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Warhammer: Dark Omen (PS1)

Warhammer: Dark Omen PSX
Genre: Role-Playing (RPG), Strategy / tactics
Perspective: Bird's-eye view
Pacing: Real-time
Setting: Fantasy
Published by: Electronic Arts
Developed by: Mindscape International Ltd.
Released: 1998
Platform: PlayStation (PSX, PS1)

The citadel of the Necromancer King will fall! Forward - and death is dead! The cavalry went first, knocking out the dust with their hooves - the best of the best, the color of the royal guard cut into the ranks of the undead, and the dead fell, unable to withstand the onslaught of steel. Behind the cavalry, under the cover of archers, the infantry rushed into battle - the queen of the fields. Suddenly, an army of skeleton archers began to grow slowly from roadside dust, gathering in parts. The light magician raised his staff, and sang in a chant - the skulls and bones flamed with an orange flame. A squad of rotten zombies appeared from behind a nearby hill - the living and the dead converged in close combat. The royal cannon released the core. Having drawn a curved arc, the eye fell right into the necromancer - he screamed sharply and scattered into black dust, which immediately swirled and carried away by a merciful wind.

Well, the Necromancer King Nagash doesn’t want to lie calmly in his pyramid-tomb once every five to ten thousand years, he is sure to get out of the crypt and collect hordes of zombies, mummies, animated skeletons, vampires and other dark personalities going to war on the surrounding lands. In addition, the green goblins and just the bandits became insolent again and began to attack the settlements of people, elves and gnomes. It is clear that the latter do not want to join Nagash’s dead army at all. It is for this very reason that once again a war erupts between the living and the dead.

Dark Omen game is quite long, with many missions and it can take more than one week to complete it. The authors have achieved one important factor - the game does not bother, and the missions are distinguished by an enviable originality and variety. Well, tell me, it may be more important for a strategic game. Immediately upset Warcraft II fans - you can play Dark Omen only for the forces of good. The game belongs to the tactical strategy genre, which means that the player will not have to bother with collecting all kinds of natural resources, the economic system is simplified to a minimum: he completed missions and received money. Most attention should be paid to the battle itself. Warhamrner: Dark Omen is not C&C for you, where everything was decided by the number of troops, here a small but well-established detachment can easily fight off six times the enemy’s forces. During the battle, the terrain is taken into account - it can be seen much better from the elevation, and the projectile or arrow fired from the hill flies an order of magnitude further. Under your strict guidance are living troops; for example, gnomes - great fighters - are terribly afraid of night goblins; elves - they hate goblins, but they are afraid of the dead; and living corpses, in turn, are not afraid of anything but fire. The enemy’s intelligence can be rated as above average, it cannot be said that the enemy is a real genius, but you won’t just get a victory. The variety of troops in the game is large enough to meet the requirements of the most picky players.


  • Try to place the fighters and especially the artillery on a hill.
  • Give the cavalry magic shields, they will be most useful to her.
  • Handle your troops with care, if the detachment dies, then you will no longer be able to restore it; if at least one warrior remains, then it will be possible to "buy" fighters again.
  • Buy armor and fighters only for those units that will remain with you until the end of the game (for those troops that will soon leave you, in the corner of the arrow icon).

Classification of types of troops and the main strategic advice

  • Infantry - the cheapest, but not the weakest combat units, if you buy them good armor, the swordsmen will become a good defensive detachment. Mostly it is necessary to use when protecting weak archers and artillery.
  • Archers - in addition to their direct purpose, they love to wave blades in close combat. If enemy units are already fighting with your fighters, then it is better to stop archery - the arrows of slanting zlfs will do more harm than good, accidentally wounding your own troops.
  • Cavalry - heavy and not very knights (the fundamental striking force of your army), skeleton warriors on the skeletons of horses or goblins on wild boars. Remember that there is an option "Forward to attack!" (horn sign on the control panel), after which the cavalry rushes forward at high speed. Use this tactical move on infantry units, and they will flee from you in fear. But fear the cavalry of the dead - these kill everything in their path!
  • Mages - great importance in the game world Dark Omen is given to magic, moreover, necromancers of the dead, goblin shamans and mages of people are one of the most dangerous opponents. Weak and defenseless in close combat, from afar even the most “unlearned” sorcerer with a successful spell can destroy an entire detachment of enemies. Necromancers are especially dangerous in this respect - destroy them first.
  • Artillery - guns, catapults, other weapons of mass destruction. A very useful type of troops, successfully located on high ground, can take to flight or even completely destroy the advancing enemy forces. Only always cover artillery with one or two detachments of foot soldiers - for defense (in close combat, guns are not at all effective). For fans of really heavy equipment, a very interesting combat unit is introduced in the game - a steam tank (outwardly it looks more like a painted Philips vacuum cleaner than a fighting vehicle). Such a “beast” will be given to you only in recent missions (which, however, is quite understandable, since if you had a tank from the very beginning, it would not be difficult to complete the game). Steam T-34 has thick armor, the power of its shot is not inferior to the gun, and in addition they can, in the literal sense, crush the enemy’s forces.
  • The giant is a forest man, participates in only one mission, hates trolls.


  • Activate all cheats - Highlight the spare book in the caravan. Then hold Select and press R1, L1, L2, R2
  • Battle Skip - At the deployment screen press Select, R1, R1, L2, L2, R1, R2
  • Carnstein and Jewel - At the main menu press R1, Triangle, R2, R2, Square, R1
  • Chapter Skip - At the main menu press R2, R1, L2, R2, R1, R2
  • Extra Money - At the deployment screen press Select, R1, L1, R1, L1, R1, R2
  • Fast Reload - At the deployment screen press R2, R1, R2, R1, L2, R1
  • Instant Kill - At the deployment screen press Select, R1, L1, R2, R2, R1, R1
  • Liber Mortis - At the main menu press Circle, Triangle, Square, Right, R1, R2
  • Long March - At the main menu press R1, L2, triangle, Square, Left, R2
  • Long March - At the main menu press R1, L2, Triangle, Square, Left, R2
  • Select Opponent - At the deployment screen press Select, L2, L2, R2, L2, R1, R1
  • Small Heads - At the deployment screen press Select, L2, L2, L2, L2, R1, R2
  • The Black Grail - At the main menu press Left, L1, Circle, L2, Triangle, R2
  • The Hand of Nagash - At the main menu press R2, Left, R2, Up, Down, Left
  • Victory - At the main menu press L2, Right, Square, Right, R1, R2
  • View Credits - At the main menu press Left, Right, Square, Right, R1, R2