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Roll Away (PS1)

Roll Away, Kula World PSX
Genre: Action, Puzzle
Perspective: Behind view
Gameplay: Platform
Interface: Direct Control
Published by: Psygnosis Limited
Developed by: Game Design Sweden AB
Released: 1998
Platform: PlayStation (PSX, PS1)

If you are not a fan of puzzle games, this game is not for you. If the Rubik's Cube makes you want only to grab the hammer, if you think that logic is a brand of washing powder, then forget the name Kula World and go seek entertainment elsewhere. But if you adore scratching in the back of your head and puzzling over tricky tasks, then KulaWorld will be a real gift for you. Let's picture the scene. You - the beach ball, stuck in some strange dimension, delimited by complex buildings of blocks - at the sight of them by the artist Escher's eyes would have climbed out of the orbits. In each of these structures there is an exit somewhere - it is you who need it. But do not expect to run around and poke around a la Pacman until you get your way. It would be too easy. You will very soon find that deadly traps lie in wait for you on the way to saving keys. In addition, in the world of Kula, gravity has a particularly crushing grip.
But in this game are extremely interesting puzzles. Every now and then you will come across the key to the exit, but it's completely incomprehensible how to get to it. No matter how you try to jump from block to block (beware - do not calculate the strength, and crash into the abyss) or look at the problem from a new angle, some levels will seem insurmountable. And then, like in any decent puzzle, everything will fall into place. You will only have to slap yourself on the forehead, unfold the platform you jumped onto, and get the coveted key. And then you find that the way back is cut off! And the time is running out!
As well as it is necessary to game in which the beach ball travels on despising gravity to abstraction designs, the sensation of surreality is created. It is amplified by the disk-like "amplifiers" - you will eat such a tablet, and the whole screen will be psychedelic for several seconds with a single, perhaps, purpose - to give you a breather.


  • If you are chasing a lot of points, then risk to collect all the fruits on each level, as this will allow you to get to the premium level.
  • Items are carried through the air on invisible platforms. Pay attention to the flicker when the platforms rotate.


  • Coins with the depicted crowns are difficult not to notice, even when the glory turns his head. Each such coin gives 250 points.
  • In the lower right corner of the screen there are five "boxes". When you find fruits that match all boxes, then you will be transferred to the premium level in reward, and there is a whole pile of coins.
  • In the lower left corner of the screen are the key numbers that you need to detect to change the color of the image on the output door (from red to green), then you can exit.
  • Avoid capsule pills at all costs. If you grab it, then the timer will start to devour time with such speed, that the fuss will begin, and you will not be able to finish the level in time.
  • Sharp spikes easily pierce your beach ball, then you lose a bunch of points.
  • Each time you find a semblance of an hourglass (Hourglass), you will receive an additional reward as a reward.
  • When you find a diamond, you will receive as a reward simply a huge number of points.
  • The red exit reminds you that you need to find a few remaining keys somewhere on the level. The green output allows you to go to the next phase.
  • When all five fruits are found, get access to the premium level, where you can find a damn lot of coins, and get the same number of points.


  • When you perform a regular jump, you overcome space in one block. However, if you jump through the Spring block (spring block) or keep the jump button (having a blue and purple tablets), then jump significantly further.
  • At the last levels you need to learn how to jump on moving platforms, so as not to jump too far. This, it seems, is not very clear, but when you try, you will immediately realize.
  • Somewhere after the 10th level this technique will become very necessary and important literally everywhere. Go to the end of the platform, take a look down and see the cornice. And only after that jump. Maybe it will be necessary to step back slightly and jump with a running start and land on two blocks further.


  • Press R1, and the camera angle will switch to the display from the top. It is very useful to see the panorama and perspective in order to confidently see the end of the platform. And even to see peaks or other dangers.
  • Very necessary and important art - the ability to turn your head and look around, it's like a pilot-extermination should be literally your second nature.