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Spider-Man 2 (PS1)

SpiderMan 2 Enter Electro PSX
Genre: Action
Perspective: 3rd-person
Gameplay: Puzzle elements
Published by: Activision Publishing
Developed by: Vicarious Visions
Released: 2001
Platform: PlayStation (PSX, PS1)


Soon after the symbiotic invasion, a series of robbery attacks are taking place in New York, headed by Electro. While on patrol, Spider-Man notices one of the robberies taking place in a building owned by Biotech. Planting the Spider-Tracer on the motorcycle head of a thief, Spider-Man follows him into an abandoned warehouse where the thief has somehow stolen a briefcase with a contact. The spider-man takes the scumbags and interrogates one of them, and then the head of the thief attacks: Shocker.
After defeating the Shocker, Spider-Man follows advice and is headed by a bandit on the airfield, where contact moves to the side. Along the way, Spider-Man is forced to turn off the threat of an explosion, take a machine-gun nest, and stop the runaway plane from crashing. How to contact a running helicopter, Spider-Man is able to land another beacon and track it down to the switchman belonging to the Hammer. Fights through crowds of busy night staff and Sand Man, Spider-Man, race to catch an escaping train and get to know a contact that showed how the Beetle is. The villain in the mask runs away with his suitcase, but he unconsciously leaves the Spider-Man concepts: an invitation to science and an industry ball.
Elsewhere, Electro explains his plan to other villains. He and his partners have stolen spare parts for the Bio-device, which can strengthen one bio-energy for the urban quarter, and Electro plans to use it to increase its own powers. The device is currently incomplete, and only its creator Dr. Watts knows how to finish it. Hammerhead and his thugs are sent to science and the ball industry to take the doctor into hostage Tues.
Although the Spider-Man arrives at the ball and managed to defeat the Hammer, Drema secretly escapes with a good doctor. The Spider-Man decides to call Dr. Kurt Connors on biotechnology for some answers, but he hears the sounds of battle on the line. Spiderman immediately penetrates biotechnology and reaches the laboratory of Dr. Connors, where his alter-ego lizard for uncontrollable rage. After changing to return to normal, Connors explains the goal of Electro to become God with the Bio-Nexus device. He instructs the spider-man to go and check in the laboratory of Dr. Watts. After the chase on the roof, Spider-Man eventually arrives at the lab and finds out about the device of the main power source, only to be caught in another fight with the sand man. After defeating Drem by pouring it down the sewer grate with water, Spider-Man subsequently sees an article in the newspaper about a food source - a sapphire named Zeus's tear-being on display at the museum. Electro is also reported on the stone when one of his thugs brings him the same news.
In the museum, Spider-Man catches up with Electro, who is still holding the doctor as a hostage. He offers to abandon it, if a spider-man does not let him tear Zeus away. Spiderman reluctantly obeys, and the electro is thrown by the doctor, as Spider-Man throws a stone. When a spider-man tries to catch a jewel back in the air with the web, Dr. Watts accidentally knocks his target and he does not fall, allowing Electro to catch him. Bio-device full, Electro activates it and flies into the electrification flash of lightning. Spiderman follows the villain in a massive conductor to the tower, where he himself gives strength to Hyper-Electro, a creature of pure electrical energy. You can directly attack Electro, Spider-Man uses the generators of the overload tower and destroy the Bio-Nexus devices, finishing playing the electric windows to the good.
The next day, the mighty Thor enlisted in the daily Horn, like the fact that you saved New York from Electro, a lot of Spider-Man frustrated. In prison, Electro sits in his cell, lamenting his defeat, while Hammer and Shocker play poker. In the next cell, Dr. Octopus and the rest of the villains from the previous game are still locked up, and Shocker attempts to ask them if they know how to play fish.


You can move from one building to another using a web. In addition, the web can be used during fights with opponents. Also, the main character can climb walls.