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Rocket Knight Adventures (SEGA)

Rocket Knight Adventures SEGA
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Gameplay: Platform
Visual: 2D scrolling
Setting: Sci-Fi / Futuristic
Published by: Konami (America)
Developed by: Konami Co.
Released: 1993
Platform: SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive

Pigs and robots are fighting against possums in the territory of Elhorn Erehwon. In this kingdom, and lives our main character called Sparkster. He, like most of the inhabitants of Elhorn Erehwon, is an opossum. Seeing how his people are suffering, the main character takes his sword and jet pack and goes to fight with the enemy. Sparkster's main weapon will be his sword that is capable of emitting a force field. In his adventures he will often need to use his jet pack. Indeed, thanks to him, he was nicknamed the rocket knight. The game has seven rounds. Each of them is unique, beautiful graphics and all that. The game also has four levels of difficulty, and depending on what level of difficulty will play the final cut scene. Also, the length of some levels depends on this, and what about the number of lives, continuations, etc.?


1 level

ATTENTION ATTENTION! SOS, SOS, SOS! They steal the most beloved (because only) daughter of the king - a long-time friend of Sparkster. It is urgent to rush to the rescue to his castle. However, to get to it is not easy, because the surrounding area has already been occupied by the pig landing. Svinorylye even managed to deploy heavy equipment - cars and armored vehicles, and the enemy general sat down in a real tank, equipped with the latest technology. The pork brain is noticeably inferior to a similar organ of Sparkster, so the dumbass does not even know how to deploy its unit if you go to the rear. In addition, the brave Sparkster will have to overcome a huge moat with water, dug out by order of a prudent king. It's a pity, but against air assault such a measure is useless. However, there is a terrible serpent in the water. He will, of course, try to grab Sparkster, but, hopefully, nothing will come of it, and our hero will safely reach the castle. Horror and confusion gripped the inhabitants of these chambers, once famous for their feasts, and now covered with fire. Pigs (may the Green Peace forgive me) are alien to spiritual values. Therefore, having seized the castle, they first set fire to everything that is being set on fire, and now Sparkster is to escape from the solid wall of fire, but this is not the worst, the boss is still ahead. (THREE boss on level !!!). The giant millipede captured the throne room and did not want to vacate the building. Armor simply obliges Sparkster to evict the monster.

2 level

Admiring, as a weak-willed king receives from Scrupps a savory kick, Sparkster went in pursuit of the kidnapper for fresh traces. It's good that our hero is not a chicken, otherwise the chase would end without starting, for he will have to spend almost the entire level, splashing in the life-giving moisture. At once on Sparkster attacked some insolent hryvnia in the robocost. With skillful maneuvering, the piece of iron quickly collapses, and Sparkster will fall into mangroves with waterfalls. Here lives one more water snake, probably a relative of that - from the moat near the castle. After swimming in the underwater caves, Sparkster will be able to get to the railway. This type of transport, although faster, but not safer. The fall in the abyss threatens a complete loss of life. And, finally, at the end of the road the next creation of the pig-headed inventors is the locomotive-killer. Strange, but the iron monster, which could well crush the enemy like a bug, diligently keeps the distance, firing Sparkster from the bow cannon. Deprived of their weapons, the machine will swing arms-manipulators like a careless student - rakes on a school subbotnik. But even this is not in the power to stop the rocket knight, and therefore we are moving on to the next stage.

3 level

But at this level you can not swim very much. Hot lava does not have this, and life does not want to lose life. True, somewhere in the middle of the road you still have to swim, and that's only because water is the habitat of one of the bosses. A giant mechanical crab may not be evil, but the one who controls them opossums clearly dislikes. Therefore, with the help of crab claws, the swine will try to sink an impudent intruder, but it was not there. For such a raid (influx), you can lose both claws. Although it is enough to beat only one. If the crab loses both limbs, then it starts bubbling (but not in the sense that it bends), which, you know, is not desirable. Having sunk an arthropod, you will have to travel again on the lava, this time riding a walking robot. And, of course, all the ways in the game world lead to the boss. Pisces actually live in water, but this is an exception.
She feels great in the hot magma. Here, even the boss himself is not terrible, but the fiery hell, his surroundings. Fortunately, bananas emerge from the monster's mouth, and on such a ration you can hold out for a long time.

4 level

Three, two, one, start! A short flight, and Sparkster is on board the Scrubs flying machine. I did not have time to recover, as he was already bombed, and who, the small pig, is the captain of an airship. It is good though that the bombs easily return to the owner. You just need to stand in the corner. After a short walk along the surface of the ship (well, there's a windmill there, I'll tell you!) A meeting will take place with another boss. This time it's a flying flamethrower in the form of a pig's head. To defeat his trifling matter. It is necessary only in time to shoot down the reviving bombs, dropping out of the bombs. If you think that this is all, then you are deeply mistaken. Still there is a meeting with the third boss, but first of all it is necessary to overcome the corridor with electric fence. And the boss is really cool. A giant robot trying to dance a lambada or something like that, is not it fun? Not at all, if from the ceiling all sorts of junk, which consumes far more energy than even the dancers' shots, are poured. It is in between the shots and you need to beat the piece of iron.

