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Phantasmagoria (Saturn)

Roberta Williams Phantasmagoria, Phantasm Saturn
Before swap CD, save state to file, next CD, do not upload save state file, do not restart emulator, the game will continue automatically, save state to file again.
Genre: Adventure
Perspective: 1st-person, 3rd-person
Visual: Fixed / Flip-screen
Art: Full Motion Video (FMV)
Interface: Point and Select
Narrative: Horror
Published by: Outrigger Koubou
Developed by: Sierra On-Line
Released: 1997
Platforms: SEGA Saturn, DOS

Phantasmagoria is an adventure game with a mystical storyline. Due to the fact that the characters in the game are real actors, the game looks more realistic than other games of those times. The plot, however, does not shine with originality. An ordinary family moves to an old castle, where all sorts of mysterious events begin to occur. But the very atmosphere of the game delays. A good game of actors allows you to better feel the oppressive situation and the mysteriousness of what is happening. Recommended to anyone who loves classic quests.


Chapter 1

The game begins with an idyllic breakfast in the kitchen. Once the control is passed to you, get up from the table and check the nightstand.\ Opening it, grab a box of matches. Now you can take a walk the house and explore their new home. If you go at lunch Hall (long, narrow and with a fireplace), it is possible (or rather, should) take poker. Naturally, it is in the fireplace. On the second floor two interesting room. In one of them you will find maps, in another lie down on the bed for the first of a long series of visions ... However, the passage directly to the this game has nothing to do, so go to the kitchen and open the door. Nasharte cursor inside the switch and light light. Remove the floor mat - there was a hatch. Weak woman could not open it, but then came to help poker. Now light a match (by clicking on them Adrienne) and come down.
Basement is very large, but the only thing you want us here - Is a hammer. After taking it, get up and go to the main hall. Here you can view Karnovasha portrait above the fireplace, take a newspaper, play with a mechanical medium and get a vague prediction that "Evil will once again walk on the earth," to rise on the second floor ... but you do not have to do it, better read on the subject of the main hall of locked doors. You will find those two pieces, one of which leads to the library, the other - to the theater. Satisfied the futility of attempts to open them, leave the house (the front door is located next to the stairs leading upstairs) and go to the local town, to Mr. Robert Tompkins, who sold your house (of course, we must get in the car).
Arriving at the place, go over the bridge and then - in the desired office called «Robert Thompkins Realty», that is, the local real estate agency. Talk to the owner weather and other veshah. Then join in the conversation again - now discuss the issue of keys and locked doors. Furthermore, obtained the permission of the owner, you can dig into the nightstand and get the most valuable trophy - the key. Now go back to the castle and go to the door of the library (as opposed to the entrance to the theater, it looks pretty unattractive, at least, does not decorated).
Opening the door, look around the room and pick up the statuette from the table. Carefully examine it with the eyes - it turns out it is a knife for cutting paper. Now study immured fireplace - an awkward Adrienne push out a brick. Pick open a passage through knife - and get into a home chapel. At the base is a strange, very ancient book, and on the altar - a mysterious type of casket. Come to the book, touch it, open and flip through (it is all done in one step). In the process of reading the manuscript box will signs of life. Curious Adrienne comes up to her and opens ... But it just should not have done, however, and then the game would not take place. Anyway, the demon, the former owner of the Carnot again on the loose! And as new shell to implement it selects Don. Adrienne about it yet do not know, but we know!

Chapter 2

It all starts with a scandal. Don, you see, a chemical needed for his photographic needs and he almost kicked Adrienne sends to the store. Take a look at the bedside table - here is your not numerous cash, take it and leave the room (You're on the third floor). On the way, take a look in the nursery (room the stairs) - you'll see a new vision, with a baby in the main role. Now go to the Don in the photo lab (on the second floor near the stairs), get another batch of insults and threats, and then ride the same in the city. Now you need a red house - shop. Talk to the seller and give him a bill.
Go back home and go to the barn (to the left of the entrance to the estate), review building. When you find a makeshift kitchen local homeless, Don will. After listening to his hysteria about most of these bums, go to him and give it to the lab bought chemical.

