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WWF SmackDown! 2 (PS1)

WWE Smackdown 2: Know Your Role, Wrestling PSX
Genre: Sports
Perspective: 3rd-person
Sport: Wrestling
Published by: THQ Inc.
Developed by: Yuke's Co.
Released: 2000
Platform: PlayStation (PSX, PS1)

Before the eyes of the picture immediately emerges, like sweaty men dub each other with all parts of the body and improvised means, whether it's a metal chair or a baseball bat. And it seems to be a complete props, where all the actors, but hell, how addictive this spectacular spectacle! Today we will review with you the game, the simulator of the popular American show, i.e. wrestling - WWF SmackDown! 2: Know Your Role. And I assure you that from what you see on your screen monitor / TV show, you will have a lot of positive emotions. So, let's begin…

The game came out in early 2000, when millions of gamers were already in anticipation of the release of the PlayStation 2. But, nevertheless, managed to become popular among millions of fans of wrestling and the owners of the first PS in general. What was so attracted to this game? We will answer you with full confidence - diversity. To describe in detail the whole game, probably not enough strength and paper. But, today, we will try to reveal the main charms of this game.

Run WWF SmackDown! 2: Know Your Role (hereafter SD 2), we'll move on to the main menu. What do we have here? Exhibition, Create A P.P.V., Create A Manager, Create A Superstar, Season, Options. Let's start with a small one and look at the option. Everything is standard here. You can change the complexity, turn off / on the outputs of the wrestlers, the score behind the ring, knockouts, etc. In general, these are trivialities and they should not be stopped. Each player can fully customize the game for him. Consider the following modes. Create A P.P.V. - it's quite an interesting mode, where you play the role of show manager. You make up fights, choose an arena, the type of match, the title for which you will fight. It's worth trying. For example, you can put a heavyweight against a wrestler performing at the lightest weight. And then look at this spectacle, which says "beating the baby." Have fun more than enough. The next mode is Create A Manager. By the name it is clear that here you can create your own manager for your wrestler, who will accompany you everywhere, and sometimes help you in combat. Further down the list, Create A Superstar is probably the best mode to create. As you guessed, here you will be asked to create your own wrestler. You can create both a man and a woman. There are a lot of functions, so you can create an individual, unlike another wrestler. What is there only! Each part of the body, whether it is a leg, hand or head, is edited separately !!! The editor is extended and you will spend a lot of time in it. Well, we got to the most delicious. The two main modes are Exhibition and Season. Let's start with the first one.

Behind the Exhibition mode is a great many types of matches. Starting from the usual Single, Tag, finishing Special. I'll explain in more detail. Single mode allows you to enter the ring one-on-one with an opponent or accompanied by your manager. Tag mode is divided into 2 modes: Normal Tag and Tornado Tag. Normal Tag - this is when you fight with your partner through the transfer of the right to fight. Well, Tornado Tag is already kneading in the ring, two against two. Also in the game there are modes: Hardcore - fight with the help of chairs, tables and other armature; King Of The Ring - matches on the system of departure; Royal Rumble - the royal battle, where 30 wrestlers (in the ring there are 4) prove who is stronger. The goal is not to fly outside the ring. With each thrown wrestler by the ropes, a new one runs out. The regime is very cheerful, it's better to play together with the four of us. Well, the Special mode, where you expect the most exquisite matches. Fight in a cage, fight with a ladder, the purpose of which is to grab the belt hanging over the ring. And many more fights, interesting in execution. From this you will not get bored! You can fight not only in the ring, but also beyond and also behind the scenes! Backstage rooms are also diverse. At your service kitchen, bar, street, parking, VIP apartments and much more. As for the roster, here, too, everything is in order. Over 50 wrestlers are waiting for you, add to all this hidden fighters, which you will have to open in season mode, which I now tell you.

Season - this is the most interesting thing that is in the game. Here you will have two RAW shows and two SmackDown shows a month, as well as wrestling holidays such as: WrestleMania, Backlash, No Way Out and others. Everything is like in real life. Also in the season you will find videos on the game engine, called storyline, which will tell you about the events that took place in WWF in 2000! Playing the season, you will discover new wrestlers, as well as clothing, weapons and other attributes. Season supports the game together up to 4 people. The regime of the season is endless, which can not but rejoice.

In the visual plan, SD 2 looks pretty decent. The arenas are recreated photorealistic, the models of the players look good, each wrestler looks like its real prototype. The ring is well drawn, the viewers in the foreground are also pleased. Also, there is no censorship behind the scenes. Everything is clear, bright and beautiful. Animation is very good! All techniques, throws, strikes are perfectly animated. Each wrestler in the arsenal has its own crown techniques.

What deserves a solid five is the musical design. The music for the game is matched perfectly. It corresponds to the theme of the game. Also each wrestler has his own titanron with individual music! The sounds of the beats in the game correspond to the real ones. True, there are no commentators, but they are not needed here. So for the musical design we put 5.

Everything is running smoothly. You do not have to break your fingers, as in MK or Tekken, making combo hits. All movements are easy to learn. To conduct a crown attack, just press one button. Fast and convenient.

Here we all the same also have reached the end. If you do not have a game yet, read this review and you will want it to appear. Dress up and instantly to the store for the disc. Or download an image of the game from the Internet and enjoy! No need to spare money, the game is worth it. THQ showed us how to properly do wrestling.