5 level

Only Sparkster with such difficulty managed to get to the cabin, when the incredible happened. Part of the aircraft separated and headed towards the nearby pig metropolis, directly to the Palace of Pig. Well, it's time to use Sparkster's extraordinary abilities - a knight with a rocket knapsack. The flight is not long, but difficult. Apparently, shortly before the appearance of Sparkster, the pigs celebrated a big holiday, and now in the air above the city, in addition to everyday smog, idle revelers hang on balloons. But they are not the main barrier on the way to the palace, but the boss. Another pig, riding a stout-looking car, tries to stop the hero, but, I would hope, unsuccessfully. And the palace is already in full swing preparations for the meeting of an uninvited guest. Spines, traps, merciless robots - all this is at the service of Sparkster. Here are some tips on how to avoid trouble.

If Sparkster is followed by robots, do not try to agree with them, still will not work. It's better to take your legs as quickly as possible. When maneuvering on a flying platform between the thorns, there are two ways. Lower is easier, but choosing the upper path, you will get a life, if you can certainly save it. When the ceiling begins to fall, use a missile strike with a sword to quickly slip dangerous places. That seems to be all. Next in line is the boss. Although, however, no, from the boss, and this is Scrips on a huge combat robot, you must first escape. It's necessary to do everything accurately and quickly, again using a missile strike. In this place it is very convenient to gain life. It is necessary only at the end of the path to take life, and then calmly let yourself be crushed. And although the number of lives in the end from this will not change, but the glasses will increase, and for every 60,000 these Sparkster "fat" for one life.

According to approximate calculations, this requires about four passes, which is not so much. Thus, with the boss you can fight without any fear of seeing in the end Game Over. Salvation will come in the form of the same robot, as in Scraps. Take a seat behind the control panel and try to break the robot of the enemy with the help of spiked manipulators. Most likely, the first time a positive result will not be achieved, although with sufficient luck ...

6 level

Scrappe, throwing the princess, as always had time to roll off, and he did not drag out somewhere, but straight into space. Now Sparkster will have to catch up with the scoundrel in the name of destroying evil on the whole planet. The princess will wait. In addition to a pile of asteroids at this level, you will meet, already become a tradition, three bosses. The first one is a kind of cyber-old woman. Although she occasionally shields herself with a shield, she does not need to shoot at Sparkster from the laser for long. The next enemy is Scrapé himself and his two assistants. He purposely got out of his jalopy to personally (what an honor!) To fry Sparkster with the help of a powerful blaster covering almost the entire screen. To stay away from it for a long time, fly up to point blank, striking without stopping. And finally, the last boss at this level is actually Scraps clunker under his skilful management. In the process, the spacecraft will have to be broken up in parts. In the end, there will be only one cabin, which, by a slight transformation, like a Chinese toy turns into a robot. Flight it will have only a few times, after each hit, and it is most convenient to do it from above.

7 level

Sparkster was flying for good reason. Here it is - the orbital base of pigs. After a short walk along it, it turns out that King Swinorel is a cyborg. This will become clear after meeting with the first boss, who can not take anything except as a super-hit. A monstrous conjecture about the nature of the Swinebird is confirmed by many semi-finished products, its unfinished clones. They will have to deal with them often, both before and after another meeting with Scraps. At first, it's quite easy to fight the eternal enemy, but it will become more complicated when the entire contents of the compartment where the battle is fought begin to stretch into open space. And here is the third boss, for those who play at easy difficulty level, he is the last one. This time, Svinoril hid in a ball, like a bathyscaphe and equipped with powerful weapons. Because there are so many (weapons), the fight will occur in four phases, each of which ends after four hits on the red ball, moving from either side. In total, consider, it is necessary sixteen hits for complete bossing of the boss. In the first stage, the reptile will try to crush Sparkster, and soon our hero will have to dodge electrical discharges. When this does not help, Swinoryl will try to protect himself with energy rings. Under them it is better not to get, as it knocks down the rhythm of the duel. From the rings will have to dodge the last two phases, waiting for the Pig's unit to fall apart. Those who play on an easy level of complexity, nothing else shines, except for a modest picture with the landing of a rescue capsule with Sparkster on board. Those who more bravely still have to watch the explosion of the base of Svinoril, and also participate in the pursuit of her escaped master.
Yes, surprisingly enough, but Svinoril also managed to eject, and now, like Sparkster, he heads to our beautiful planet to continue to do evil on it. Unfortunately, the Sparkster capsule is not equipped with any kind of weapon, so it only remains to wait, dodging the long tentacles of the Pig. On approach to Mother Earth, a dense atmosphere will do its job, and the Swin Fisher will never reach the surface of the planet, although, how to know ... After quite a decent, in comparison with the level of easy, final cutscene, Konami specialists will gladden you with an inscription like: "A weakly go through the game on a very difficult level? -I'll tell right away, even I will not try. Think about yourself, just one life and one continuation, well, where it suits! But in addition to the level of complexity Very Hard, there is also Crazy Hard. On it, Sparkster only needs one touch to lift the hooves.