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Duke Nukem: Time to Kill (PS1)

Duke Nukem: Time to Kill, TTK PSX
Genre: Action
Perspective: Behind view
Gameplay: Shooter
Interface: Direct Control
Setting: Sci-Fi / Futuristic
Narrative: Comedy
Published by: GT Interactive Software Corp.
Developed by: n-Space
Released: 1998
Platform: PlayStation (PSX, PS1)

In Duke Nukem: Time to Kill, the invincible Duke engages in battle with alien mutants seeking to capture earthly babies, which threatens the destruction of the Earth. The task of the hero is complicated by the fact that the bastards can travel through time. Chasing them Duke finds himself in ancient Rome, in Medieval Europe and even in the wild West.


For the first time in the long history of this character, you have the opportunity to play Duke Nukem in the perspective of a third person. True, this will not make major changes in the nature of the game. New in the game - the ability to travel in time. The whole game is divided into four or five belts, significantly distant from each other in time. You materialize in Ancient Rome, the Wild West or Los Angeles of the next millennium and each time you find landscapes, weapons, clothing and other attributes corresponding to the era and the area where you were. The rules of the game will also change. To get out of each time zone, you have to spend a lot of time: wander through the levels for a long time, until you complete all the tasks of this stage, look for switches, different things and tunnels that help you to get to the exit. But beware, even at the exit from the level you are in danger. No matter what era you are in, you will not have to complain about the weapon, because instead of firing using the automatic guidance system, your weapon pierces everything that is in front of you, hitting a rather large zone with one shot. If you need to deliver a high-precision “point” strike, use the special mode. The camera will be behind Duke, the hero himself will become translucent, and many small red dots will appear on the screen, with the help of which you will be able to destroy any target without destroying everything that is around. So, it is possible to shoot down the enemies with shots, break telephone sets, knock down street lights, and blow up oil towers or tanks from a long distance, along with a couple or two of pigs dangling alongside. If you accidentally shoot a shelter, you may find it is not an extra piece of health. In addition to shooting, the game developers endowed Duke with the ability to climb huge containers, climb slopes, craters, run stairs, do back flips, etc.


Old acquaintance Duke Nyukem, again with us. Together with him you will pass through the temporary stream and visit various places - from the Wild West to Ancient Rome, you will again kill everyone who stands in your way, solve several riddles that wise heads have invented for you - the developers. Unplug your grenade launcher - because you have to kill more than one hundred enemies.

Key to success

Most of the levels in this game are fairly straightforward, so you will need basic help in finding some important items, keys, and secret areas. In this description you will find instructions that will help you discover all the secrets - sometimes getting to the secret is much more difficult than getting its contents. In addition, there are several ways to more effectively hit your opponents.
Maybe, of course, stand still and shoot at enemies - a good reception for a brave warrior, who believes that it is easier to aim at him, but if you value your own life, then you will avoid this tactic, especially in melee - otherwise you head. Always be sure that you can safely move from side to side while you are shooting, as this simple technique will save you many times in the midst of a terrible slaughter. It is also sometimes quite reasonable to roll back at the moment of the shot - thus you can increase the distance between yourself and the enemy and his attacks will become less accurate - this is especially successful if the enemy does not possess long-range weapons. If you achieve the proper professionalism in shooting, you can save a lot of time and ammunition if you shoot at the enemy’s head — use the aiming button to point directly at the enemy’s head, then knock it off your shoulders. This is the fastest way to kill the enemy.

