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Re-Volt (PS1)

Revolt PSX
Genre: Action, Racing / Driving
Perspective: Behind view
Gameplay: Arcade, Vehicle Simulator
Vehicular: Automobile, Track Racing
Published by: Acclaim Entertainment
Developed by: Probe Entertainment Ltd.
Released: 1999
Platform: PlayStation (PSX, PS1)

If you are tired of serious competitions on large cars, then this game is for you. Small and nimble radio-controlled cars will arrange races in the most unexpected places.


  • The game has 28 radio-controlled cars and 13 ring tracks, which can be opened as the game progresses.
  • In the passage of the game on the PC 4-24 players can participate, on the console version 4-8 players.
  • During the game, cars will be able to pick up various bonuses located on the track, which will help you to stop the enemies or outrun them.
  • 5 classes of cars: Rookie, Amateur, Advenced, Semi-Pro and Pro.
  • 4 types of games: Simulator, Arcade, Console, Junior.
  • 4 levels of difficulty: Easy, Medium, Difficult, Extreme.
  • Map Editor with a wide selection of textures.

Game modes

The game has 7 different game modes.
  • Single Race. Regular races, in which you must come to the finish line first.
  • Championship. In total, the game has 4 cups, each of which has 4 tracks: bronze, silver, gold and platinum (5 tracks). After passing each cup, new tracks and cars open up. In this case, it is necessary in each route to take at least 3 places to go to the next. When replaying the cup is given 3 attempts. And to win the cup, you need to take 1 place on points.
  • Multi-Player game. A game mode in which you can compete online.
  • Time Trial. Racing, in which it is necessary to drive the track in the allotted time, in order to open access to the reverse, mirror and mirror-reverse tracks.
  • Practice. Allows you to go on the slopes already free and check the characteristics of the cars. But in this mode, you need to collect the stars to open new cars.
  • Stunt Arena. Here you need to collect all 20 stars to unlock the next mode.
  • Clockwork Carnage. In this mode, you will need to drive on one mini-typewriter of 30 mini-cars and come to the finish line first.


  • Lightning trap. Lightning appears on the track (game symbol), similar to the standard bonus. When driving a zipper, a car will explode.
  • Star. When activated, all cars stop, except for the one who activated the star.
  • Shock wave Blue balls of electric shots throw a car on their way into the air.
  • Rocket. It fires one rocket after the target, until it hits the landscape element or the car.
  • A bunch of rockets. Pack of three rockets. The principle of operation is the same as that of a conventional rocket.
  • Bomb. When a bomb is picked up, the car's antenna starts to burn like a fuse. When the wick burns to the end, the car will explode. But you can get rid of the bomb - catch up with the opponent’s car and touch it, now the opponent’s car itself becomes the bomb.
  • Water balls. The same principle as with a bunch of rockets, but instead of rockets 3 water balls.
  • Electricity. The current fills the space around the car. When another car drives close enough, it is hit by a discharge of current, after which the opponent stops temporarily.
  • Oil stain. The car reserves an oil puddle. A car driving through this pool loses control.
  • Steel ball. A heavy steel ball rolls out of the car and becomes an obstacle to the rival's cars.
  • Battery. Gives the car a temporary increase in speed. However, the car is harder to drive.


All the tracks in the game are circular (except for the tracks in the Battle mode in the multiplayer game). When they pass for the time being open the same tracks, only the reverse, mirror and reverse mirror.


  • Street Race 1: Residential Area. The longest track in the game (747 m.) And the very first.
  • Supermarket 2: race in the supermarket. The shortest track in the game (301 m.). The complexity of the route lies in the fact that it freezes in the freezer room (especially the rear-wheel drive cars).
  • Museum 2: dark museum leading through the planetarium.
  • Botanical Garden: race in the botanical garden.


  • Toy world 1: dark toy store.
  • Ghost town 1: an abandoned town in the Wild West.
  • Toy world 2: a toy store, in which there is a giant toy train.
  • Roofs: Roof races (available only in the Dreamcast and mobile version)


  • Street racing 2: residential area, but with a lot of sharp turns.
  • Toytanik 1: race on the ship. The name of the track is a parody of the Titanic.
  • Museum 1: a race in a museum, but with a large number of sharp turns, obstacles from which cars collide. Moreover, this route is considered the most difficult in the game.


  • Supermarket 1: race in the supermarket, where you have to drive through the warehouse, curved corners and cash registers.
  • Ghost Town 2: A city in the Wild West, leading through the mine.
  • Toytanik 2: race on the ship, which is no different from the previous one, except for weather conditions.



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