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Crusaders of Might and Magic (PS1)

Crusaders of Might and Magic PSX
Genre: Action, Role-Playing (RPG)
Perspective: Behind view
Setting: Fantasy
Published by: 3DO Company
Developed by: 3DO Company
Released: 2000
Platform: PlayStation (PSX, PS1)

How would you like it if monsters attacked your village, killed your family and left you to die? It's good that you have a PlayStation, and you do not mind playing a little this Action RPG game and avenge the hated enemies. In Crusaders Of Might And Magic, you are known as Drake, a strong hero with a talent for magic and a penchant for violence. Once drawn into the struggle to free land from the legions of the resurrected legions of Necros, you will travel through nine areas - damp forests, stately castles and oppressive dungeons. You will encounter dodgy villagers, courageous guards and vile endless demons. At its core, this is a 3D game in the style of Legacy Of Kain - Soul Reaver. You can run, jump, climb, attack and cast spells. Most of the time you will spend waving weapons, acquiring items, and chattering with the locals. In addition, you will have a wide selection of various weapons, armor and spells. Monsters have their strengths and weaknesses for different weapons and spells. At the end of the crusade you will find a battle with Necros himself.
The most difficult part of the game is the control system. Indeed, it is not easy to switch weapons or objects during a hot fight, but if you understand all this, then the battle system will seem pleasant to you, and research is quite easy. Corridors, dungeons, forests and castles are well designed, filled with torches, tapestries, vines and many other intricacies that adorn the interiors. Hero models are exceptional, with a believable level of animation. The mantle flutters in the wind, swords carve sparks, ball lightning leaves dents. After playing for about 30 minutes and noticing the light from the captain’s sword, you will also be impressed.
The sound in the game is also above average, which will satisfy even the fastidious fans. The music is charming and diverse. A decent combination of classical orchestral music and New Era style has been made. The sounds of the weapon are also exceptional, varying in tone depending on where the blow is delivered. The murmurs, growls, and guttural sounds of the Legion's monsters are even more impressive. The characters in the game have many speeches that relate to the plot and violate the monotony of the study.

Interesting: Initially, it was planned to release both versions of the game at the same time by Christmas in 1999. However, the version for the Playstation was developed over several years, while the team developing the version for Windows was given only 7 months to create a full-fledged third-person game based on the existing Requiem: Avenging Angel first-person shooter engine.


  1. The strategy in this game is quite complex and requires certain knowledge. Each enemy has definitely strengths and weaknesses. For example, those enemies that belong to the Fire Elementals group are based on fire, and it is best to use weapons based on water runes against them. Then you will deal with these fiery beasts much easier. If you have Firefang Rune runes and try to use them against fiery enemies, then it will be completely useless, because they are already made of fire.
  2. Usually, military equipment is based on the fact that you use the lock button when the enemy runs around you and brandishes his weapon. When he gets tired, the right time will come to start a counterattack.
  3. Do not try to fight any good guys, they can suddenly become very powerful enemies if you touch them.
  4. Before embarking on a battle, you need to evaluate the distance, and for this it is good to go into perspective from the first person perspective. Examine the game environment, especially when you feel that you are trapped or when you have to tight. Then you can understand what is the best way to make the next move.
  5. Try to use magic spells more often, as their power becomes higher, the more often you use them.
  6. When fighting with the boss, try to attack from a long distance, and only then go into close combat. It’s best to keep a little distance and to start throwing your axes at the boss, and then you can use exploding stones. It is useful to use long-range magic and, above all, fire magic, if bosses do not have immunity against fire. In the final part of the game, it is best to use the Swarm Spell spell, which you can only get in the final part of the game. First you should use weapons, then magic tricks, and then go into close combat.
  7. It is advisable to buy more Healing Potions, especially when there is a battle with the boss. When you fight in close combat, healing tinctures decide the question of whether you will survive in a fight with the boss. It’s good to buy Restore Potions as well, they will greatly help in the battle with the boss.
  8. When you get new runes that you can "attach" to weapons, immediately try to use them to see how much more effective they are than the previous ones.
  9. Armor plays a very important role in this game. Therefore, try to buy it as soon as possible. Collect as many stones as possible that will drop the bosses destroyed by you, and you will be able to purchase the most amazing equipment that will help a lot in difficult adventures in the world of Corantha.
  10. Try to memorize the game as often as possible, because the bosses are very powerful, computer intelligence works excellently, and even ordinary enemies, in fact, are very strong. The game has a sufficient number of shipping points, so you just need to remember to remember the game.
  11. Note that some barrels can be shot only at close range, but it is completely useless to attack them with magic spells from afar.
  12. Try not to evade battles, because your weapon becomes more powerful and rises to a higher level, the more often you use it. The higher the rank of your weapon (level), the more quickly and effectively it acts. Try not to step on fire, as the hero can get seriously burned.
  13. If the enemy is too powerful, then it’s okay if you just run away. In addition, during the battle it is very important to use the aiming button (Aim Buttom), then Drake will be timely aware of the approach of the enemy and his maneuvers. Of course, try to conduct the battle without using the Aim button at the beginning, and if it does not work out, then use it in the next battle. You will see what role it plays and how much it facilitates the battle with the coolest enemies.
  14. In some areas you will see guards who are on guard near the purple portals. When you finish them, do not rush to go into the portal. This is completely useless, and will not bring you any benefit.
  15. Some enemies move very fast. Try to learn how to attack moving targets, because you won’t be able to finish off such enemies for free, and you can’t count on a random successful attack.
  16. Collect all the weapons and armor that your opponents will drop, and sell. At the very beginning of the game, this is a very useful practice that will allow you to accumulate thousands of gold. You can then buy magic items in the later stages of the game. This is the main source of money at the start. You will have other opportunities later.
  17. Search all the corpses that you find, they may contain special items and tinctures. In addition, it is very important to destroy various boxes, wagons, benches that are on your way. Behind them are sometimes very important items.
  18. Learn how to weapons and especially its effect on certain enemies. Some enemies are practically insensitive to certain types of weapons, for example, to chopping or percussion, and also can not be influenced by certain elements. Always have at least two types of weapons: one is a chopping type, and the second, for example, an impact type. In addition, you should also carry several types (at least two) of various elemental weapons. You should not rely on one element, even if you like it. You will often meet enemies who are immune to this type of weapon or it does not have an effective effect on them.
  19. If you are confident in yourself, never leave living enemies. Living enemies are very dangerous enemies. They can attack when you pass through this place, or they simply attack immediately in the back. In addition, you will earn a lot of experience points and raise your level very quickly. Although there are exceptions, which we will talk about in the passage.
  20. Carefully inspect all areas. This will help you find various objects, as well as hidden enemies. It is not necessary to strictly follow the recommended passage of the track. Just remember about her, but always try to explore the surrounding area.
  21. Be sure to learn how magic spells work, when and in which situation they should be used with maximum efficiency. For example, if you launch a fireball at an enemy from a long distance - this is very good, but how effective it is from a short distance is to check. This is actually a very bad way. Most enemies can endure a lethal attack with a single fireball, and you will remain completely defenseless. It is even more dangerous to attack with fireballs from close range several enemies at once. On the other hand, if you shoot with a fireball near your feet, a very dangerous zone will form, and the enemies will be thrown back, and you will be able to carry out some other attack or safely flee.
  22. Take a defensive position when attacking a bunch of enemies. Then they will be forced to attack you, destroying their "collective" defense and making various mistakes that you can take advantage of.


Endless items: Successfully complete the game and save. Then start a new game with infinite mana and items at your disposal, including talismans, runes, weapons, spells and defense. Only your health will not be infinite.