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Vampire Hunter D (PS1)

Vampire Hunter D PSX
Genre: Action
Perspective: 3rd-person
Art: Anime / manga
Gameplay: Puzzle elements, Survival horror
Setting: Fantasy
Published by: Jaleco USA
Developed by: Victor Interactive Software
Released: 2000
Platform: PlayStation (PSX, PS1)

The game got a lot of negative from foreign magazines, but nevertheless it is quite interesting, especially when you consider that it was made on the basis of an excellent cartoon about the problems of communication between vampires and people among themselves. Having mastered control, I went through the game according to one of the scenarios (non-linear plot), which I decided to bring to your attention.
It all starts with a hand-drawn cut scene, where the main character is hired for money to go to the castle of vampires. There, he must find and return to the employer his abducted daughter Charlotte. In case of success, in addition to the advance, an astronomical sum of awards was promised. The employer honestly explained that such a high fee is due to the fact that you are not the first - a relative of the employer has already sent other vampire hunters to the castle, but Charlotte still does not. Relax, looking at the magnificent 3D-intro, and then set the difficulty level (I chose no weaker than normal) and listen to a short lecture on the events that preceded the game. And it's time to finally get acquainted with the main character.
Name - Dunpeal, allows familiarly call him D. Profession - vampire hunter. And this despite the fact that he is the son of a vampire nobleman and himself half a vampire. And he also has a left hand - his partner, who can speak and possess magic.


The control is not too convenient: the cross makes the hero run, and to walk calmly, you need to hold L1. A quick double tap on the crosspiece ⇦ or ⇨ allows you to bounce from the dangers. X - jump, ■ - use of hand magic or use of an item (if it is set in the inventory). There are three types of magic and is switched by the SELECT button (in this case, the item is removed from the inventory). A view of the magic is shown at the bottom left of the screen.
The image of the blue spiral means that when using this type of magic you can eat your enemy (if he is weakened and fundamentally edible). In order to weaken the enemy, usually three preliminary blows with a sword are enough. At breakfast, the enemy’s magic is not only not wasted, but, on the contrary, the whole three-level scale is replenished. Image of red fireballs - homing fire from the hand (does not affect bosses). I recommend, using the magic of fire, immediately switch to eating and periodically press the hand button. In this case, it is possible (if there are many enemies in the room) to save Dee's health and completely restore the magic scale.
Green stars are the magic of healing. Restores health and heals poison.
An attack or treatment requires at least one scale to be completely filled.
▲ button - get or remove the sword. If Dee draws the sword on the run, he will make a powerful sharp attack with the sword forward, unexpected for the enemy. This strike is virtually non-blocking and is approximately equivalent in power to two conventional sword strikes. Button ● when a sword is pulled out - attack with a sword. And so it allows you to take items and open doors.
Shift R1 - close with a cloak, protection against some types of enemy attacks.
Pressing L2 + R2 - instantly rotate 180 °.
START button - enter the inventory where you can immediately use the desired item with the ● button. In the inventory, pressing ▲, you can activate the memory card, and saving is possible anywhere.
Pressing L1 allows you to see the level map (if you have one). Exit inventory using the ● button.


Having picked up a level map and Potion in the chest in the chests, we go into the castle. First we go straight, we go up the stairs and at the portrait of the vampires of Carmilla we take the red key (Red Key). At the same time, we listen by hand to the story of this Carmilla herself, who became famous for such bloody orgies that she incurred the wrath of the ruler of vampires! On the sides and behind the portrait are doors locked while. Get back down and go through the red door to the right (if you are guided by the map).

Statue Room

Hiding from the vampire security system, hop onto the ledge at the edge of the room. Pick up Dart of Plainwood, which will be very useful for you when meeting with bosses, a Flash Bomb and a Potion. Now through the other door exit into the corridor (East Aisle). On the way, practice eating your opponent’s hand, as long as they are not serious. Aye! Voices outside the door! It seems that the girl flew into stubbornness. Be sure to go there. Meet Meyer L Inc., a noble vampire. But why did he abduct Charlotte, it seems that people are not Mr. Link's specialty?