Chapter 3

Trying to dispel tension picnic in the garden safely failed.
Angry Don ran away, complaining about a fictitious headache, and you're left alone with some being named Sai races - one of these bums. After a somewhat obscure requests it disappears. Go to the barn and there encounter the cause nervousness teenager, his mother Harriett fell through flooring and got stuck in the air - neither up nor down.
Climb the stairs to the deck. Take a fork and hook them some device which is more like a miniature lift Crane (in essence, is what he is), and then pull him in and hook it over Harriett. Sayras pull the mother of freedom, and she also complains that tore clothes. This means something, so look in the hole left after the cataclysm. Peering as follows, you will see the nail, remove it with a hammer. Now go to the castle, on the third floor. The door in front of children locked with a key from the inside. Pull the key out of the lock with a nail and pull it out from under the door with the poker. Taking the desired object, unlock the door and go inside, then - the next door. Bring a book chest with the caption "From Zoltan - Malcolm" and again travel to the city. Come to the already familiar to you a real estate office, but go through the next door - is a shop of curiosities. From a conversation with the hostess you will learn a little bit about who is Malcolm, and something - from the history of the castle. Go back to the car (over the bridge) and go left to the house of Malcolm. Having met at the entrance of the dog, go to the store and go to the far end - There is a barrel of bones. Remove the one instance and return to the house of Malcolm. Give the dog a bone and knock on the door ... No, go for the new bone is not necessary - it's not a dog, but only an elderly housekeeper Malcolm. Better Knock on the door one more time and give her a book. After lengthy thought you would be allowed, the same audience. It is a pity that Malcolm too old, his speech is discontinuous and not too picky ... Anyway, back to the castle.

Chapter 4

To get started go up again to the attic (where we found a book) and see the window. Before you - a strange structure (apparently - a greenhouse) that you have not seen before. Go down and go into the courtyard (the easiest way - through a door in the dining room), you will see Sayrasa. Save him from his cat and walk away, then come back again - now he chops wood (integer that in the previous you took the family of the homeless to work for him). Talk to Sayrasom, and he will lead you to the greenhouse. Go into the garden, across the bridge and to the tomb. The crypt, by the way, is locked, but you have the right - and then you will be rested in the narrow strait, through which a jump can Only Sayras, to you it is absolutely not do. However, underdeveloped bully shows uncharacteristic gumption and knocks tree across channels - that bridge and ready. Come on and pick up the road from the eyepiece of the telescope.
So you get up to the greenhouse. Go inside and sit back front of the computer - you have to see the unforgettable show! To begin with a look at the big pot ... ooops! Reaction Adrienne is quite natural - not every day brought a full dump on a bowl of rotting remains of a century ago.
But it is still a children's show - the other end of the greenhouse is a certain device, much like a building trowel, but clearly intended for gardening (conventionally called him "a garden trowel"), take it out and look stunning movie on "How to kill a woman with a sharpened garden trowel" (a comedy in two parts). Yes, Zoltan Karnovash was a master gardener, a few times to hit exactly in the mouth - it must be really talented! By the way, the second part of the show you've seen, when dodging the contents of the pot - this clearly was the most miserable, which was lucky to become the object of horticultural interests of Carnot.
As you know - this is again a vision. At their end you will find yourself outside the greenhouse. Walk up to the telescope, and then insert the eyepiece found, now look into the pipe - Before you farm, but it is clearly more loft you've seen the two rooms. So go out there and hammer wooden Break wall on the right - as a reward you get a new room, however, there is nothing interesting. Once again, go down to see disassembly between the Don and the telephone master conducting your phone.

Chapter 5

Go to the main hall, where you experiences a Sayras and invite to a fake seance. Go to the barn, and the presentation start (before it will give Adrienne "Medium" Harriett deck of cards). However, contrary to your expectations, it happens that a seemingly never should have happened, and in front of shocked Adrienne and will Sayrasa spirit Zolta'n Karnovasha to enlighten you a bit about the creation, with which you will to deal with.
Go back to the castle and go to the circular room on the third floor (opposite bedrooms). Turn on the strange device in the center of the room - it project the image of a dragon on the wall. Remember the advice of the spirit of the Carnot "dragon that will show the way" and go inside - you get into the secret passage. With the help of a prehistoric elevator go down, then find another lift and - down again. Now you are on the ground floor, to the right - a long procession to the chapel, to the left - to the bottomless pit straight - to the wall. To her, and go, go click - and get to the theater Carnot.
The course was closed behind you, and you work your way into the gris-bushel (the door to the left of the stage with some wonderful device a mixture guillotine electrical chair). Look in the closet and take the parcel shelf picture "and Malcolm Karnovash. " "This is clearly Malcolm knows a lot more than he's saying," - and you decide to leave the theater through the main entrance, which is very easy to open from the inside. However, there should be an end to the fifth part.

