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Intelligent Qube (PS1)

Kurushi Final: Mental Blocks, I.Q.: Intelligent Qube IQ PSX
Genre: Action, Puzzle
Perspective: 3rd-person
Interface: Direct Control
Published by: Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
Developed by: G-artists, Sugar & Rockets
Released: 1998
Platform: PlayStation (PSX, PS1)

A man called Elliot was trapped in an enemy trap, and multicolored blocks moved in rows. And there is only a pocket portable fuse and a bunch of dynamite. And the blocks will wipe it into powder if it does not have time to blow them up. He always has limited time, limited space - and an unlimited number of blocks that are approaching ... It will not be immediately possible to deal with this avalanche, it will be pretty hard to sweat and practice. And gradually the game draws. There are three types of blocks approaching you: "Single" blocks can easily blow up your little hero. You need to bring it to a certain square, press X (the square will light), wait until the block reaches this point and destroy it above the selected square. Press X again, and it will shatter to smithereens. "Black" blocks will be more difficult. They can be blown up. But if you manage to destroy all the other blocks without blasting black, you will receive bonus points and increase your bridgehead. And this extra space and time! The third, most recent kind of blocks is green. When you blast it, there is a green tile on the spot. Click Circle and you will destroy the tile and all the blocks in the 3x3 square! This description is necessary to understand the essence of the game, otherwise nothing is clear. And it's easy to imagine why this game has become so popular in Japan and why more than 500,000 discs have been sold!

The name of the game challenges the player (IQ - "Coefficient of intellectual development"). In this Action / Puzzle you have to play for the characters who are on a floating platform with rows of blocks of different colors should destroy them, but without touching the blocks of black color, as their destruction leads to the destruction of part of the platform and you will have less room for maneuver, which in truth, very little. If the platform is completely destroyed - you lost.

There are different versions of the game, but many tactical schemes are simply doomed to failure. You will, for example, destroy one block, paving your way, never break through the second level. After all, then you will have to burst the rows of green blocks, and with them and precious black! But it is desirable to save them! As you gain experience, you will learn to "cut through" your path through avalanches of blocks, master winning tactics. Yes, and learn to move your fingers! There are eight levels in the game, each of which has a constantly increasing picture. Moreover, there are five more levels of complexity, each of which increases the speed of the game. At the highest level, the blocks move almost continuously, and you need to be very quick to carry your feet. You can compete in the mode of two players. If you manage to break through, and the opponent "dies", then it's clear who won. And in single player mode, you can record your IQ according to the results of the game. And let the friends-rivals equal to you.

Interesting: Many people think that the idea of IQ was revolutionary for the PlayStation platform, forgetting that there was once a 3D project called Gridders, the essence of which was very similar to the ideas of IQ.


  • For each blown block you get 100 points. However, if you blast the block with a green bomb, then you write down 200 points in the asset. In this case, the points are counted immediately for all the blocks that will explode in the zone. Therefore, a green bomb should be blown up as large as possible (with blocks). Get 1800 points if the "green" blow up 9 blocks.
  • In the upper right corner of the screen you will see a numeric pointer indicating the recommended number of "moves" that a block can perform before you shift it from the screen. If you keep within this number of moves - get 5000 points. But if the blocks make a greater number of turns - only 1000 points. And if you manage to remove all the blocks for a smaller number of moves, you will immediately get 10,000 points. This can happen, most likely, in the early stages and at the same time get the status of Perfect. This status can be earned if you successfully eliminated all the blocks, and the layer was added to the end of the "field".
  • The key to success in the game is the proper placement of the advantage cubes. This is the only way to score a lot of points and get a good IQ.
  • Try to break through to the very top of the puzzle, while the speed is low. Miss the moment - you will be in a hopeless situation.
  • When you finish the stage, the number of layers of blocks (remaining on the field) is counted and added to your amount - 100 points per layer.
  • When you are in the "surroundings" of black blocks, you can very easily slip between them. Wait for the moment when they begin to rotate and hold the D-pad diagonal. Between the blocks a gap is formed, and you will safely slip through it. But only diagonally! Otherwise it will smear you on the walls.
  • You can get 10,000 points if you can save some of the bombs and use them to eliminate the next wave of blocks. The easiest is at the first level, where there are few black balls and you can leave a few green blocks. When the new wave reaches the "old" green blocks, lay and blow up your bombs and destroy the waves with a smaller (than recommended) number of moves.
  • First of all, blow up the green blocks. Immediately after this, lay another bomb and wait for the green block to reach the "holed-up" section. And everything will fly up into the air, and you did not seem to spend any moves! So you can exceed the recommended level.
  • "There's another way." Place the bombs and wait for the wave to come up. The counter moves will turn on when the first bomb explodes, but it can blow up several blocks of the next wave. The space will clear, and you will save a few moves.
  • Enter the Rule menu and select one of the options while holding L1 and R1. You can practice. This is especially useful in the Final Stage.
  • Start the game with the character Elliot. This is a man, and it is difficult for him to run between blocks, because he is slower than other heroes. But the high I.Q. You can earn with it if you manage to reach the end (even with continuations). Then you can play with a new character - Cherry. She's a woman, she'll be smarter than Elliot, and quickly. With it you can get a large I.Q. Even with equal (with Elliot) points. Get with Sherry to the end of the game - you will see a magnificent mysterious ending. Get 400 I.Q. points - you can play with one more bonus character - Spike. This is a dog, it is certainly faster than everyone and can easily run between blocks (it's a little!). But the high I.Q. with her earn hard.