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MediEvil (PS1)

Medi Evil PSX
Genre: Action
Perspective: Behind view
Gameplay: Puzzle elements
Setting: Fantasy
Narrative: Horror
Published by: Sony Computer Entertainment America
Developed by: SCE Studio Cambridge
Released: 1998
Platform: PlayStation (PSX, PS1)

Medievil - a peculiar game; in the first place, because of his protagonist and everything that surrounds him. After all, you will agree, it is unusual when the main and, moreover, a purely positive character - a rotten corpse. This causes interest, especially if the game is performed in a certain, as I would say, "comic" manner, close to the cartoonish one. But let's get everything in order. And start with a tedious retelling of the plot. Who does not like it, can not read.

In some fairy-tale kingdom, there used to be a magician named Zarok, known for his filthy nature. In the end, he became insolent until he assembled an army of demons, as wizards usually do, and went to smash everyone and everything. And everything would have worked out, if the great hero had not come to the aid of the country, a knight without fear and reproach - Sir Daniel Fortescue. All those who need it, he interrupted, angry magician to order called. But even the heroes are not eternal, and over time, Sir Daniel threw back his skates. A hundred years after this sad event, our old Zarok friend again showed up, immediately conjuring up a few nehily spells and turning a large part of the population into obedient zombies, taking the dead from the graves ... With such an army he easily dispelled all his enemies, the benefit heroes at that time were no longer born. But again it turned out that the unfortunate old man just decided (look at the headband - really stunted and unhappy) to go to rest, sit by the fireplace, drink a cup of tea with donuts, as the same irrepressible Fortescue got up from the grave, set out to teach the sorcerer a second time.

From the one-hundred-year-old lying in the coffin, Sir Daniel has changed markedly: the eye has emerged (and one for some reason remains!), The flesh rotted, the lower jaw dropped. That's such a handsome man with a charming smile and we have to become for a while.

Medievil, as expected, is a 3D "walker" with freedom of movement. But, as is now accepted, not in its pure form, but with some role-playing elements and small puzzles. Running and chopping opponents - not the only occupation in the game, although, of course, the main thing. Without searching for various runes (key substitutes), opening doors, without proper equipment and some wit, Medievil is simply unrealistic.

You begin your hard way, like every self-respecting corpse, in your own tomb. In fact, the tomb of Daniel (the first level) - training before the main game, mastering the management, the realization of your great goal - the salvation of mankind. Since we are talking about governance, we will continue this topic. Let's just say, it is not the most convenient, but at the same time and not the worst. It's normal. Its disadvantages are quite standard: the turn of the hero is not as accurate as many would like, the buttons are not in the best way. Control of the camera, in general, also somehow better it would have to implement ...

It is difficult to graphically carp at the game, so everything is beautiful (although not without some "glitches"). The camera can be rotated at its discretion, although, again, in some places it causes great disappointment. Let's start with the fact that in some places this can not be done at all. And often in such moments the camera is not convenient enough and does not provide the player with the necessary overview. Sometimes you even have to run blindly, without seeing the road ahead of you. And so it's not long to get into trouble ...

With all the shortcomings in various areas, the gameplay is still quite interesting. Yes, of course, if you think about it, walking in the given direction with the passing felling of opponents, the subsequent finding of the key and opening the door should not be so interesting, but Medievil is good enough that it easily involves you in all this. And gradually you realize that the game has some kind of own atmosphere, not gloomy, and can always offer something really interesting and new: it is an interesting golovolomochka, completely not peculiar to the genre, it's a funny boss of one of the levels, and it's just hilarious, although and the rank and file, the moment of the game.

Now I will try to explain to you, by examples, how Medievil differs from many other similar games. Immediately alarming the presence of inventory, in which, of course, placed a variety of subjects. Basically, these are the means of fighting against and protecting against enemies. And practically all your weapons have the property of damage, and the throwing guns - to end. Only the very first, original weapon - the sword of our hero, found in the tomb, is not subject to destruction and, of course, will become your main support in the fight against enemies.

But this does not mean that you do not need to take care of it! Even as it should, but not from battles. You know, such creatures are running around everywhere, they are called imps - they will clean it up, you will not even notice how. Stolen things do not just disappear anywhere, after you they will gladly sell your friends-allies.

In this capacity, the heads, called by the authors of the game, are gargoyles nailed to the walls. They differ in colors and orientation. Greens are taught by all means, and the blue ones act as traders in everything, than you can (and it's to them, in the second hand, your belongings fall!). Information about future troubles is also caught by reading smart books that have been put up wherever possible. The puzzles presented in the game are fairly simple, although some, for all their elementality, are not immediately resolved. Well, it's hard to figure out from the summer that sometimes you just need to take a cudgel and cover it with graves! And without this, you will not find an underground passage and do not move further along the game. And you will not see many interesting things. For example, a glass demon, whose only vulnerable point is the heart. On this handsome man, it's really worth a stare - the spectacle is impressive. Here you already have the incentive for the game!

And to go through it or just play for my own pleasure, I sincerely recommend it to you. Medievil is good in everything, except for its shortcomings and shortcomings, which are found everywhere and spoil the overall impression. But still its shortcomings do not so mess up the game, so as not to see its undoubted advantages, which are much larger.