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Soma Bringer (NDS)

Soma Bringer DS
Genre: Action, Role-Playing (RPG)
Perspective: Top-down
Setting: Fantasy
Published by: Nintendo Co.
Developed by: Monolith Software
Released: 2008
Platform: Nintendo DS (NDS)

A player group consists of three members. The battle takes place in real time, without moving the group to a separate screen (a similar combat system is used in Secret of Mana and Diablo). In addition to the destruction of monsters and advancement of the plot, you will be offered additional tasks and bosses, and with them rewards. In many locations there are teleports, which will transfer your group to the city or another point with teleport.


  • Battlers - use one-handed and two-handed weapons, can carry twin swords. This class has the most HP and protection. Focused on melee.
  • Corps - using one-handed weapons and spears, can wear shields. This class balances between defense and offense, and uses holy magic as support.
  • Darks - Use two-handed weapons and spears. This class uses dark arts and donates the user's HP to carry extra damage.
  • Gunners - Use bows and firearms. This class specializes in ranged attack and status damage, setting traps and using survival skills.
  • Kampfs - Use Katari combat, a halberd, as well as twin swords. This class is used in melee combat and combines the use of combo attacks and killer skills.
  • Somas - Use staffs. This is a magic class that uses elemental magic opposite the enemy element.

Weapon specialties

Each class has its own limitations on what weapons can be equipped. At the beginning of the game, you choose the necessary set of weapons that you later use until the end of the game. For each weapon there are skills that can be learned and used. In addition, each equipment has a rank. If your rank is not high enough, you can not use this equipment. With a level you get AP (Ability Points), and you can use these points to learn or gain the necessary skills. In each skill you can invest no more than 20 points.

Character points

As you level up, you get not only APs, but also CP (Character Points), which can be used to increase four basic characteristics. Thanks to them, physical and magic attacks can be increased, as well as the maximum number of HP / SP. The maximum number of points of one characteristic can reach 255, while HP and SP have a limit of 9999 units, an attack speed of 170% and finally a running speed is limited to 180%. Equipment does not help you bypass the limit of 255 points, you simply lose the extra points.

Break system

When the attacks of all group members are successfully conducted on one enemy, an icon appears on the target (!). At this time, you can continue a series of attacks and break the defense of the enemy. If you succeed, an icon appears on the enemy (!!!), and during this time you can do a lot of additional damage. Magical attacks also contribute to the system.



  • Welt Born in a small mountain town. The new member of the 7th Division, which was due to strong enthusiasm. Has a developed sense of justice. Serves as a narrator of the game and tells the story of the 7th Division. The standard class is Battlers.
  • Idea Mystical girl who is under the protection of the 7th division. Found in the forest under strange circumstances and deprived of the memory of his past, except for his own name. Standard class is Somas.
  • Einsatz Commander of the 7th Division, with the rank of captain. Famous for his prudence and calm behavior. He takes care of his group and does what he thinks is right. Popular among his subordinates. The standard class is Kampfs.
  • Jadis Vice Commander of the 7th Division. His personality is the complete opposite of his massive physique, thanks to which he is often ridiculed. But when it comes to service, he becomes a responsible and proper officer. The best friend of Einsatz, with whom he has known since childhood. The standard class is Darks.
  • Millers Owns martial arts is famous for taking care of the team. Always jokingly curses with Forte and sticks to Welt. The standard class is Kampfs.
  • Cadenza He is calm and delicate. Usually mediates disputes and always protects his friends. The standard class is Gunners.
  • Granada It is laconic and not easily revealed to people. Candidate for the role of commander. Get involved in origami. The standard class is Corps.
  • Forte Perhaps the most fun and groovy person on the team. It perfectly manages Soma energy and therefore understands it as well. Likes to argue and bring Millers. Standard class is Somas.


This world is known for being ruled by the magical energy "Soma". Many technologies work on it, and also people use it for their own personal purposes. In recent years, the natural balance of Soma energy on the continent has been destroyed by strange creatures called "Visitors". To explore these creatures, the Secundadeians - the organization that regulates Soma in the world, creates a military unit called the 7th Division. What they have to find and change will change the fate of the whole world ...