Weapon selection

In this new game, Duke has a very extensive selection of weapons and explosives, with which you can arrange a bloodbath for your enemies, destroying all aliens who dared to disturb your peace. Each type of weapon in its collection has its own characteristics, so that the right choice of weapons may be the key to success in any battle.
  • Mighty Shoes: When you run out of ammunition, or you just want to kick your enemy, you can make him an excellent splatter. Only here first make sure that there are not too many enemies around. Saw in Doom'e much better.
  • Throwing Knife: Naturally, these weapons also cannot boast of a special destructive power - you can throw these knives when there is trouble with ammunition. Take into account that Duke throws them not very well, so it’s better to get a box of shotgun ammunition, the enemies will like it less.
  • Throwing Ax: This thing is more powerful than a knife, it is easier to throw it and it looks much more intimidating.
  • Crossbow: The lightning bolts thrown by this weapon cause significant damage to the enemy, so you can use it for your pleasure - besides, the crossbow fires completely silently and you will not attract the attention of the enemy.
  • Desert Eagle: This is Duke's standard pistol, your most reliable weapon, because you always have one. It has a large enough range and good accuracy.
  • Combat Shotgun: This weapon is just great at shooting point-blank, killing many with one shot, but at a great distance is not very effective, because the fraction is scattered and the accuracy of the shot is negligible.
  • Buffalo Rifle: This is the best weapon for a sniper, a long-range weapon, and if you succeed in getting the enemy into his head, then you can not worry about him anymore, there is no dead.
  • Machine gun: This thing will become your best friend, because it has a very high rate of fire, it will lead the enemy in lead faster than you can tell Time To Kill.
  • Grenade launcher: This is really a powerful thing - everyone will tell you who has not fallen into your hands, huge rocket projectiles fly into your enemy, after the shot dust falls, and there are no traces left from the enemy.
  • Flamethrower: This is a melee weapon that will quickly make your enemies dance and then play in the box. Very quickly turns to ashes anyone who dares to attack you.
  • Energy Weapons: You will be able to realize all your dreams of the Ghostbuster with this ray weapon, which will turn all aliens into a bloody mess.
  • Freezer: Very fun weapon. With it, you can turn your enemies into ice idols, in addition, it should be noted that the ice balls that throws these weapons ricochets from the walls, so that you can shoot even around the corner. After the enemy turns into a final thug, you have to kick him, so that he does not even think of thawing.
  • Hand grenades: Throw these things in the direction your enemies dig in, then press the button to blow them up. You can blow up some objects like chests with grenades, only now before you press the fastener button, move away to a safe distance so that you do not remain without hands.
  • Dynamite: This is almost the same as hand grenades, but only if you do not deign to quit such a thing in time, it will explode right in your hands.
  • Pomegranates of the Holy Hand: These new pomegranates can clear very significant patches of terrain thanks to new technologies used to create them.

Jump like me

If you want to become a professional Duke, then you will need to master several quite specific jumps, starting with the simplest and ending with relatively exotic ones. You can move in any of the four directions, forward, backward, left, right. The jump on the spot can be performed by pressing the jump button and the arrow of the direction you want. The second type of jump - with a run up, for this you just need to press the jump button on the run, in the end you jump a little further than usual. Consider that in order to jump off the run, you must take two steps.
In addition to jumping, Duke also manages to grab at different edges, and then pull up to get into places that look completely unattainable. In order to cling to the edge, you just need to press and hold the jump button, at the moment when the Duke flies through the air in the direction of the ledge. As a result, you stretch your arms forward and grab the file. Once you’ve been holding onto the file, you’ll have to press the Up button in order to climb onto the ledge, and then Down to release it.

Guide for enemies destruction

In the course of the game, you will often have to properly work with your faithful weapons in order to clear the galaxy from any rabble who has decided that he is allowed to decide people's fates. Many of your opponents will not only feel an ardent desire to tear off your head, but also will have all the necessary data for this. In order to help you with this question, here is a guide to combat the aliens who will meet you on the way to your main goal - the Guardian of the Gates to Moloch, by destroying which you will save the universe.
  • Pig Cop: This is the usual cannon fodder, which you will meet in large quantities at the start of the game, though later you will come across more developed individuals, which will be much more dangerous. These pigs are usually found in large numbers, love to attack you from the back, sit somewhere in the dark, and then bring down on you all the power of their fangs. Even if we take into account that they are now wearing a rather pretty uniform, they still don’t look very nice, we can say frankly that this is not a good recommendation for them,
  • Lizards: These reptiles are also quite common at levels, they are not much more dangerous than pigs. At later levels, these bastards will meet you with machine guns, which will make them already quite serious opponents, and if you get a whole gang of them, then you need to prepare for a fool battle.
  • Brains: A big pink brain with a face glued right on the gyrus, this is the best description of this friend. They shoot out plasma balls in you that can cause you serious damage, however, you can dodge them without much difficulty. The best way to deal with them is to kill them from afar, because in close combat it is almost impossible to avoid hits from their powerful weapons.
  • Mini-brain: These guys are very similar to their older brothers, but they are smaller, but they fly at very high speed and attack you as soon as you approach them at a suitable distance. They are practically useless against these beast guns, they fly too fast, so try to keep a good distance from them and blow them up with grenades or dynamite.
  • Bats: Ordinary bats, only they are large enough to knock you off your feet, which at some point begins to pretty annoying. They move very quickly and shoot them hard, so try to destroy them from a long distance.
  • Flying demon: This is a big bat that has learned to spit at you with red fireballs, it looks daunting - although they are moving somewhat slower than bats, but their firepower is so much more. When they spot you, they will go straight to the line, on which they begin to plan slowly, firing continuous fire at you. At this point, they become extremely vulnerable for you, it's time itself ni open fire on them, if possible, dodging enemy shots.