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Jumping Flash! 2 (PS1)

Jumping Flash 2 PSX
Genre: Action
Perspective: 1st-person
Gameplay: Platform
Published by: Sony Computer Entertainment of America
Developed by: Exact
Released: 1996
Platform: PlayStation (PSX, PS1)

Before you - a new, modernized version of a wonderful game. Your hero is Robbit, Robot-Rabbit. His main enemy is Baron Aloha, who lives on an asteroid. Also in the game there is Captain Suzuki, a giant in sporty tights flying from planet to planet and taking these planets captive. Robbit's task is to save the little white tadpoles named Muu (Little Muu); they are in the most unexpected places, as signals emitting a quiet mooing. Robbit jumps on various platforms replenishing the collection of collecting these eccentric creatures, incidentally shooting back from no less than strange enemies. It's simple, but extremely exciting! And all these actions are very cheerful music and friendly management.
In this game you need to go through 6 worlds; each world consists of two stages plus a final battle with the boss. But there are other modes that need to be stored on an additional memory card. When the game ends in normal mode, the story is reopened. All the worlds must be passed first, but they have already changed slightly! Muu is already hidden in other places, and the schedule has changed, making the game more intricate. The main difference is that the bosses have become much stronger and more insidious, and the struggle with them grows into a real problem.
Finally, there is also the Super-Mode, if this game is passed. Here again the same levels are used, but now you can already jump six times higher.


  • The main feature of Robbit - is to make triple jumps while in the air, while gaining additional height or flying away for long distances. A special energy meter in the lower right corner of the screen will show you when it can be done. It is very important! Without this, you are doomed to failure. Everything is decided by the right timing. If you develop the right rhythm - you can not keep! Remember, also, that eliminating all passing scoundrels is a waste of time. You will earn much more if you finish the level as soon as possible. And do not spend too much time searching, use the radar.
  • At the first level there is a water chute, along which it is necessary to move to the pool; there you are waiting for energy sources.
  • One day you will see the ceiling on which Aloha is depicted; shoot him - and before you will open an attic, crammed full of energy sources.
  • You also need to pick up a special weapon - a picture with balls; when you use it, colored balls fly out and explode, sweeping away all obstacles on your way.
  • Before making a long jump in the air, make sure that there are no obstacles from above. Otherwise, you will hit your head and not reach the intended place.
  • In order to fly as far and more as possible in a triple jump, try to make the maximum effort with the help of the jump sensor at each jump.
  • As a rule, try first of all to get the most complicated "Mu-Mu letters". If you leave them at last, you can make a mistake, and all your previous work will go wrong.
  • Save carrots, especially whole beams, until the moment when there is an urgent need. There is no point in replenishing the energy supply to the top, if it is far from exhaustion.
  • Save special weapons for bosses. You can easily defeat other enemies if you jump on their heads during the shooting.
  • Throughout the game, extra lives and other prizes often lie under water.
  • The higher you jump, the more damage you will inflict on the enemy you land on.
  • After finishing the game, you can continue it. Levels, basically, do not change, but Muu Muu is already located differently.
  • Problems with finding Muu Muu? Zaprygnite to the highest point in the level and look around to find them.
  • Wherever you see the image of the Baron, shoot him. Usually there are many useful things behind it.

Special Weapons

You can get this powerful weapon either by finding it on the ground or by killing some enemies.
  • Rockets. It is possible to launch several missiles forward, which aim at any nearest enemy and kill him instantly.
  • Cherry Bomb. Exploding from detonation or flying a certain distance, these bombs strike enemies in some radius.
  • Roman Candle. One of the most effective means of fighting strong enemies is laser beams, beating for a few seconds.
  • Twisters. They release a series of rotating charges-wheels, which roll out on the ground and explode from detonation.
  • Power Orbs. A lot of flying jumping balls that explode either from detonation, or by themselves in a few seconds.


You win medals when you achieve certain success in passing the levels. Collect all 12 medals - and get another managed character in the main menu - Rachel.
  • Door Prize. This medal gets every last game to the end at least once.
  • Flower Child. It is necessary to pass any stage without shooting.
  • Bunny Of Steel. It is necessary to go through any stage without prejudice.
  • Systematic Salvation. It is necessary at any stage to collect in order all the letters from the word EXIT.
  • El Dorado. Completing the stage, you need to keep three weapons of the same type.
  • Penny Pincher. It is necessary to collect all the coins that appear at this stage.
  • Super Stomper. It is necessary to step on four enemies in a row without touching the ground.
  • Frugal Fireworks. It is necessary to clear this stage with the help of ten weapons (including those that you had at the start).
  • Bonus Bonanza. You need to enter all the bonus stages (they are all in game 12).
  • Big Trouble? No Sweat. It is necessary to go through the first six worlds.
  • Hasta La Vista, Baron! It is necessary to go through all six additional worlds (after the first six).
  • Kudos. You need to defeat during the game enemies of each kind.
Note: the character must be defeated once (even if he appears again on a different level). However, it is necessary to defeat each variety of enemies of each color. For combinations of "parent-child" (such combinations of three, two variations) it is enough to defeat the parent and one child. You can receive the Kudos medal not earlier than Extra 1-1, because only there the last new character appears.

Enemies of Robbit

A lot of various scoundrels are scattered around the worlds of the game. Below are listed only the main ones that occur in the first four worlds.
  • Kiwi. A bird that does not know how to fight, but only wagging on the ground and bumping into Robbit.
  • Mr Frog. The desperate jumper; if you find yourself within reach, will try to jump on your head.
  • Cockroach. A small insect crawling on the ground. It's very easy to step on it.
  • Mr Hermit Crab. From time to time it contracts and attacks. You should not jump on top of his hard shell.
  • Mr Humming Bird. The air enemy that circulates near you, and then dives into the attack.
  • Paradise Flower. Because it does not move, it's easy to attack; he himself attacks, spitting seeds.
  • Mr. Cloud. A pink cloud that floats in the air, discharging a powerful electric discharge.
  • Iron Ball Beetle. Sluggish, but at close range is dangerous, as it shakes with his ball.
  • Mr. Mr. Burger. A strange little man, scurrying around and throwing himself with soaked fruits.
  • Mr Spider. Hanging on a long thread, moving up and down, and shooting poisoned bullets.