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Nightmare Creatures II (PS1)

Nightmare Creatures 2 PSX
Genre: Action
Perspective: 3rd-person
Gameplay: Puzzle elements
Narrative: Horror
Published by: Konami Corporation
Developed by: Kalisto Entertainment SA
Released: 2000
Platform: PlayStation (PSX, PS1)

Nightmare Creatures - the very name of the game set you up to the appropriate mode. It immediately became clear that before you is not a teaching program for preschool children. The first part of this game, released at the end of 1997, alas, did not stand out as anything against the background of other 3D horror stories. She did not become a super hit, but there was no crushing failure either - a solid 3D chopper with the extremely thickened atmosphere of a nightmare. You were transferred to London in the first third of the last century. But the dark winding streets and alleys of the capital of the British Empire are teeming with half-decayed zombies, four-armed demons, winged gargoyles, hellish beagles and other unpleasant creatures who clearly do not belong in the streets of good old London. The sweep of the British capital from the otherworldly evil, as always, engaged in the main character and the main character. The main drawback of the game, according to some too fastidious fans, was too primitive gameplay, - the task of the player was reduced, mainly to purposefully go ahead, methodically destroying everything that will meet on the way. Neither you tricky puzzles, nor artful manipulations with objects, keys and other things, or dizzying acrobatic tricks in the spirit of Tomb Rider. The company Kalisto, the developer of the game, took into account the remarks - a new game, according to their assurances, a worthy competitor of such hits as Resident Evil 3 and Legacy Of Kain: Soul Reaver.
In the first part of the game, you had to deal with the evil Satanist and the black magician Adam Crowley (apparently, his prototype was the famous real-life satanist Alistair Crowley, who did not manage to make such disgraces as his namesake from the game). Black magicians, as is known, are distinguished by increased survivability. So it's not surprising that one hundred years later Adam Crowley returns and takes up the old. And you, of course, will again have to save the unfortunate objective reality from the massive invasion of the forces of infernal evil. The game is a new, more modern 3D graphics engine. The gameplay is changed to a little bit more stress on the player's intelligence.



Pause the game, then hold L1 + R2 + Circle + Square and press Select. You will get to the "Cheats" menu, and the "Hero Unlimited Live" option will appear.

Invincible enemies

Pause the game, then press R2 + L1 + Circle + Square and press Select. Select the "Cheats" option, in the tricks menu, click Square + Circle + Select.

Level select

Highlight the "New Game" option in the main menu. Press and hold L1 + R2 + Circle + Square + Select. Highlight the "New Game" option again and press Left or Right to select the level. Then press X to start the game.

Show the rest of the lives of enemies

Pause the game, then press R2 + L1 + Circle + Square and press Select. Select the option "Cheats", in the tricks menu, press L2 + R2 + Square + Select.

Death blow

Pause the game, then press R2 + L1 + Circle + Square and press Select. Select the option "Cheats", in the tricks menu, press L1 + L2 + R1 + Square + Select.

Unlimited sequels

Pause the game, then press R2 + L1 + Circle + Square and press Select. Select the option "Cheats", in the tricks menu, press L1 + R2 + R1 + Select.

Super Power-Ups

Pause the game, then press R2 + L1 + Circle + Square and press Select. Select the option "Cheats", in the tricks menu, press L1 + R1 + Select. Raise any Power-Ups to increase the corresponding attribute to 100%.

Walk through walls

On the main menu screen, while holding R2 + L1 + Circle + Square, press Select. The message that appears on the screen will confirm the correct code entry.


  • Be sure to inspect any items to find power-up and other useful finds. Break up as many boxes, boxes, barrels and other items as you see in the game. Most fixed items on the level contain various useful finds that will be useful to you in adventure.
  • All enemies in the game understand only one language - strength and violence. All monsters have different attacks, use characteristic tactics and operate in a rather diverse manner. For example, a zombie swinging with knives attacks quite differently than spiders-demons. Learn the characteristic attacks, movements and techniques of each enemy and keep your health intact.
  • Fighting with different enemies, you need to accurately calculate the time for your own attacks. Most of the enemies stop and start to yell wildly, and sometimes makes other rather strange deeds. This is the best time to attack. At this point, perform a three-strike combination and destroy the enemy or inflict serious damage on him. If you do not wait for this moment, then the enemies almost certainly block your attacks, and then bite, hurl, or hit you in such a way that you crash to the ground.
  • If there are two enemies in the room, try to use such power-up, like a spiked bomb or an earthquake, if you have one. Blow out the spirit from both enemies in this zone, and surely win.
  • Do not take care of your power-ups to fight bosses. You can not use them against these enemies, so feel free to use power-up against the most diverse monsters that will attack at levels. Thus, save vital energy and in good sports form fight bosses.
  • If the enemy forces you to the ground, quickly press the Square button to jump to your feet instantly. You are very vulnerable when you are on the floor, and some monsters will try to trample you to shreds and knock out the spirit.
  • If you want to avoid a fight with some monster, just hold down the L1 button, and you can skip past it. However, it is impossible to avoid fights with some monsters. In addition, in certain situations, you must definitely defeat a certain monster or monsters before you can open the door or find items such as keys.
  • Do not try to get all the blood bags. If you have enough of their stock, and health is in order, then you do not need to find them. Instead, leave them where they are. Maybe later in the game they will be useful to you. In addition, you can always go back and find them, if necessary.

Combat techniques

When you meet face to face with deadly enemies, you need to show sufficient skill, one strength and courage is not enough. In order to survive, it is best to strike first, to try and strike a second time before the enemy has time to do it and, of course, you have to manage to put the last finishing blow. Here is a list of combat techniques that will allow you to survive in the most difficult battles.
  • Protective reception - Hold the Circle button.
  • Shoot down the enemy from the feet - Triangle.
  • Ax kick - Circle + Triangle.
  • Combination 1 - Square, Х, Х.
  • Combination 2 - X, Square, Square.
  • Death Strike -X + Square.
  • When you are in the water to swim, you need to hold down the Square button.
  • To swallow fresh air and come up to the surface, swim up and press the Triangle button.
  • To get out of the water, come up to the surface near the low bank and press the X button.
  • To dive deeper while in the water, press the Triangle button again.