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Tomb Raider: Chronicles (PS1)

Tomb Raider: Chronicles, TR 5, TRC PSX
Genre: Action
Perspective: Behind view
Gameplay: Platform, Puzzle elements
Published by: Eidos Interactive
Developed by: Core Design Ltd.
Released: 2000
Platform: PlayStation (PSX, PS1)

The calculation of the bosses from Eidos is simple as all ingenious: to sell the old in a new wrapper, while a really new one has not even been invented yet. As far as we all remember (if anyone managed to reach the end of TR 4), the Egyptian adventure ended simultaneously with Lara's life. It is unclear where the friends of Lariski immediately decided to cancel the wake of the untimely deceased hooligan and, settling in the corners, begin their fascinating stories about Lara.

The fact that this project is designed for almost the most hardcore Croft fans, enjoying the next Lara's breakdown in the bottomless abyss, it became clear even before the game itself. In November 2000, we saw what, according to the writers from Core, should patch all the plot holes of the previous four parts and link the fourth part of TR with the new part, the so-called "Tomb Raider Next Generation". But all these arguments look ... an untenable lie, because if they really decided to patch up all their plot flaws in TR, then they would not have had a whole branch from the main branch of the game (such "TR Hints: the way it was ... In fact. "), Well, and the connection with the Next Generation, later turned Angel of Darkness, can not be installed to this day. Hand on heart, any admirer of Miss Croft, admits (let to myself, even to myself) that the game is not worthy of the dial "5" in its name (which she, incidentally, did not officially get.) But Eidos is cunning: "Chronicles I write, and five in my mind") and, by and large, should be distributed practically for free, as it was in due time with add-ons to TR and TR 2.

Strengthen in this thesis will help the size of the new adventures of Ms. Croft. Four episodes, which are often inferior to the previous ordeals of Lara: no caves, tombs and unclear origin of dinosaurs. Instead, we first drive to Rome, where lions (!) And gladiators (!!) still live in the pillars of the Coliseum, and some of the statues come alive at the first opportunity (!!!) Perhaps this is not the most interesting episode "The Chronicle," however, oddly enough, we meet with our old acquaintances, who, in theory, we kill in Tomb Raider (or Tomb Raider Anniversary - someone like it). After all this, one can only guess - the first episode of the chronicles took place before or after the first episode of Tomb Raider as a whole? ..

Much more understandable is the case with the adventures of a young Lara, who saves her priest friend from the clutches of an ancient demon. Funny hamsters, with a detailed examination turning into terrible clawed assholes, talking corpses and reviving skeletons: this episode can be called the most successful. Paradoxically, but the fact: the levels of the "Chronicles", where we have to contemplate the hips of young Larochka (I hope this does not affect anyone just as normal people * possibly * affect the thighs of an adult Lara? ..), where we do without weapons, and where all that we have to do is think ... were the most successful. It's a pity that this is not the final episode, since he could brighten up the impression of the two remaining funeral stories ...

Because to understand the adventure in the Coliseum and the youthful impulse of Lara, expelling the demon, it is still possible. Personally I could not understand the penetration of the Soviet (or Russian?) Submarine. The miserable "metal" textures, the primitive design of both the military base and the insides of the boat itself (as well as the seabed) - all this we will have to endure for quite some time. Poor models of characters, the captain of the submarine with protruding ears and dressed in a parody of a military uniform - you can describe infinitely, but better - see this squalor. Not too far away was the last episode of Lara's ordeal on the memories of his friends - Lariski's race across the huge office center, with constant shooting of enemies - that's too much. But here we first meet Zipa. So, where did he come from ...

In general, closing your eyes to the various changes in the game balance at the individual levels of the game, we are faced with the good old Tomb Raider with all its numerous advantages and countless drawbacks. All the same acrobatic puzzles, scattered around the keys and incredible sequences of actions, as a result of which Lara can be in any part of the level. Mysticism, fantasy and a lot of action games managed to fit into 4 episodes of the "Chronicles", but they are obviously too crowded there.

The arsenal of receptions Englishwoman has not changed much, and what could be expected from the game, released after just a year, after the appearance of TR4. In the days of the first Raider, it could be understood, but the modern gaming market dictates its own laws, different from Eidos and Core's own ideas about the real hit. Fidelity to traditions is good, but the miserable graphic design created by the decrepit engine of the very first (!) TR is very, very, very bad. Model Lara again experienced a plastic surgery and looks more or less not bad. But it's obvious that all this happened at the expense of the rest of the game models, and the squalid captain of the submarine is not the most neglected case. Hands without fingers (legs, however, too), square faces and miserable animation - this is only half the trouble of the ancient engine TR. Much stronger depressing terrible sprites, stairs drawn directly on the walls (sometimes they are very difficult to find) and obscure textures in general on everything that is in the game. It's scary how scary. Unfortunately, in the most negative sense of the word.

Weapons, inventory and, by and large, everything that is in the game, moved to Tomb Raider Chronicles from TR4. It's up to you whether it's good or bad. If you are, as they say, "not a fan", and, like the gray mass from the ceiling took the magic number "2", consider the most successful game is Dagger of Xian, then you have nothing to catch in the "Chronicles". If you are a true admirer of Core creativity, I strongly recommend that you pay attention to the last, technically, classic part of the great series. This was made easier since last year, when the game was localized by the New Disk (long live Elena Solovyova), what was done was not particularly difficult (there are no texts in the game, dialogs are the minimum). However, connoisseurs (and such, I'm sure, will) ND offers a CD with the original TR Chronicles.
Tomb Raider Chronicles can be called bad words (promising to get away from Lara to, for example, the dragon rider from Drakan), swear at greedy comrades from Eidos, crooked guys from Core and promise "never again" to take on TR. Yes, the schedule is outdated, and quite a long time. Yes, again (again!) The mouse is not supported. Yes, we went away from the main theme - the tombs. But it's still interesting to play. To understand how it can be interesting to play a bad game about Lara Croft can only be a gamer who, in ancient times, was imbued with tender feelings for Miss Croft herself.