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Future Cop: L.A.P.D. (PS1)

Future Cop: LAPD 2100, Soukou Kidoutai PSX
Genre: Action
Perspective: Bird's-eye view
Vehicular: Mecha / Giant Robot
Setting: Sci-Fi / Futuristic
Published by: Electronic Arts
Developed by: Electronic Arts Redwood Shores Studio
Released: 1998
Platform: PlayStation (PSX, PS1)

In this game from the unrivaled authority in the world of electronic games, you will master one of the means of combating organized crime in the city of Los Angeles (LAA.D. - Los Angeles Police Department) - TAS X-1 Alpha - a revolutionary miracle of modern science. Durable, armed to the teeth and able to fight the steepest gangster authorities that appear in the game. This heaped piece of iron can transform into two vehicles: ground and air. And if you plan to play longer, you will have to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

Lieutenant T. Ryder will be your controller. It will help to survive in this dangerous world. The lieutenant will act like a superman woman: a cold mind that notices everything around. She knows how to use any technology, and watches every step you take.

The cop of the future from Los Angeles is a tactical shooter-shooter, the action of which takes place in the Los Angeles future. As a member of the police department, the player must use all his imagination and a variety of weapons in order to destroy the army of criminal elements that occupied the city.

Some games for Rastaostion come to mind when we saw the Cop of the future. The interior resembled Sugdisate Wags. And the light brings back sweet memories of the game Reloaded. Explosions can easily be from Crime Killers. Sound Effects from Soviet Strike. It's amazing how the "Cop of the future from Los Angeles" managed to combine all the best parts of the above games, while retaining its uniqueness. In fact, this is the continuation of a series of Strike games from the same developer.

Cutscene is done well enough and invites you to Los Angeles of the future, where the only safe way: patrolling the streets is a mechanical robot TAC X-1 Alpha, which is similar to the ED209 from the movie "Robocop". Managing the TAC X-1 Alpha, players cruise through the carefully thought-out setting of eight real-life locations in Los Angeles, such as Griffit Park, Vise Beach and Los Angeles airport "Space Port." The main goal is to free the frightened city from bandit groups that turned Los Angeles into a city of drugs, banditry and theft.

The properties of the new engine, specially developed for this game, is a rich 3D graphics and light effects in real time. Bad guys present in the game are made very realistically, using motion capture technology. For example, the game has more than 50 different characters, as well as more than 1O species of deaths. "

The sound effects in this game are very good. The variety of rocket explosions against the background of gunshots is blocked by cries and groans that are heard around. During each mission, Lieutenant T.J. Ryder informs you about your actions with unflappable persistence.

Music is constantly changing during the game. The choice of sound accompaniment fades into the background when the actions are activated. Music calms, and also creates a feeling of nervous anticipation. At the end of the game, accompaniment to the piano, a-la Slipg, sounds as accompaniment of the titles.

In this game, the player must save the glorious city of Los Angeles from the criminal elements, the gangs that captured the city. Fortunately, you have a revolutionary new robot - the X-1 Alpha, which is equipped with an explosive arsenal and has the ability to transform from a powerful but slow Walkera or into high-speed flying Hovercraft.

The ability to transform into Walkera or Hovercraft is added to make strategic elements into the game. A different in-game situation dictates the use of one or another means. It all depends on the player: what decision he will make for optimal use in order to survive. During their journey, players can use more than 15 types of weapons to wade through heavily fortified structures and destroy all enemies.

The game provides two possible scenarios: war on crime and war for the region.

The war on crime offers the player to restore order in eight criminal areas of Los Angeles. This scenario can take place as one player, or several. Players together, with one team, must destroy the dominance of criminals in the city.

War for the area offers two different options. In the event that you play alone - you are fighting with the heavenly captain - with an opponent controlled by artificial intelligence. If you have a partner, then you are fighting him with an eye for an eye, in order to reveal the strongest tactics. In this case, players must defend their bases from the enemy, using airplanes, tanks and automatic defensive towers. The action takes place on four different levels-maps. Players stagger around the surrounding area on their X-1 Alpha and earn points, capturing neutral towers and destroying enemy equipment that they can use to build aircraft and tanks. The goal of the struggle is to capture the enemy base with one of its tanks. At the end of each level, statistics of confrontation are displayed.

Controlling the robot is very simple, if you use the direction keys or the analog keyboard, but only if you choose the correct viewing angle. There are five possible types in the game. All of them are from the third party. The buttons on the front panel allow your robot to jump forward and shoot from three different types of "guns." Side buttons work fine for moving to the left and right side, actions and target selection. Combinations of buttons together with the action button allows the robot to walk, crouch, dodge and transform.

The game is fairly straightforward. Shoot everything you see, click on the action button next to various switches, elevators, etc. "Cop of the future" can be recommended to those who missed the shooters such as Loaded, Reloaded, etc., but it looks much more attractive than its predecessors.