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Knockout Kings (PS1)

Knockout Kings PSX
Genre: Sports
Perspective: 3rd-person
Sport: Boxing
Published by: Electronic Arts
Developed by: High Score Entertainment, Press Start Inc
Released: 1998
Platform: PlayStation (PSX, PS1)

He's behind you! Ba-bah! Big Frank managed to do it! Tyson has serious problems. And so, he got up, recovered from the knockdown and turned his opponent, a big fan of pantomime in the ring into a bloody piece of meat. Yes, we all love boxers who at first seem outsiders, and then send the opponent into the knockout with the first accented strike. In fact, in this game, Knockout Kings, there are many well-known boxers who for one reason or another did not deserve to be introduced to the court. The latest addition to the magic series of sports games EA Sports contains a huge number of famous fighters such as Muhamed Ali, Map of Hagler wines, Saharock Leonard, Evander Holyfield, Lennox Lewis, and Oscar de la Hoya. In total, the game has 38 legendary fighters, as well as a number of prize characters with rather significant names such as Iron Bull, etc. All of them you can use as a training pear in the ring, on the way to an unchallenged title in the Career mode. This is the best option for you since it will allow you to fight with a large number of very steep, but completely hopeless in professional terms fighters with glass jaws. All of them can help you gain strength, vigor and speed with each next victory, thanks to your daily training with a pear.

To begin with, you will need to choose boxers, and then choose a weight category. whatever you want, from light weight to heavyweight. Let's assume that you have chosen the heavyweight, then you will have to decide whether your boxer is cool, or whether he is a pitiful goner, whom you will have to develop. Accordingly, you have to choose height and weight. Note that throwing a huge carcass of a butcher in the ring is not entirely grateful, as he will immediately be removed by a couple of clear strokes, unless you are a veteran of boxing and do not know how to manage even such a sluggish carcass. In fact, it's best to let out a six-foot boxer weighing 120 kg, which has a cannonball and Ali speed. You can make it and such as the Swiss Tony, proud of his mustaches more than anything else, or very respectable, like Holyfield or the current Foreman. As soon as you find yourself in the ring, you will immediately have a temptation to raise your hand, take it back and slash your opponent in the match - in the style of an elephant in a china shop, note that this is almost an unconditional instinct. Do you want to properly trim your opponent? Give him a thunderbolt in the Tekken style? And think about it, forget it. The only way that will help you defeat even the most stupid fighter is combinational combat, when you go away from strikes, work left, dive and clearly calculate the moment of your strikes. You have, of course, the opportunity to play without rules, but in fact, most of the time you will have to bring your opponent to the point of hysteria leaving his powerful attacks and leaving him to cut the air with his hefty fists. It is this quality that allows you to put KO Kings over Victory Boxing 2.

With this game it is very difficult to get used, because it has a huge number of techniques and a very complex tactic, but once you understand how to really fight, everything will start to turn in the right direction. You have two scales, one of them is marked by your total strength, which decreases depending on the received strikes, and on the other energy, which is constantly recovering and decreasing after your strikes and respites. If you beat too swiftly, then the second scale will begin to decrease immediately, that is all that you can now bring down on your opponent, so it's pathetic pokes, in order to fight such a misfortune I recommend you to enter the clinch and then your energy will be restored. This is an absolutely necessary skill in order to destroy the most difficult opponents, it looks quite like in life. If you too often enter the clinic, the judge will give you a warning. In terms of graphics, Kings look very convincing. Each boxer strikes, moves and falls to the floor quite realistically and to see it is just fine. New technique of stretching the "skin" on the polygonal backbone allows to avoid nasty blocks. When you get dark in the eyes, it looks very vital, on the other hand in the game there are not too complicated attacking maneuvers and if you like multi-shot combinations, look for them in another place. Knockout Kings, this is a coolly made realistic game, not a couple of some Tekken 3. On the one hand this is a virtue, on the other - a serious flaw. Watching and playing is very pleasant, but after you spend several hours with this game, you will get a feeling of fatigue from the process that you seem to be able to learn nothing more about this game. Of course, there are always small subtleties and tricks that will allow you to surpass your opponent, and even the editor of the players. If you are not a fan of this sport, then sooner or later this game will bother you. In addition, another serious drawback is that the strokes do not cause any visible damage, this does not give you a sensation of pain and blood. The crowd around the ring, as in most sports games, resembles a puddle of an unknown color covered by seats in a new sports center. EA obviously did all that was possible for this sport, so if you forget about a few minor flaws, then this game is a classic simulator for the PlayStation. It can not be said that it will inflict on someone a powerful blow to the worldview, as Quake does, but it may be for the better. In the boxing genre, she has no equal.


  • Slice the opponent on the body so that he drops his hands. Now you can conduct a powerful attack in the head.
  • Do not shy away and do not move away from strong blows. It is much better to stand firm and block the attack.
  • Bewilder the opponent, move back and forth, move around the ring. The opponent will have a hard time understanding where and at what point the attack will follow.
  • When the opponent starts an attack, immediately draw a counter quick combination to defeat him the moment he opens.
  • To mock the rival, simultaneously press R1, R2, X.
  • When the opponent's face is split, concentrate your attacks on the bleeding wound, so he will not last long.