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Shipwreckers! (PS1)

Shipwreckers, Overboard PSX
Genre: Action, Puzzle
Perspective: Bird's-eye view
Sport: Sailing / Boating
Visual: 2D scrolling
Vehicular: Naval / Watercraft
Published by: Psygnosis Limited
Developed by: Psygnosis Limited, Wheelhaus
Released: 1997
Platform: PlayStation (PSX, PS1)

Shipwreckers! (Overboard!) - This is a very fun game in the genre of shooter and puzzle, and with elements of tactics at the same time. In the role of the captain of a small galleon, you navigate your ship through a path full of perils (more than 20 levels) to eventually defeat the dodgy builder Bloufit. The game is divided into levels of interconnected puzzles and is filled with hostile ships and coastguards. The player will be rewarded with treasures, various power-ups and new types of weapons. The game supports three game modes - solo (one player), head-to-head (confrontation of players in split screen mode) and multiplayer (battle of up to five people with a link cable). The perspective of the game is realized from the height of the bird's flight (isometric, top down), graphics and sound at a very good level.


  • At distant levels you need to master the art of firing missiles on air targets. It's best to fire when your ship is in the shadow of an opponent.
  • When approaching the gun turret, take a closer look at the characteristics of the shooting. Each tower has its own "dead zone", where missiles do not hit. Having determined it, boldly approach the tower, enter the "dead zone" and smash it to pieces.
  • Fountains of water rising from the sea can not only extinguish the fire on your ship. Sometimes they open a passage to the hidden zones.
  • Passing along vertical bank slopes, it is useful to make a volley from the side guns - secret caves can be opened.
  • If you master the city by direct attack on the port, you will often find very useful power-ups and discover previously inaccessible territories. And also get the right to a new start from the place where you were killed.
  • Often the entrance to a secret cave is easier to detect (as at the 1st level), if you turn on the rearview camera.
  • If your ship is set on fire and you are attacked by an enemy, give a powerful volley from the side guns and light the attacking ship. Then you can replenish your energy, saving the sailors of both ships caught in the water.


  • Singale Cannon - a cannon that fires directly at the rate. Point the ship directly at the rival and ... full fire! The hit is guaranteed.
  • Multiple Cannon - perhaps the most powerful weapon. Shoots four fireballs in all four directions (depending on which button you click). Destroy the enemy ship with a couple of shots.
  • Spikey Mines - if you are being persecuted, drop one of these wonderful "toys" from the stern. Your "shadow" will bitterly regret. But remember that the mine explodes from contact - no matter who put it.
  • Napalm Mines - the name is not very accurate. These mines burn with a bright flame and illuminate everything around until they drown. But they are of little use - because they do not burn for long.
  • Rockets - This is the only weapon against flying enemies. If you have a balloon, then these rockets can be fired from above and sea vessels.
  • Flame Thrower - the best weapon for replenishing energy. Light the enemy ship and save the sailors who jump into the water. Very well. Keep it up to an especially dangerous situation.
  • Lightning Guns - it's no wonder that the last weapon is the best and most formidable - it hits enemies without a miss and instantly drains energy out of them. It's just a miracle!

Man overboard

When you swim from port to port, drown ships, choose your ships, equip them with gun turrets, you inevitably get damaged. And together with them new problems. When the ship is badly damaged, not the most courageous team members start leaving it and jumping into the water. And each of them takes away a piece of health from you (and you can completely lose it), but by raising the "brave ones" out of the water (saving them), you restore your health. And if you save the crew members of other ships, you can become a real big guy. This is useful to remember in the mode of several players - this is a great chance to win the game. But it is necessary to act quickly - if the sailor remains in the water for more than 10 seconds, he is Khan!

Secret Zones

Such a game can not be completed safely without hidden levels and secret turns and passages. You will find zones that seem to be completely cut off from the ocean. But a careful vzgyad can find a different texture of the wall - here it can be pierced. Discharge your guns into the wall and safely swim through it - find useful premium rooms. The passage of the waterfalls also reveals hidden passages (in previously closed zones), and gives a chance to swim through them. Waterfalls can also extinguish a fire - of course, only in an emergency situation.

Message in a Bottle

By pressing the L1 button, you can "call" the card, which is vital if you still intend to quickly overcome the various stages of the game. It shows the location of all the cities you intend to manage, as well as the location of the bottles. These bottles not only "give" you one more piece of the level card. You can not successfully pass the level, if not all bottles are collected. When you find the final "Jug" - the map will show "Exit".

Pirate ship and weapons

The main pirate ship you drive is not very effective against some enemy ships, so try to find more power-ups to upgrade your ship and weapons. You can use a balloon (with hot air) to fly through walls. You can turn it into a fun boat and even double the speed.