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Galerians (PS1)

Galerians PSX
Before swap CD, save state to file, next CD, upload save state file.
Genre: Action
Perspective: 3rd-person
Gameplay: Puzzle elements, Survival Horror
Art: Anime / Manga
Setting: Cyberpunk / Dark Sci-Fi, Sci-Fi / Futuristic
Published by: Crave Entertainment
Developed by: Polygon Magic
Released: 2000
Platform: PlayStation (PSX, PS1)

Once again I am convinced that emulation is a great power. Because, in times of owning the first playstation, many games remained out of reach, and there was no need for them - the era of hits, and without that, did not allow to get bored. Now everything is different: the big names are not so loud anymore, the three-dimensionality has ceased to be a know-how and it is possible to dig into the past with feeling, really, arrangement. See what I missed then, and what is the charm of medium-sized games that create a background for giants or to the extent of the forces imitating them.
About Galerians until recently, I never heard of. Surprising little - not a stage, not a standard and not a bar. Just a modest adventure with the mechanics of Capcom's Resident Evil. Then it attracted just the cover of the disc (the Japanese version of the game, the Yankees, as always, made a cuddly CD cover). Painfully depicted there the character stylistically resembled the art of maniac manga "MPD Psycho", which at that time occupied all 17 inches of my monitor.
And when it became clear that there is an English version of the Galerians in the world, the question of a close contact of the third kind was no longer there.
If you generalize at once, then I experienced such a range of sensations, when playing in Ronin Blade (from Konami, by the way). That is, in general, there is not an outstanding, but atmospheric and well-tailored adventure with its local finds, able to please fans of this genre. Only here, unlike the mentioned samurai militancy, though weak, but role elements were lighted. Therefore, we will not review it sometime the day after tomorrow, but right now.

The association series with MPD Psycho is not limited to the disk cover and continues in the cinematic intro. The boy walking along the blood-drenched corridor to the chants "Release me. I want to be free ... "is really impressive. Yes, as it turns out later, according to the gameplay, the game tends more towards creations in the style of Resident Evil than to the role models of the genre, and yet ...
The story of the amnesic teenager Rion, oklemavshegosya on the operating table futuristic honey complex is very different from the standard zombie setting Kapkomovskoy multiseries, and it is necessary to note, for the better. The plot recedes from the standard role-playing set or modern variations of the Parasite Eve type. In general, the general atmosphere and narrative in spirit are very close to the Japa textual adventures of the mystical orientation, which is also facilitated by the appearance of the characters in the spirit of the Atlus Person Persona.
At first, the storyline stirs up the mysteries of cruel deaths of seemingly familiar people who, through snapshots of memories, break through the amezia blockade. We wander through sterile premises, shy away from eternal questions "where am I?" And "who am I?". Then causeless bloody, telepathy and murderers with supernatural abilities (actually, the Galerians ...), amicably take a step to the side, exposing the true interior of this adventure game - cyberpunk. Exactly. Sung by Gibson, artificial intelligence, which gained control over the infrastructure of the whole city, previously played in Bladerunner (the game version with Saturn / PC), a key line of narration and other attributes like virus programs, all sorts of freak anarchists and opposition to the system. Extremely strange symbiosis, which sags in the dramatic part of what is happening, copies other people's ideas, but still remains interesting enough to be watched to the end.

Constant meetings with the gallery owners as bosses, very much recall the existence of Metal Gear Solid. But where Kojima managed to heat up passions to the side-chapel, Kobayashi (the director of the game) demonstrates some kind of detachment, muffling the drama of potentially powerful scenes. Perhaps especially, because in this approach to keep separate cyberpunk works - insensibility of the surrounding world and loneliness.

And, despite all the pokes of perfectionism, the script in the Galerians is more distinct than in the RE, and does not go on the concept of "Umbrella again broke the test tube with the T-virus! We all will die!!!". Yes, and cyberpunk - a rare visitor for the gaming industry, and therefore appreciate in any form.

