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Double Dragon (Neo-Geo)

Double Dragon Neo Geo
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Visual: 2D scrolling
Art: Anime / manga
Gameplay: Fighting
Narrative: Martial arts
Published by: SNK of America
Developed by: Technos Japan Corp.
Released: 1995
Platform: Neo-Geo

The player has 10 selectable characters plus two secrets available only in console mode by entering a code. The game has two or three unmodifiable rounds with direct elimination of the opponents. The order of the opponents is random until the appearance of the two bosses, Duke and Shuko. Characteristic of the game is that if you take damage or perform moves and combinations they give a blue charge superimposed simultaneously on the normal energy bar, which once charged the character can perform transformations or two special secret moves via key combinations (the so-called "Charge moves").
The characters and menu settings are inspired by the 1994 Double Dragon movie, which also features the intro of the game. We can actually find the brothers Billy and Jimmy transforming into the "dragon mode", Marian represented as a gang leader and the inclusion of Koga Shuko as the game's final opponent. However the characters are depicted in a cartoon or anime style different from their real counterpart and only five of the game's twelve fighters are actually featured in the movie while the rest are new characters created specifically for the game.


  • Billy: Jimmy's twin brother, he is as strong as he is agile, and because of his transformation, he obtains a great variety of techniques. He prefers physical strength. It can transform into the form of a Blue Dragon, acquiring a greater force associated with spiritual techniques. At this stage he wears a blue-colored fight outfit. Her internship is a street in New York.
  • Jimmy: Billy's twin brother, he has a great variation of techniques, preferring spiritual strength. It can transform into the form of a red dragon, acquiring a greater force associated with spiritual techniques. At this stage, he wears a red battle suit. His internship is a dojo where he trains in martial arts.
  • Marian: very attractive and transgressive girl, she mostly uses techniques with kicks. In his stage, a games room, it is possible to see in one of the consoles some clips from the film dedicated to Double Dragon.
  • Abobo: huge wrestler who possesses superhuman strength. It can swell your muscles gaining more strength. His internship is an old subway.
  • Burnov: fat wrestler warrior wearing an iron mask. He is capable of taking a fiery run and shooting meteors from his mouth. His internship is a fiery decadent city.
  • Cheng Fu: drunkard scalp, to an apparent stupidity he contrasts a remarkable cunning and agility. He uses martial arts Zui Baxianquan, sometimes he uses a flask of wine with which he can temporarily drunk his opponent. Its internship is a port in Hong Kong.
  • Dulton: street fighter, uses martial techniques associated with fire. It is very powerful, but not very agile. His internship is a decadent neighborhood invaded by water now used as a jet ski track.
  • Rebecca: skilled ninja specialized in the arts of fire armed with two tonfa. He makes great use of martial arts and his internship is a fiery ancient Japanese villa.
  • Amon: agile ninja specialized in any fighting style, is capable of causing explosions and lightning. His internship is an airplane that travels a waterfall.
  • Eddie: the only African-American fighter in the game, he specializes in Kickboxing by using his knees a lot. His internship is the bottom of a waterfall.
  • Duke: Shuko's bodyguard, he is the master of the Moukohisouken, a murderous fake martial art. Duke is named after the final boss of the Super Double Dragon game.
  • Shuko: The final boss in the game is the master of Billy and Jimmy, deflected and corrupted by evil. A powerful master of kobujutsu and ninpoh. In the film he is the ruthless and evil Bloody Town dictator and not the master.