And he is weak against you. Do not use darts, hide from his attacks with a cloak and strike with a sword. An easy victory, but the enemy is washed away without answering our questions. We go to the girl, thinking over the problem - to save her or ... I am a humanist, I chose the first one, I am somehow sentimental to the fair sex. Maybe in vain. Leila (the name is saved), it turns out, is a brotherhood of Markus Brothers, which set out to destroy everyone who is not a person with normal blood. Okay, we won’t expect gratitude from the girl (or else we decide to check the blood for normality) and go through another door.
Behind her was a Store House. Having fed the left hand with oncoming zombies and collecting trophies from the boxes, we quickly run back to the corridor, and from there through the nearest door to the Study. Here we find the blue key on the table, and in the closet - a healthy zombie lurking (four standard strokes with the sword, and lunch is ready for the hand). Again through the corridor, this time into the East Small Hall. Go straight to terrace N1. Move the statues into the niches and remember the code: MANKIND. The door behind the pillar is still locked, so go back to the hall and down to the East Gallery. Run to the end - you need to visit the Play Room. Remember how much time is on the big clock (2:25) and where the composition with the bird is turned.

Return to the main hall with a portrait of Carmilla and through the blue door enter the West Passage territory. Look in the Chapel, where you will meet another bloodsucker. In honor of the meeting, treat him with a fireball. Take away the Power Plug, a Blood Pill and the potion. On the terrace N2, repeat the procedure with the statues, the inscription on the VAMPIRE pillar will become available. Now your way from the western hall down to the West Gallery corridor. Be careful - here you will meet the long-armed guards with yellow swords for the first time. Ladies easily block ordinary th strike with a sword and immediately go on the attack. Against them, the trick with pulling the sword on the move works well, but it’s better not to get into the cabin and put the fireball out of your hand. Winged demons, like other bats, are somehow easier to use - their can be chopped in a jump.

Again the Play room, a mirror copy of the first, eastern. Set the clock on the clock, the same as normal, and turn the bird with its beak from the corner to the center of the room. And here are the prizes: "Elemental Stone" (restores the magic of the hand), "Blood Pill" and the map of the second floor "Mar Level 2". We ran to the Path to West Stairs corridor, and from there up the stairs to the Power Room. Calm the guard and the big zombie with a paralyzing bomb. Take a new bomb and a map of the first floor of the dungeons (Map Underground 1). Activate the panel in the center of the room on the wall. Electronic lock systems have earned. Go back up the stairs to the Path to West Stairs corridor and dial the code on the door lock in the middle of the VAMPIRE corridor. Come in, chop the bats and burst into the Path to West Staircase corridor with the magic of fire. You have access to the door to the West-shaped Path corridor. Do not hook the infrared security system, otherwise you risk incurring the wrath of the guards. In the Room of Big Mirror, when you try to leave it, you will meet one of the hunters of the Brotherhood Marcus. A terrible death! We have nothing to do here. We go through the U-shaped corridor to the East-shaped Path and fall into ... a trap in a room similar to a mirror. So get caught! So our Dee is in the dungeon. There is water all around, and Dee is half a vampire and cannot be in water for a long time without protection. We run forward along the ledge, jump over the water and then to the "Stream Control Room". Beware of the poisonous breath found on the waterway. When the watermark begins to breathe in your direction, run to the side and hit with a sword. Three strokes and you can swallow an enemy carcass. But here you are in the control room. To begin, press the left lever and exit it to the neighboring one (to the left of the entrance), where you will select "Mar Underground 2". Go left on the map to the "Sewage Pool", where you will take the "Wrench" key. Now return to the control room and switch the water with the right lever. Then look at another creepy place called "Crematory" - for some reason, there’s a map of the third Floor. Yes, and Elemental Stone will not be superfluous for you. Through the Waste Drainage passage we go to the elevator Lift Room. This is where the key comes in handy. Turn the center lever on the panel, then slide the drawer onto the elevated platform. Then switch the left lever, having previously pushed the box onto the second platform by hand (● button) y. With this box, do the following manipulations: move it from the second platform to the elevation and advance to the third platform. Now activate the last lever. Everything, it’s time to get out of here. Having passed the Hidden Path corridor with another bloodsucker, Dee crawls out of the hatch disguised as in ... the coffin, and turns out to be in the morgue! With his sudden appearance, Dee scared and, at the same time, intrigued Borgoff - the leader of the Brotherhood Marcus. Although Leyla told the hunter brothers about the help from our hero, after everything that happened with the two "brothers", the vampire fighters decided to destroy Dee (so, just in case, he is half a vampire). After all, before the appearance of Dee, the vampire hunt was carried out without failures, and here two of the brotherhood died a terrible death ...

Run to the stairs leading up, hide behind the column near it and ... wait. When Borgoff is in front of you, use the trick of drawing the sword on the run. And while the enemy is stunned by your impudent attack with a lunge, apply a few more ular with a sword, and then run back. Sheath the sword, then repeat the procedure until complete victory. Having cursed you from powerlessness with the last words, the brotherhood leader will run upstairs. And you go to a nook under the stairs, finish off the guard who hides there with a yellow sword and find a Silver Plate. Now up the stairs to the cemetery (Grave). The gate is still locked, so we have double doors.

