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WipEout XL (PS1)

WipEout XL, WipEout 2097 PSX
Genre: Action, Racing / Driving
Perspective: 1st-person, Behind view
Gameplay: Arcade
Vehicular: Hovercraft, Track Racing
Setting: Sci-Fi / Futuristic
Published by: Psygnosis Limited
Developed by: Psygnosis Limited
Released: 1996
Platform: PlayStation (PSX, PS1)

WipeOut 2097 is a sequel to the racing game WipeOut, released by Psygnosis in 1995, which has gone far ahead. In Wipeout, the control of the device was not very logical, at times the game became too complicated. In WipeOut 2097 these shortcomings are corrected, and in all other parameters it is much ahead of all currently existing racing games. Cars in Wipeout 2097 are from the same family as in the first version of the game. At first, you can choose only one of four types of cars, and when you have successfully completed any level, you can change to a car of a higher class, and gradually all types of cars will become available to you.

Management has been seriously improved. Now you have a much stronger sense of unity with the machine and can perform various maneuvers with high precision. Even in WipeOut 2097 you can safely “scratch” the sidewalk, touch the sidewalk - there will be no penalty. The learning process for the game is long, but pleasant. The first six tracks of varying difficulty are divided into three speed classes. Upon completion of the training stage, you will have the opportunity to participate in the race, passing all six tracks at the highest speed (in the "Rapier" version). The next level opens with two very fast Phantom-class tracks. The possibility of playing with a partner (via cable) adds a special chic to WipeOut 2097. Cheerful melodies that sound during the game are a good accompaniment to fast-paced action. The graphics have also been improved. Many tracks are copied from real race tracks. And although the appearance of some landscape details on the horizon is sometimes harsh, this does not interfere with the game, since the perspective of the screen is deep and the visible horizon is far enough away. There are other improvements as well. So, for example, the scenario of the races has become much more diverse, a front and rear view has appeared. All this speaks for itself. WipeOut 2097 is one of the best racing games on the PlayStation.


All four teams AG Systems, Auricom, Qirex and FEISAR - now have their own "face", their own ship designs and control features. There is also a "secret team" with which you first compete, and then it can become yours. One more piece of news: now the riders can "get out of order" as a result of collisions and aggression of the opponent. In this case, there are repair sites on the route where you need to deliver the damaged ship and where you can "recover" in a matter of seconds. What kind of weapons and special techniques do the racers have?
  • Shells - are aimed at a heat source.
  • Rocket Barrage - Three rockets are fired at one time.
  • Mines - five floating mines are thrown in a row.
  • Turbo - the ship accelerates to unprecedented speed in a few seconds.
  • Shield - a blue shield that protects against all damage, and also paralyzes the effect of any weapon for 5 seconds.

Brand new tools:

  • Electric shock - reduces control and depletes the energy of the opponent.
  • Thunder Bomb - produces a blinding explosion, destroying all visible ships.
  • Earthquake - a ripple is sent along the route, accompanied by a fire front:
  • Plasma Strike is the most powerful weapon. After charging for a second, a destructive impulse is sent forward.
  • Autopilot - takes control of the ship for 5 seconds. It should only be used in truly hopeless situations.
  • Emergency charging - restores the ship's energy without going to the repair site.


All Tracks

At the main menu, hold L1 + R1 + Select, then press Square, Circle, Triangle, Circle, Square. Now all tracks, including the secret Phantom class vehicle will be accessible.

Challenge 1 Mode

Enter "Square, Circle, Square, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Square, Square, Square, Triangle, X, Square" as a password.

Challenge 2 Mode

Enter Square, Circle, Square, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, X, Square, X, Triangle, Triangle, X, Circle, Circle as a password.

Infinity energy

Pause the game and hold L1 + R1 + Select, press Triangle, X, Square, Circle, Triangle, X, Square, Circle.

Infinity time

Pause the game and hold L1 + R1 + Select, press Triangle, Square, Circle, X, Triangle, Square, Circle, X.

Infinite Weapons

Pause the game and hold L1 + R1 + Select, then press X (x2), Square (x2), Circle (x2), Triangle.

Machine gun

Pause the game and hold L1 + R1 + Select, then press Square, Circle, X, Square, Circle, X, Triangle.

Phantom Class

At the main menu, hold L1 + R1 + Select, then press X (x3), Circle (x3). Now the Phantom class vehicle will be accessible.

Piranha Craft, And More

At the setup screen, hold L1 + R1 + Select, then press Square, Circle, Square, Triangle, Circle, X, Square, X, Circle, Square, Triangle, X, Square. Now the Piranha craft, all tracks, and a gold award on all tracks will be available.

Piranha Team

At the main menu, hold L1 + R1 + Select, then press X (4), Circle, Triangle, Square.

Vostok Island And Spilskinanke Hidden Tracks

At the main menu, hold L1 + R1 + Select, then press Square, Circle, Square, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, X, Triangle, Circle (x2), Triangle, X (x2), Square. Now the Phantom class, extra Piranha Craft, the Vostok Island and Spilskinanke hidden tracks will be accessible.

Weird ships

While the game is loading, hold L1 + R2 + Start + Select. Keep the buttons held until the menu appears. The vehicles will be changed to a bee, snail, pig, flying saucer, and shark.