Chapter 6

This part begins more mundane than the previous ones - from the ordinary binge that occurred at the Don. Half a bottle of whiskey a bit scattered demon influence on your friend's character, and start a conversation occurs even in normal tones! However, the cost Adrienne Don offer to leave the mansion, as he began another tantrum, and a brief truce ended.
Once again, go to Malcolm - this is done as described above method, with the only difference being that the evil dog is gone, and there is only an evil housekeeper. Once again, it will put you out the door after the first attempt to enter, and again it is necessary to knock again, and then give her a picture of Carnot and Malcolm.
Now insert the fifth disc and enjoy a long and creepy movie, in which the old man tell the grim story Karnovasha about perfect their misdeeds (with part of which you already know from visions), and of his death, the demon who became obsessed with the owner of the castle, and how young Malcolm hid a box of left the Carnot body spirit and his book of black magic in the chapel. Now everything fell into place, Adrienne understands that the responsibility for waking the demon lying on it, and as a new haven monster, of course, chose the Don.
After the call is finished sixth reinsert the disc and go back the castle. In this part ends. In the final video you (but not Adrienne) will see what the outcome of a lack of understanding between the Don and the phone wizard. Of course, the ax is not as elegant murder weapon, like a garden trowel, and then double- hack first on the back is much easier than a few times just to please the second victim in the mouth, and laughed at the same time Don is not as happily as Karnovash ... but he's definitely making progress in their amusing hobby ...

Chapter 7

Chapter begins with the fact that Adrienne had the idea to tear. It is strange that it was only now, however, otherwise If there was no one to check out as fun began plot. However, sentimental woman, finding her photo together with Don decides to forget about the suitcases (And for good reason, it's just the beginning!).
In short, go to the dressing room of the theater (if you have forgotten - this is where the photo was found Karnovasha Malcolm). On the floor, you will see Don's vest (which is being prepared for the final fun with Adrienne in the title role), inspect it - you'll find snowman figurine. Then you can immediately go to a photo lab, if you want to greatly complicate your life at the end of the game ... but wait a little while. Better to go to the nursery on the third floor and pick up the broken glass of the door. Now go back to the round room with a projector, go to the secret passages and get down to the first floor. Here turn right. After a long walk you will find yourself in the chapel. Go to the adjacent screen and nasharte another secret passage. He will lead you to the family crypt. Take gravestone with rosary with a cross. Now go to the second floor to the photo lab. SAVE YOUR GAME, make a duplicate AND DROP IT AWAY! In the final part after death you will be able to return to a near-death moment whereas a fatal error and can be used! Therefore duplicate record or be prepared during the execution of a roller Adrienne press reset and start the ending from the beginning - is a time to roll the wrong way, and you will not be able to finish the game...
So, by doing all the precautions, go to a photo lab.


You'll see how Adrienne laboratory studies, and Don suddenly attacks her. As soon as you go to the control (at this point Don zazhmet Adrienne in a corner), grab off the shelf chemical, the one from the second part of the game - she generously osypet Don, and for a moment he let her go. Quickly take a book from the table, meanwhile Don grabs Adrienne and dragged into the theater, where CIDP her to the guillotine-chair. As soon as you pass control (We will not repeat this phrase, just remember about him, and mentally put in front of each phrase, to think you do not have any extra seconds), grab out a snowman - Adrienne stretch his Don, he will stand, demonstrating the hard work of the brain and memory, and you pull the lever guillotine - an ax to rush you, but met on the road at least Cuddly ...
It starts with an earthquake, the corpse of Don falls into a gap, but instead He comes to the owner - a demon. Run to the secret manhole (right edge of the screen, it is difficult to find, we replayed many times until it spotted the place.) Now you are back in a familiar crossroads. The path to the tomb blocked, climbs out of the theater demon - left to run to the pit. When they reached, you will see the water pipe that runs under the ceiling. Click on it (just above the ground, and not over the precipice, Adrienne otherwise you misunderstand and siganet through it ... of course, to no avail). If everything was done correctly, she will overcome the barrier on the pipe, hanging by his hands. The daemon then almost catch her, but was still on the way the door opens ... IMMEDIATELY deadbolt lock it and walk into the room.
It is here Zoltan Karnovash worked magic here so far is his decayed corpse left over Malcolm.
Walk up to the altar, and put on him a book. After much cursing Adrienne about the necessary and missing mascot simply inspect the corpse Karnovasha - mascot found, place it on the book. Now unpack the hand piece of glass (by clicking them to Adrienne) - bled, prepared the ritual, and the last words are spoken. The demon has burst through the door, then grab cross and place it on the book - it's the end ...
And finally, a couple of small tips: Do not get behind the "Phantasmagoria"Of the night and do not take everything that happens too too close to the heart - after all, it's only a game, no more, but in the game yet and this could not happen ...