Spider Joint 2 / Green

Through the elevator we get to the territory of Joint 1. Here you will meet the guard cube, so immediately grab the sword and chop, not allowing the new enemy to show his talents. Now - into the control room, at the door of which there is another cube, and even with a dog. Do not yawn! In the control room, activate the silver plate, which immediately unlocks several other rooms. Go to the Elevator Hall: the elevator, marked in blue, will take you down to the portrait of Carmilla (Main Hall). The doors on the left and right, this time, are unlocked. Go to the east door, to the room where there was a trap with Charlotte's ghost, and look for the antidote. Then, through the unlocked passage near this room, go to the Guest Room, find two spiders and the key to the Tower of the Sun. By this moment, Dee should have enough magic stones and health. Go to the stairs leading to the door with a combination lock (VAMPIRE), and from there to the room next to the passage leading to the hall where the power system was turned on (there you first met a spider). In this Stock Room you will find a lot of good. More often so. However, in the Guest Room 2 on the second floor you can get hold of stones for your beloved left hand and a potion, but there are unnecessary witnesses of your enrichment here: a couple of guards and a hefty zombie. You have to go back to the portrait of Carmilla. But here, after all, not bad! When you try to use the elevator, electricity is cut down. Again, you have to go to the energy room. It turned out that this is mischievous to our old friend Mayer Link. This time he decided to take up the bombing. Well, we dart him! The man weakened and admitted that he sent all the energy to a certain part of the castle. I wonder what is there? Upon leaving the room, Dee again expects a meeting with Leila. This time she is more sociable, but here the ghost of Gruba appears - another hunter. He reports that an unknown enemy killed almost the entire fraternity. And as a description of what happened follows a scene with an armored car, on which hunters broke into the castle.

Go back to the elevator, enter the door marked with an icon resembling "F" and immediately begin to heal yourself using magic. What for? Now you will understand: you have to get acquainted with the guard of the Tower of the Sun Beng Varvar, who has a very nasty sense of humor. The result of the meeting is the loss of the left hand. And although Beng also does not like the technique of drawing his sword on the run, but in response he deftly uses the light of the artificial sun, directing it at you.

The battle ends with a stab in Dee’s heart and the triumph of the enemy over your open body. Ege, but he serves not Meir Link, but someone else! To whom?

Meanwhile, your friend's left hand crawls in splendid isolation and stumbles upon Leila. Here is a prize for those who followed my example and saved a hunter. Now for some time you can play for her. With a firearm that is automatically aimed at the nearest enemy, Leila goes to the elevator, which is next to the portrait of Carmilla. Rising on it, Leila meets with the allegedly abducted Charlotte. This is a new discovery - Meyer, it turns out, did not abduct the girl, she left with him. Fell in love with a vampire?

Exit through the right door (on the map) and enter the door marked with the sign "P". There you will find a demon, a broken elevator, darts and a plan for the Tower of the Sun. Such a bouquet. But an even better find awaits Leila outside the door with the "G" sign: a freshly buried Dee with a stake in his chest. No problem, right there Dee revives. Go back to the Tower of the Sun, the time has come for revenge. Quickly deal with the guards and activate the panel. Bah, something plopped down a floor. To hell with it, after we figure it out ... Beng is unpleasantly struck by this visit, especially since the hand managed to devour the artificial sun, which completely restored the scale of magic. The job is done, the enemy is defeated, you can get out of here. Looking into the Room of Galaxy, you find a fallen object. It turns out this is the key to the Mirror Room. Useful. On the fourth floor, behind the door, which is guarded by a spider, two elevations with stones, iridescent in all colors of the rainbow. Hit one of the stones with a sword and stop it at a specific color. Chop differently so that its color matches the color of the first stone. There will be a floor along which we will pass into the chambers of Charlotte. The girl naively assumed that nothing threatens her or Meyer here, but a mysterious enemy overtakes her and kidnaps, one might say, in front of all honest people. Dee pushes out the window behind him and finds himself on the roof of the Tower of the Moon. Grabbing the contents of the drawers, Dee breaks into the window of the Room of Moon, goes to the balcony (scenario A), then returns to the room and overtakes the arrogant kidnapper. It turns out to be Magira, the most natural werewolf - werewolf. You are surprisingly easy to deal with him, but then a sentence will follow from him like: "Well, let's get out!" Having picked up the Keu-tower of the Moon key card from the floor, you will follow to the balcony to repeat the battle with Magira, who has already assumed her bestial appearance. This fight is worth the time spent on it! Bay !! Handsomely! Fireballs are so powerful that even a raincoat does not save. However, five darts and a trick with a sword are enough for a wolf.

