapons that can be used to slow down computer opponents, although a low-powered machine gun is always available to you. Do not miss the turbo rings that accelerate your movement dozens of times, although their effect is not long. Your equipment can take off and fall, which is necessary to collect prizes and avoid enemy attacks. Twenty-four tracks will be available after the championship in each of the previous race, and for fans to play together with another, additional tracks in multiplayer will open. Despite the lesser popularity of the Banjo series, still the game turned out to be more successful than the advertised clones.