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Call of Duty: Black Ops (NDS)

Call of Duty: Black Ops Nintendo DS
Genre: Action, FPS
Perspective: 1st-person
Gameplay: Shooter
Vehicular: Flight / Aviation, Helicopter
Setting: Cold War
Published by: Activision Publishing
Developed by: n-Space
Released: 2010
Platform: Nintendo DS (NDS)


The game begins on March 14, 1968. The protagonist, Michael Shaw, tells his boss about what happened to him during the past few years.
The show tells how he and Alex Mason were captured by the Cubans. In 1967, the authorities conducted an operation to free Mason and Shaw. The rescue operation included Captain Patterson and Thomas Hayes, but they were poorly informed. Mason and Shaw were sent to different prisons, and Shaw did not know where Alex was. One prisoner knew that there was a radio in the prison, and informed Michael. Shaw, choosing a moment, attacks the guard and takes away his weapon. When Michael Shaw found the radio, he contacted the rescue team, which is several kilometers away from him. The show goes to the mountains, and the rescue team grabs the helicopter and makes its way to Michael. The rescue team picks up Michael and flies away. Also, Shaw said that Mason soon fled himself.
The game takes place in 1968. Michael talks about the purposes of his mission to Vietnam. His group was supposed to find a Soviet biological weapon (Nova-6). The group destroys several Vietnamese soldiers, but the team detects a tunnel. Captain Patterson orders Shaw to clean the tunnel. When Michael cleared the tunnel, the detachment unites. One of the detachment members, Yuri Raslov, tells his story of how he carried out his mission in Afghanistan.
November 21, 1963, the Soviet special forces went to Afghanistan to kill an influential official of the USSR and Afghanistan. When Yuri kills him from the SVD, a large number of rebels attacked the special forces. The team with the fight advances to the river and finds the boat. The special forces sat on the boat, but left Yuri alone, with a knife and a pair of grenades. Yuri with breaks into the city where he finds defensive Mason and Sergeant Jenkins (the rebels thought they killed an official). Rift helps an American and leaves with them on a truck.
The story returns to Vietnam. A helicopter flew to the team to find a biological weapon. The helicopter makes its way forward destroying the towers, boats and convoy, but the helicopter was shot down. The show with the crew sits on the boat, and they swam up the river. The team stayed in Vietnam for several weeks. Soon the commander ordered Shaw to board the ship's gun to help the ground forces. The team decides to rest in the shed and go on assignment at nightfall. Having destroyed several Vietnamese soldiers, they board a helicopter and go to destroy another Vietnamese base. After calling the air strike on the base, the team destroys the surviving soldiers. At this time, Capt. David Vance kidnaps a Soviet fighter with biological weapons and breaks through to the American troops.
The show with the detachment is sent to the USSR. There they were ordered to destroy the plant for the production of Nowy-6. When the show destroyed the plant, he was informed that a submarine with Novaya-6 was not far away, and he went to her. Michael made his way to the submarine and killed all the sailors, then put the explosives and began to make his way through the remnants of the Soviet troops. When he got out of the submarine, he was picked up by a team. Evacuating himself with a helicopter, Michael watches an explosion of a submarine.
On this Michael Shaw finished his story.

List of chapters

  • The Recovery Job: Thomas Hayes should release the captured Alex Mason and Michael Shaw, captured by Cuban soldiers. After liberation, all three are hiding in the catacombs below the city.
  • Breaking Free: The continuation of the mission to escape, but already on behalf of Shaw.
  • On The Run: Continuing the retreat, Shaw at the head of the detachment must make his way to the point of evacuation.
  • Coastal Run: The evacuation point is moved to the coast of the island, and Shaw and his companions need to get there.
  • To The Rescue: The helicopter selects fugitives, but in order to dump the pursuers from the tail, it is necessary to demolish the operational camp of the Cubans nearby.
  • Welcome To The Jungle: Breaking through the jungles of Vietnam, Shaw must get to the Soviet cache, where, allegedly, experimental weapons are being tested.
  • Hung Out To Dry: This chapter is a retelling of Yuri Raslov about how he destroyed the persecuting agent in Afghanistan and moved to the point of evacuation.
  • Behind Enemy Lines: It is necessary to get rid of the enemy territory at any price from Afghanistan.
  • New Alliance: With the help of Mason and Jenkins, Yuri must steal transport to escape.
  • Light it up !: James West, a pilot of an American helicopter, cleans the area of ​​North Vietnam from the presence of enemy forces.
  • River Raiders: Shaw, being behind a machine gun on a boat, cleans one of the Vietcong riverine camps, after which it must go to the point of evacuation by land.
  • Last Heli Out: Due to the arrival of enemy reinforcements, the time for evacuation was greatly reduced, and Shaw must catch the last helicopter in his area.
  • Stolen Wings: David Vance pilots a hijacked experimental interceptor and conducts aerial battles over Vietnam.
  • To The Motherland: The new task of Shaw is to penetrate the Soviet headquarters and steal confidential documents.
  • Payback: Enemy chemical weapons production complex declassified. All that's left is to approach him at the right distance and cause an air strike.
  • Cold Feet: Having penetrated the Soviet submarine carrying Novo-6 in the USA, Shaw must mine and sink the ship before it reaches the position for a missile strike.

Interesting Facts

In 1968, the armed forces of the Cubans had PPSh-41.
To release this game on the DS n-space had to cut the original beyond recognition so that the DS could run it.