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Tail of the Sun (PS1)

Tail of the Sun: Wild, Pure, Simple Life PSX
Genre: Action, Simulation
Perspective: 3rd-person
Gameplay: Life / Social Simulation
Interface: Multiple Units / Characters Control
Narrative: Survival
Setting: Prehistoric
Published by: Artdink Corporation
Developed by: Artdink Corporation
Released: 1996
Platform: PlayStation (PSX, PS1)

The word "unusual" probably best describes this development of the company Artdink (however this company has been encouraging, or puzzling, the players with its unusual projects that extend the capabilities of a particular genre) for years. In Tail Of The Sun you play the role of the leader of the tribe of primitive cavemen. And as a leader, you survey the surrounding areas in search of food, repel attacks of evil prehistoric beasts and contribute to the survival and development of the tribe. During the game, you must closely monitor your "Body Status"; on this depends the ability to run, jump, swim, explain and think that your hero is absolutely necessary. At a certain stage of the game your tribe will "acquire" religion, religious symbols, tattoos on the body, etc. These mystical symbols will be tattooed on your hero, which will noticeably change his capabilities. Your heroic deeds and work days will be painted on the walls of the cave by the most talented prehistoric artist; there will be many drawings - you will see them on the screen.

But the tribe has a great goal (besides eating, sleeping and continuing the race) - to fold the tower from the tusks of the mammoths to the Sun and grab it by the tail! However, this is not an easy task (and not because the sun is high and hot), but because mammoths are more and more dull and not religious, they do not recognize ideas and do not want to part with tusks. We have to kill them, well at least we managed to design a suitable weapon, and the hunting brigades under your leadership create.

Of course, the idea of grabbing the Sun by the tail may not like everyone (like "green" or simply environmentalists), but this original game will undoubtedly give you great pleasure.


  • Your development, as well as the development of other members of the tribe, is determined by what parts of animals you eat - food is the main development strategy !!! If you eat brains, then, of course, you will become very smart - you make perfect weapons, etc. (even get the best endings!). Well, if you eat your feet, then you run fast. About the rest of the body - you will guess.
  • Your dream lasts 23 seconds - at this moment you are defenseless.
  • If your fellow tribesman only runs - feed him with the legs of the beasts.
  • It's hard to get used to throwing stones and objects, but otherwise you can not kill a mammoth.
  • First of all, it is necessary to develop intelligence (ie, to brain), otherwise not to accelerate the development of the tribe. And then get busy with your legs - you may need to quickly get out.
  • If you fell asleep, climbing a mountain (probably, the brains overeat), then you will roll to the very bottom.
  • You need to eat "light" and use Swim Power Tattoo (tattoo, which gives the ability to swim) to get to the islands.
  • Use the tactic "hit end run" against large animals. Try to attack from behind.
  • After killing a mammoth, try not to fall asleep (again you're full of brains?), And precious tusks can disappear.
  • The more you have a tribe, the faster it develops. So, if someone escapes, engage in the propaganda of their ideas (or can it be better to eat something?).
  • Saber-toothed tigers will chase you if you dare attack them.
  • If you eat meat - the whole tribe is well.
  • Swiftness Power Tattoo (a tattoo giving the ability to run fast), which you find to the south of the village, will help catch up with the animals.
  • At the columns in the north of the village lies a magic stone - any beast kills at the first blow.