But back to our Rion. Everyone would have this subtle young man, but only he is a drug addict. And my head is not in order. And as it's not funny, I do not invent anything. To maintain life and combat capability, Rion needs only one thing - DOSE! Drugs are many, good and different. To make up for the supply of mental energy (a local analog of Magic Points), you just have to inject a certain stimulant into your neck. In addition to psychic energy, there is also a Action Points bar showing the hero's endurance, and filling in practically from any action. That is, the use of magic, running or walking leads to the limit of the AP scale and, consequently, to breaking. And when Riona breaks - it's just an eerie sight. First, he yells (which in itself is unpleasant), secondly, moves like a brake, and thirdly, gradually begins to decrease health. The case can correct (as you probably already guessed) magic tablet. But often there is no reason to hurry with its use. Because when a hero breaks, it becomes painful not only for him. When approaching, the enemies grab at the head, shout in panic: "Rion NOOOOOOO !!!", and then their heads fly off a bloody fountain !!! Lepot ... And the destructive power of breaking helps even with the most "bullet-proof" maniacs. And wise restrictions (low speed of movement and reduction of a ruler of a life) do not allow to feel invulnerable. The enemy, in fact, can shoot from a safe distance, and run twice as fast as a shotgun ...

Concerning role-playing elements, this time it will be much easier to attract the ears than Rise of the Dragon, but at times more complicated than Koudelka. Because the main feature of Gallerians is that the hero does not have a weapon. But is there anything? That's right - drugs. She, darling, will help get rid of the attacks of various comrades with a shaken psyche. Doping is divided into several types, each type corresponds to an ampoule of a certain color. Taking the medicine, the hero fills the energy scale, which is responsible for the type of attack. Whether he will opponents of fireballs wetting or gravitating, it depends on the type of "potion" that will flow through his veins. With some bosses, a certain kind of addictive magic is preferable. The superpower has a level of killing, and you can increase this by another medication. The maximum number of levels is three. But, having eaten three tablets, and having shot powerful magic, with these miracles will have to say goodbye. Strengthening has a temporary effect, after which everything again returns to normal, that is, to the first level.

Self-defense with paranormal abilities is unusual in terms of use. When you press one button the hero will not shoot at anyone. It is necessary to hold it for a while, so that it gathers its forces and accumulates a sufficient number of them. And the enemies do not care that you save something, they have the main task - to run up to the head, to the head ... Therefore, it is necessary to reel the circles to save the distance and only then to accumulate a special attack. If they let the nadkopiv, the enemy will shake off these spittles and calmly continue your destruction.

We will search for shire everywhere, because without it a drug addict is not a drug addict ... But the inventory is limited, but there are no bottomless resident boxes in the game. So to speak - all of my burden with myself. It is necessary and for lechilok place to stock up, and for magic. But in fact there are also mentioned tablets-stimulants, which are better to hold up to the boss, and soothing special equipment. So you have to leave something, and throw something away, in order to provide a diet of all types of drugs, each of which is necessarily useful.

Typical for the genre manipulation of keys and objects diluted with telepathy, through which Rion is able to see through closed doors. And in these addict's dreams, there will be either a hint about what's behind the door and how to open it, or a scene that sheds light on the dark spots of the storyline. Some insights also help in solving puzzles that occur (if they can be called that way).
The whole adventure is not limited to wanderings through the hospital catacombs. On each of the three disks, the hero enters a certain apartment. From the hospital to the citadel of evil, he has to make his way through his home and the hotel "Babylon" with his shifted visitors. But, wherever the foot of the Rion would have gone, the Galerians will go all the way back, not allowing the reflexes to rust ...

I do not even want to talk about the schedule. Such games are a million and if you have met in your gaming practice with the phrases Resident Evil, Parasite Eve, Vampire Hunter D, Countdown Vampires or more exotic Ronin Blade, then you have an exhaustive view of both silicone backgrounds and 3D characters. Galerians in this regard - the full standard. Standard assessment and receives.

Ambiguously perceived video clips, which simply filled three discs with the game. Percent ninety of all the videos represent the chatter of various characters "for life", almost devoid of spectacular scenes. And in light of such events, doubly distressing inexpressive voice. American doublers say everyday and extremely mean to different intonations, in addition, voices often fail to fit into the picture, But in the last paragraph they are not to blame - it is worth to blame the average quality of the videos, in the place of miracles of facial expressions, which slides the indistinct and lazy opening of the mouth.
We connect to all said no soundtrack (except for the initial topic, there is practically nothing to listen to) and we get ... but in general, nothing particularly scary is not obtained .. After all, mediocre and rare music, coupled with the sluggish voice acting - the scourge of virtually all resident imitations on Sonya. And in Parasite Eve, for example, the characters generally can not speak ...