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Mega Man X6 (PS1)

MegaMan X6 PSX
Genre: Action
Perspective: 3rd-person, Side view
Gameplay: Shooter
Art: Anime / Manga
Setting: Sci-Fi / Futuristic
Published by: Capcom Entertainment
Developed by: Capcom Co.
Released: 2001
Platform: PlayStation (PSX, PS1)

The story begins three weeks after the game Mega Man X5. Zero is absent, since it is considered dead and the surface of the Earth becomes uninhabitable because of the fall of the colony of Eurasia. Ix is given the task to destroy the Mavericks in the zone where he encounters a creature resembling Zero, which looks purple, and not red like a real Zero. X meets the scientist Isoku and his subordinate High Maxim, who considers Zero's search as the Dreadful Phenomenon. Iskok invites the Ploidoids to join his cause in order to destroy the virus of the Nightmarish Phenomenon, which turned to the side of the population laid in the Mavericks.
X moves forward to explore the zones to investigate the phenomenon of the Nightmare Phenomenon and find the Zero counterpart. During the adventure, X met eight Isoka researchers who were actually infected with the Nightmare Phenomenon and became Mavericks. During the battle, X can also encounter Zero's counterpart and defeat him. After that, the real Zero appears and says that he does not know how he managed to survive after the battle against Sigma. After the defeat of eight researchers or the High High, X satisfies the find of the researcher Geith. Using a piece from the damaged part of Zero's body, Gate created the Nightmare Phenomenon virus, along with Zero's Dreadful Phenomenon, in order to create his own utopia.
Hunters on the Mavericks go to Geith's lab to put an end to his plans. After the defeat of Gheit, he shows that he restored Sigma, which was not fully restored. Nevertheless, Sigma almost kills Geith and causes his old enemies. Sigma won again.
The endings depend on the choice of the character that Sigma wins. If X defeats Sigma, then he saves Geith and Alia, the girlfriend of X, who can restore him. Such an ending is displayed provided that X does not find Zero, which decides not to return to the battle. In the event that Zero defeats Sigma, he asks to be sealed to remove the component from his body.

Weapons of the Mavericks


  • X-Buster - X-Blaster. Clinging to the end of the attack button, he shoots like a Mega Blaster from the game Mega Man 4. If you find a capsule of Doctor Light that there is an "Improved Blaster X", then it gives a strong opportunity to attack the weak enemy where the defense is.
  • Yammar Option - Weapon Commander Yamarka. Create around you 3 mini dragonflies, which shoot energy balls. They can also cause physical damage to enemies within a few seconds.
  • Ground Dash - Weapon of Dung Scaravich. Shoot a ball-shaped pile of stones, which when you hold down the attack button increases and it can also destroy the blocks. Similarity of Silk Shot from Mega Man X2. If the weapon is loaded, it freezes enemies for a while and a pile of stones destroys enemies along the way.
  • Magma Blade - The weapon of the Fiery Phoenix. X attacks the enemy with a fiery sword that deals damage. Similarity of Flame Sword from Mega Man 8. If the weapon is charged, then a fiery attack is made horizontally on the entire screen.
  • Ice Burst - The Blizzard of the Wolf. X shoots a snowball that will numb the enemies. Similarity Concrete Shot from Mega Man 9. If the weapon is charged, then X makes a dash, from which there are ice bayonets, which destroy enemies near him.
  • Meteor Rain - The weapon of the Rain Turtle. X creates a water ball, which when hit up, bounces down and disappears when it hits the surface. If the weapon is charged, then water balloons are created, which destroy all enemies on the screen. Similarity to Astro Crush from Mega Man 8.
  • Metal Anchor - Metal Shark Weapon. X shoots a metal anchor, which when dropped to the surface bounces off, and then after a repeated fall disappears. If the weapon is loaded, the metal pieces of the Maverick Storm Eagle from Mega Man X fly by around the screen, destroying the enemies.
  • Guard Shell - Weapons of Shield Molusks. X creates a shield, through which shots into it ricochet and kill enemies who themselves have committed an attack. Similarity of Mirror Buster from Mega Man in Dr. Wily's Revenge.
  • Ray Arrow - The Weapon of the Infinite Cladocera. If the weapon is charged, then 5 laser beams are created, which destroy all enemies on the screen.
  • Z-Saber - Saber Zero. It has a newer shape than the Mega Man X3, which is a more solid energy blade.

Zero Mode

  • Z-Buster - Blaster Zero.
  • Yammar Option - Weapon Commander Yamarka. It's the same as X's.
  • Sentsuizan - Weapons of Dung Scaravich. Zero attacks enemies only in the air, leaving a wave of force.
  • Shoenzan - The weapon of the Fiery Phoenix. Zero attacks the enemies from above with a flame from the sword.
  • Hyoroga - The Blizzard of the Wolf. Zero creates ice icicles, with which you can overcome obstacles.
  • Ensuizan - The weapon of the Rain Turtle. Zero fan-like attacks the enemies from below only in the air.
  • Rakukojin - Metal Shark Weapons. Zero attacks the enemies from the bottom with a huge metal blade.
  • Guard Shell - Weapons of Shield Molusks. It's the same as X's.
  • Rekkoha - Weapons of the Infinite Cladocera. Create 11 laser beams that destroy all enemies on the screen.