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Kirby & The Amazing Mirror (GBA)

Kirby and The Amazing Mirror
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Gameplay: Metroidvania, Platform, Puzzle elements
Visual: 2D scrolling
Published by: Nintendo of America Inc.
Developed by: Flagship Co, HAL Laboratory
Released: 2004
Platform: Game Boy Advance (GBA)

This is the last game in the series for this console, and the only one where the King Dididi is absent (before the release of the game Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, where he appears only with the help of the amiibo figure). Kirby & Amazing Mirror is an adventure game, not a linear side-scroller. The game is similar in gameplay to The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords - a game also published by Nintendo and released at about the same time. Both are multiplayer adventure games that use the concept of the main character, divided into four color versions and working together to solve puzzles. Kirby & the Amazing Mirror is re-released in Europe, exclusively for members of the Nintendo Club. The game is also notable for the fact that even the fastest passes take at least 45 minutes.


In the sky of the Land of Dreams, there is a special "Mirror World". This is a world in which any desire reflected in the mirror comes true. But once he began to copy only evil thoughts and quickly plunged the world into evil. Meta Knight notices this and flies up to the sky to save Mirror World.
Meanwhile, during the walk, Kirby is attacked by the Dark Meta Knight. Before the main character responded, Dark Meta Knight divides Kirby into 4 color versions of the character. Kirby travels alone, but if his mobile phone is working, he can call his friends and they will help him. They are chasing the Dark Meta Knight hiding in the Mirror World.
Two Meta Knights collide and the real Meta Knight is defeated. The dark Meta Knight knocks in the mirror to cut him into eight fragments (which are then scattered throughout the Mirror World), so Kirby is charged with the task of saving Meta Knight and Mirror World. After collecting all eight fragments, Kirby gets into the Mirror World, where he encounters the Dark Meta Knight. After defeating him, a whirlwind sweeps over Kirby, which sucks him in and later bestows the Sword of Meta Knight. Kirby will fight with 4 bosses and in the final will fight with the main boss - "Dark Mind" (English Dark Mind). After winning the final battle, Kirby will save Mirror World. In the end, Dark Kirby (a copy of Kirby from the Mirror World, who considers himself an enemy and later an ally) waves goodbye to the four Kirby when they exit the Mirror World through the mirrored door.


Unlike other Kirby games, Kirby & the Amazing Mirror is a labyrinth mockup and is designed in the style of Metroid and Castlevania. The game map contains zones located in different directions, Kirby can go anywhere for any purpose, except for the last sequence. If a player gets access to all mirrors (except for one player who collects shards), then he gets access to a new mirror with the possibility of using the full Copy Pedestals pedestal.
The player explores the world, solving puzzles, battling enemies and collecting items. Sometimes he meets a mini-boss, after the victory over which he will be able to continue the journey. Swallowing a mini-boss gives a rare ability. At the end of world 2-9, the main boss appears, whom the player must defeat in order to get a shard from a broken mirror in the Mirror Room. Before each boss, in the hallway there is no music for a dramatic effect. In the hallway, as a rule, there are objects that restore the health of the hero and pedestals of spears. The player can also get into the "rest room", where he can listen to music played in the Mirror Room. There is usually one or two pedestal spears in one location. Some recreation areas are part of a system that returns back to the Mirror Room, and can be connected via giant buttons, sometimes located in the room itself, but often elsewhere in the world.
The player can collect items to improve the performance of the game, in particular additional points of health and life, power to restore life and batteries for mobile phones. The game also has two collections - the music, namely the sound test, for this you need to collect the details of the music player and the color - the paint splashes, which can be used to recolour Kirby. Both collections are available in the main menu. There are also three mini-games in Kirby & the Amazing Mirror. in which you can play both in single and multiplayer mode.

