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Pepsiman (PS1)

Pepsi man: The Running Man Hero PSX
Genre: Action
Perspective: Behind view
Pacing: Arcade
Visual: Real-Time
Setting: North America
Published by: KID Corp.
Developed by: KID Corp.
Released: 1999
Platform: PlayStation (PSX, PS1)

The game was created by KID in the framework of an advertising campaign in Japan and performed in the genre Foot-On Racing. A certain scoundrel terrorizes the city by devastating machine guns with Pepsi. Local residents are indignant at large riots that even the authorities can not restrain. But here, the surprisingly fast-footed, but absolutely brainless Pepsiman athlete, who will solve all the problems, takes over. For this Pepsiman just enough to run forward dodging obstacles and objects that the disgruntled citizens throw at him and at the same time to collect banks from Pepsi. The final level will be a machine with a drink that is so popular with the people.

GameShark cheats


  • D002447E 2442
  • 8009EF40 00FF

Free Play

  • 800958A4 0100

Expert Mode

  • 800957D4 0100

All Pepsiman

  • 800958C8 000F

99 People

  • 80095770 0063

100 Pepsi Cans

  • 300958E8 0064

Extra Energy

  • 300958A8 0003

Extra Time

  • 80095988 7530

Total Time

  • 8009585C 0001
  • 80095980 0000

Dash Stage R1

  • D0095848 0008
  • 8009EB7C 3900

Float in Air (Press Triangle)

  • D0095848 0010
  • 8009EF06 0100
  • D0095848 0010
  • 8009EF08 0001

No Down on Reverse Running Stage

  • D00F0272 2442
  • 800F80B0 00FE
  • D00F0272 2442
  • 800F4AD8 00FE
  • D00F0236 2442
  • 800F8004 00FE
  • D00F029A 2442
  • 800F57DC 00FE