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Actua Soccer 2 (PS1)

Actua Soccer 2 PSX
Genre: Sports
Perspective: Bird's-eye view
Visual: 2D scrolling
Sport: Football (European) / Soccer
Published by: Gremlin Interactive Limited
Developed by: Gremlin Interactive Limited
Released: 1997
Platform: PlayStation (PSX, PS1)

Actua Soccer 2 is an amazing imitation of the most popular game on the planet. And these are not empty words. After all, the first game, the pioneer of "polygonal" football, immediately gained a lot of fans, and now fans got a continuation. Here are all 92 teams of the English Professional Football League. From giants such as Leeds, United and Newcastle to the weakest teams in the fourth division (Darlington, Scarborough, etc.). All transitions from team to team (including transfers this summer) are included in the statistics, and the teams will "perform" in their original squads. To enhance the realism of the game, many stars (such as Shearer, Fowler and Wright) have simply photographic similarities. As for His Royal French Majesty Eric Cantona (favorite of the British!), So far he has not yet given his consent. Although the fans are really looking forward to it.
All stadiums look excellent, many are even renovated. Football fans will recognize Elland Road, Old Trafford and Anfield, as well as the stadiums of lower division teams (e.g. Mac Alpine Stadium in Huddersfield). Yes, even in a wide variety of weather conditions. There is fog, sun, rain and snow. In the best English traditions. Games are held in the middle of the week (as in life), the commentary is completely professional, and the sound is like sitting in a stadium! But the most important revolution took place in management. Now it is now very simple and effective.


  1. While cornering, press Up. Your players will know that it’s time to start moving in order to tactically play the standard situation.
  2. Study the judges; knowledge of their judging style is very important and useful. Usually a judge will not show a red card even for a very rude reception if he has previously removed a player. Well, etc.
  3. To perform an attack from the first pass (with your head, foot, in the fall, through yourself), you just need to hit the attacking (Shoot) button when the ball is in the air. It is very likely that one of the players will successfully receive the pass and score a goal.
  4. You can also beat on the pass - button (pass), it is possible that one of your players will be able to take possession of the ball. But even if it doesn’t work out, there will be a couple of seconds to catch the ball and move to the goal.
  5. If you succeed in intercepting the ball during an opponent’s attack, immediately do (even from your half of the field) a long pass to the partner’s exit. Great chances to score a goal!
  6. Save substitutions for the second half of the match.
  7. When you create a command in the Editor option, do not get excited and do not squander resources. You will need only 16 players, no more. 11 main and 5 spare.