If before the first fight with Magira you did not go first to the balcony, but to another unlocked door, you will get another branch of the scenario - B.

Scenario B

Now we go down to this very unlocked door. God be with him, with Magira and the balcony on which he was waiting for you. In the room you will find a girl, and in the opposite corner some things and a map of the Tower of the Moon. Leila will appear and help carry Charlotte to her chambers (where did the wolf sperm come from). Leaving the brave hunter to guard the girl, Dee, after inspecting the room (found Elemental Stone), again goes to the Tower of the Moon. On the ground floor, turn on the planetarium and pick up another magic stone. On the second, carefully follow the light path and take the Gold Plate. Now head to the control room on the third floor. You need the right password - REIGNS OVER (guess why). On the monitor we see Charlotte heading somewhere. Where is Leila?
And Charlotte is again abducted! Again, you have to explore the already accessible territory.

Before leaving the repair room, pick up the Purple Gem from the box near the old spacecraft. Again to the vampiress portrait and from it to the left into the unexamined Red Tube room. Take there the key for the music box (Key for Music Box) and go to visit other rooms. Listen to the melody from the music box, and then repeat it on the device near the door with the image of a spider (if you have a bear in your ear and you are not able to repeat five notes, I am powerless). Continue your journey and find the Plate of Water and the Plate of Wind. Through the familiar eastern gallery near the first game room, go to the last unexplored territory of the 1F Living Room in this part of the castle. Having picked up a magic stone for a hand, enter the Room of Candles. Calm the bats excited by your appearance, extinguish lamps with blows of a sword - the door will open. And here you are in the bedroom (Bed Room). There, of course, twilight reigns. Striking the lamp for a short time forces it to turn on, but, nevertheless, you must move carefully. Among the trophies get a green gem.

Return to the third floor and go through the door with the знаком sign and you will enter the Passage to Lodge territory. Activate your gems on the panel and Dee will receive the Plate of Fire. Go to the portrait of Carmilla, followed by a secret passage. Activate found boards, but ... one is not enough! Leila will go down on the elevator and Borgoff will appear a bit later. Well, fanatic! You’ll have to fight him again. Do not stand still, or else you’ll slam the head with an energy triangle. You can use the darts a little bit , but at least two dozen save. Useful. Take away from the defeated hunt and a fee of land. But when you turn your back on Borgoff, he will try to hit you treacherously low. And then Leila will make a choice ... Thank you for your help, dear, but it’s dangerous outside the secret door. Sit here for now. There’s an elevator outside the door. On the ground floor, Dee finds a passage to that same old rocket, but the find on the third floor is more entertaining.There, Meyer Link, pinned by a stake to the wall, but talkative. flight. Having captured the girl, the vampiressa is going to remove the spell imposed on her by the ruler of the vampires with her blood. After that, Carmilla would fly to the city of Nights, there she would receive superpower, and bloody hell would make people on earth. "Dee, please save Charlotte!" Having pulled the aspen from the simpleton in love, we again go to save Charlotte and the world. The door to salvation to the right of Mayer.

Again the ghost of Carmilla. This time not threats, generous promises. "Join me, Dee. I will share my future power. You’re half a vampire, why are you protecting these ungrateful mortals for whom you will forever remain a monster! " In general, it is true, but thanks to the left hand, she reminded Dee that he was half human. In short, he sent Carmilla to the forest. Here are the chambers of Carmilla. If you have not met Magira for the second time, then he will appear here. After the werewolf calms down, a battle with Carmilla in her true guise will follow. I was almost late. The sword of the vampire lord, who prevented vampiress from climbing out of the coffin with his magic, falls down, and Carmilla appears before us in all her glory. First chop the left and right tentacles with which Carmilla is trying to hit you. With her attacks, it is better to stand at the door itself, where the tentacles do not reach you. Then run up close to the pedestal on which it stands, and chop in a jump. Do not forget to be treated. That's all. Who are you, Dee, why did the sword of the vampire lord obey you?

Meyer picks up the rescued Charlotte from the floor and disappears with her. Dee goes to the space rocket, the restless Leila appears again (by the way, on time).

Conversation with Mayer, and the last battle

Darts, raid, and Link down. "Dee, why didn't you finish me off?" “Well, you are weird,” Dee replies. "Fly away to the city of Nights with your love, and I will inform Charlotte’s father that she’s dead. Happy end." The castle is crumbling (as in Castellania). Dee and Leila are watching them fly from the ruins a ship with a strange couple of lovers. A vampire and an earthly girl. But even Dee is the son of a vampire and an ordinary woman ...