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Twisted Metal: Small Brawl (PS1)

Twisted Metal: Small Brawl PSX, TM5, TMSB
Genre: Racing / Driving
Perspective: Behind view
Gameplay: Arcade, Vehicle Simulator
Vehicular: Automobile
Setting: Post-Apocalyptic
Published by: Sony Computer Entertainment America
Developed by: Incog Inc. Entertainment
Released: 2001
Platform: PlayStation (PSX, PS1)

The plot of the game is a rethinking of the already familiar plot, but with an orientation to a younger audience. Now the “Metal Rattle” tournament is a battle on toy radio-controlled cars, and its participants are children. The founder of the tournament is the inveterate bully - Billy Callipso.


The gameplay of the game, as before, is a race for survival - several participants converge on the same arena. The player has a loss limit and a kill limit. The first is three units, which means that after three defeats the game will stop. The second shows how many enemies you need to destroy in order to win.

The arenas where the competition takes place are different: a playground, mini-golf, a meat factory, a room for laughter, a cinema and others. In many arenas there are traps: a circular saw moving out of the floor, a meat grinder, operating obstacles for mini-golf ... Also the levels themselves can be just as dangerous as the traps: for example, in the Treehouse arena you can fall off the narrow bridges between the platforms.

The process of the game itself is not particularly different from the other games in the series. From weapons: machine gun, rockets of all styles, napalm, firecrackers, firecrackers and “Spec. weapon ". There are also “Spec. receptions ", giving additional opportunities: shooting back, freezing, mine, jump and defense. There are various bonuses scattered around the level: green batteries (health), blue remote control (using environmental technology), red batteries (nitro booster).



  • Crimson Fury - Agent Stone, a young gentleman who presents himself as a British secret agent. He takes part in the tournament to put an end to Billy Callipso's hooliganism.
  • Hammerhead - this guy wants to be a rock star, no less. He came to the tournament because he knows that if he wins, Callipso is sure to fulfill his dream.
  • Slam - the largest and oldest of all participants. Came to the tournament to get revenge on Calypso for his ruined tree house.
  • Outlaw - Officer Roberts came to the tournament to bring justice to the area. His goal is once and for all to put an end to the tricks of Billy Callipso.
  • Shadow - this machine is controlled by Mortimer - a strange, lanky boy who takes part in the tournament to get his toad back, which Callipso took.
  • Specter is a shy boy who came to the tournament to track down his long-lost father. He wants to understand his connection to the Twisted Metal Tournament, which was held earlier.
  • Sweet Tooth - meet the youngest and most bullying child in the neighborhood. He took part in the tournament, only in order to get ice cream.
  • Thumper - this car is driven by two drivers - Winnie and Bruce. They participate in the tournament in search of a POWERFUL sound system.
  • Twister - this girl is not a distant mind, but she is one of the best drivers. She loves to drive fast and takes part in the tournament in search of thrills.
  • Warthog - this young soldier is tired of being bullied by Callipso. He decided that he had had enough. If Calypso wants war, he will get it.
  • Mr. Grimm - this guy is just obsessed with Halloween. He is looking for a portal to Halloween Land - a mysterious place where Halloween is every day.


  • Mime is a young actress who likes to imitate the habits of other children - especially when it annoys them.
  • Darkside - a grim and mysterious boy, Jimmy Ashe, controls this formidable radio-controlled machine. His reasons for participating in the tournament are unknown.
  • Axel - he arrived at the Callipso tournament with only one goal: to show his skills in controlling a two-wheel radio-controlled car.
  • Trapper - the first mini-boss, appears on the mini-golf course. Mysterious hunter with some extremely strong "monkey" attack.
  • Piecemeal is the final game boss. A huge machine is assembled from the remnants of what remains of the other machines destroyed in the tournament.
The player’s secret characters, Trapper and Piecemeal, are significantly weaker than when played against them under AI control.



  • Carn-O-Maul - a room of laughter
  • Easy Death Oven - Kitchen
  • Gridiron Gore - Stadium
  • Meat Your Maker - Meat Freezer Room
  • Minigolf Mayhem - minigolf platform
  • Now Slaying - Cinema
  • Playground Peril - playground
  • Tree Top Rumble - tree house


  • Buster’s Lanes - Bowling
  • Holiday Havoc - Christmas Room
  • Shock Therapy - Lab


  • To open the character "Axel", you need to shoot at the level of "Playground Peril" in a swing that will "throw" it on the platform. The difficulty level must be above “Easy”.
  • To open the character “Darkside”, you need to shoot at the level of “Easy Death Oven” in the back of the plumber (it is under the sink) so that the flames from there make a hole in the table in the center of the arena. Inside the table there will be “Darkside”. The difficulty level must be above “Easy”.
  • To open the character "Mime", you need to shoot all four socks on the fireplace at the level of "Holiday Havoc" in survival mode. The character icon will drop in front of the fireplace. The level of complexity does not matter.
  • To open the character "Trapper", you need to go through the game level of difficulty above "Easy" for all the characters (including the secret "Axel", "Mime" and "Darkside").
  • To open a Piecemeal character, you have to go through the whole game on Hard difficulty, playing as Trapper.
  • Also in the game there are 3 secret arenas. They are designated as “A”, “B” and “C”. To open them, you need to go through the "Endurance" mode on the highest difficulty. Their requirements are as follows: “C” to withstand 10 opponents, “B” to withstand 20 opponents, “A” to withstand 30 opponents.