  • Speed ​​Eaters is a game in which four Kirby stand around a covered dish. As soon as the lid opens, the player must press the button as soon as possible in order to inhale as much food as possible. Four apples can be distributed on one Kirby, three apples on one, one apple on another, and so on. If a player pushes a button before removing the lid, he is eliminated from the current round. Sometimes there are bombs on the plate, and one of Kirby who eats them will be knocked out in the next round.
  • Crackity Hack - A game in which four Kirby are faced with the task of breaking the rock as hard as possible, similar to the mini-game in Kirby Super Star. There is a color bar that is continuously filled and the player must press a button at the moment when the bar is completely colored to hit as hard as possible. When Kirby flies up, he must cross two crosshairs and click on the rock in the right place for increased strength. Ideally, the player will have 999 meters, an enlarged crack will be shown on the ground and an enlarged image of the ground with the stadium will be shown in the daytime and the night landscape will be turned upside down.
  • Kirby's Wave Ride Race - A game in which 4 Kirby participate in submarine races along the track, measured by length and difficulty, depending on the difficulty mode selected. To increase the speed of the player can use ramps located on the track. Increasing the degree of force affects the time spent on the passage.
The game has multiplayer and the player can call other players or Kirby, controlled by a computer using a mobile phone. Three of the four Kirby are controlled by a computer, but connecting another player with the Game Boy Advance (it should contain a game cartridge), brings into the game a cooperative multiplayer to improve teamwork and more quickly pass the level. In Amazing Mirror, new abilities appear, such as Cupid (known as Angel in Japan), which allows Kirby to fly on the wings of an angel with a halo on his head and shoot fire arrows. Missile - A missile can be aimed in any direction and explodes when it comes into contact with a wall or enemy or when you press the B and Smash buttons, giving Kirby the abilities he used in Super Smash Bros. Melee. In addition, now Kirby inhale larger objects while holding the corresponding button, but can not inhale for an unlimited amount of time, he needs short pauses.


The game features 9 "worlds", each of which has an alliterative name, with the exception of the last zone with the final boss:
  • Rainbow Route is the center of the world, a circular path that connects all other parts of the world. The game begins on a small section of the Rainbow Route, inaccessible after its completion. In the center is a save point in the Mirror Room, which can be accessed from several areas on the map. It can be activated using a large button, which in turn will indicate a link to the world map screen and the pause menu. The Mirror Room also contains a mirror, which Kirby must collect from the fragments to battle the final boss. Another mirror can be unlocked; it gives Kirby access to all abilities in the game. The player can return to the Mirror Room by calling and without spending a charge.
  • Moonlight Mansion - thematic level - a haunted house, the easiest to pass the world. The boss is a giant stone called the King Golem. His attacks represent falls on top of rocks, the enemy himself also resembles rocks. In the area there is a small beach area leading to the location "Olive Ocean".
  • Cabbage Cavern) is a labyrinth-area, the largest underground theme world. The boss is a giant Moley He pops up and throws things at Kirby.
  • Mustard Mountain - the world on the theme of volcanoes, which also has snow locations. Boss - thundercloud Kracko. His attacks include rain, downward lightning and rotational beam attacks.
  • Carrot Castle - thematic level - the castle. The boss is a flying robot, Mega Titan, who must be defeated by first breaking armor and then beating his head.
  • Olive Ocean - thematic level - water that starts on the beach and ends in the depths of the ocean. The boss is a giant shark called a turkey (Gobbler). Its attacks are the release of mini-sharks and attack charges of their own.
  • Peppermint Palace - a level made similar to the Carrot Castle, but made of ice. There is also an open section above the castle, showing giant layers of ice. Boss - Wizard. He runs things out of a hat that looks like children's toys.
  • Radish Ruins - level, made in the style of the underground ruins of Central America. The boss is hiding in the grassy fields and looks similar to Meta Knight, although he has the label “? ? ? attacks include equipment with a sword, a jump shot, a bottom clap before the strike.
  • Candy Constellation - thematic level - the space station, which includes blocks of water, and various switches on the basis of a puzzle. Bosses - Master Hand and Crazy Hand, taken from the game Super Smash Bros. Melee. Attacks include punching, popping each other and cotton on the ground.