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Galaxy Fight (Neo-Geo)

Galaxy Fight: Universal Warriors
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Gameplay: Fighting
Visual: 2D scrolling
Setting: Sci-Fi / Futuristic
Published by: Sun Corporation
Developed by: Sun Corporation
Released: 1995
Platform: Neo-Geo

Although Galaxy Fight is similar to Waku Waku 7 (which uses the same engine), the games have few elements in common (one being the mid-boss, Bonus-Kun). Players choose one of eight characters and travel between the in-game solar system to defeat the adversaries that inhabit each of the planets before they have the possibility to fight against Felden and resolve their personal scores with him.

The game uses a four-button design where the first three buttons are used for specified non-striking attacks (they can be anything from drilling and kicking to tail whips and bites) with each specific button that yields different attack strengths. The fourth button is used specifically for taunts which has no practical impact. Combining several buttons together can yield new attacks or special moves that depend on the character.

In this game there is no wall in the scenarios to corral the players; instead, the screen will move its scroll indefinitely.


  • Alvan: He is the "Prince of the Ruined Planet". His planet, Rozalis, was invaded and destroyed and his family was killed by Felden 1000 years ago. Alvan Directed the survival thanks to the crimsom magic stone and challenges Felden to save the life of the few living beings that are still left on their planet.
  • Bonus Kun: Rouwe own sticking bag that has come to life. Rouwe has taught him basic fighting techniques. Bonus-Kun is a parody / tribute to Ryu.
  • Gunter: A gigantic green-skinned monster that breathes fire of immense power. Only he and Alvan appear to recognize G. Made mystical nature. Gunter is fighting the style is simple yet extremely violent.
  • Felden: The final boss of the game (excluding Rouwe). It is a being composed of golden flame with a fiery blue crown. When faced with Alvan, Felden reveals that he was the one who placed the curse on the planet of Alvan.
  • G. Done: No one knows much about this bully character on the street, except Alvin and Gunter, who apparently can see its mystical nature.
  • Juri: A female thief who is obsessed with being the strongest and prettiest, despises those who consider her ugly.
  • Kazuma: "The Furious Storm" Kazuma travels with Rolf in his adventures during the galaxy, looking for powerful warriors, seeks to be stronger and continue with the tradition of martial arts of his family.
  • Musafar: It is a robot built by the Fakir Empire. Your goal is to defeat all the warriors and get their weaknesses so that the Fakir empire can take over the Galaxy.
  • Rolf: The self-proclaimed "Hero of the Galaxy". Fight with a battle suit that looks like a 20-century space suit with a helmet, equipped with flame-thrower from scarce range, a jetpack, small pistol energy, and an ear-mounted single-eye visor.
  • Roomi: His dream is to be popular, like Juri. During the course of the game, Rolf was commissioned by his father to bring him home. In her final, she becomes a singer who folds like a fighter.
  • Rouwe: A special boss that appears only if the player follows the game without losing a round. He is apparently responsible for the death of Kazuma's father. His stock market hit comes from the Bonus-kun Bonus and was selectable in Waku Waku 7.
  • Yacopu: It's the pet rabbit of Rouwe and the midboss before Felden. It originates from the Game Boy Trip World title. He has the ability to transform himself into any fighter he has in front, providing a kind of Mirror Match.

Ports and related releases

Galaxy Fight: Universal Warriors was later ported to the home version of Neo-Geo, the Neo-Geo AES, which includes easy-to-frame access difficulty and limited credits. His next port was for Neo-Geo CD, which was ported by Sunsoft and presents some of the same characteristics as the Neo-Geo AES version, but with background music arranged. subsequently it was released for the Sega Saturn around the world. Later, a decent version was released for the Sony PlayStation, which was available in Japan and Europe. In the year 2008, the Neo-Geo CD version of Galaxy Struggle: the Universal Warriors was included with the Neo-Geo AES version of Sunsoft is another fighting game Waku Waku 7 in Vol.11 of the Neo Geo Series On-Line Collection line for the Sony PlayStation 2, entitled Sunsoft Collection. While the Neo-Geo CD Galaxy String soundtrack: the Universal Warriors was added in this version, the soundtrack of Waku Waku 7 is completely different from the unreleased Neo-Geo CD version that was later ported to the Sega Saturn. SNK was unable to add the Neo-Geo CD / Sega Saturn version of the soundtrack due to authorize issues. The Neo-Geo AES console version of the Galaxy Wrestling House: The Universal Warriors was later ported to the Wii Virtual Console in Japan by D4 Enterprise on March 23, 2010.