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Digimon Digital Card Battle (PS1)

Digimon World: Digital Card Arena PSX
Genre: Strategy / Tactics
Art: Anime / Manga
Gameplay: Cards / Tiles
Published by: Bandai America
Developed by: BEC Co.
Released: 2001
Platform: PlayStation (PSX, PS1)

A card game based on the universe of Digimons (Digital Monsters). The player has about 30 cards with various Digimons, as well as support cards and special Digivolution cards. The Digivolution concept is the key in each of the Digimon series and Digimon Digital Card Battle is no exception, its essence is that the player starts the game as a newcomer and finishes the game in the Ultimate rank, as well as in the development of Digimons by crossing different species to obtain a more powerful character . For the development of Digimons, during the game you have to sacrifice some cards when the player reaches the required number of points (Digivolution Point, DP) and Digivolution becomes possible, the player decides which card to donate, after which he gets a new, stronger Digimon (usually ) When you start the game three cards are available to you - Veemon, Hawkmon and Armadillomon, then there will be more of them, during the game the selected Digimons will gain experience, become stronger, strengthen Digivolve (armor), receive Digi-parts, increase attack power and so on.


  • To get HP Fever, select Armadillomon as a companion, and when you get the Digi-Egg of Knowledge and you have HP Boost + 100 Digi-Part, "heal" your Digimon for 200 HP, and then get HP Fever.
  • Develop your companion's Digivolve to Vegiemon and use the Small Recovery Floppy Card, and the HP level will reach 1110 points.
  • Fight with Betamon in the first city when he uses a table in a fight. If you win, you will earn more than 30 points.
  • When fighting Betamon, and he uses the table as a weapon, the first thing you should do is use your partner card partner card, but by no means Armor Degivolve. Never discard cards. It is necessary to use them for support, and in addition, you cannot lose a partner’s card also because you must win a no loss win. Kill the first two enemies using the same attack, for example, the Circle, Triangle or X button at your own discretion, and when you fight the last opponent, also use the same attack. If you do everything exactly, you will immediately receive a bunch of different prizes. In particular: 30 points for defeating each enemy, as well as No Digivolve Win, Mo Loss Win, Last Gamble Win, Ultimate Level Win. Since Betamon only uses Level U cards and does not have R and C cards, you can handle it easily. But that is not all. You will receive No Discard, Partner Win, All Attack Win and a super bonus of 10 points (super bonus), which will total more than 50 points.