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Herzog Zwei (SEGA)

Herzog Zwei SEGA
Genre: Strategy / Tactics
Perspective: Top-down
Gameplay: Arcade
Pacing: Real-Time
Vehicular: Helicopter, Mecha / Giant Robot
Published by: SEGA of America
Developed by: Technosoft Co.
Released: 1990
Platform: SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive

This game is one of the ancient representatives of its genre. Yes, this is a strategic game in real time with elements of action. Here you do not just command the army, you act as a general who is really on the battlefield, who makes decisions, gives commands, enters into a direct battle. And this general, apparently, is called the Duke. I do not know exactly why, probably because the whole struggle is being fought for territories and bases, which is comparable to the title of duke, to whom the king gives some vast territory, and which on his territory is both king and god. Well, and so, your duke - this is not an ordinary person, it's a kind of transformer that flies more time in the form of an airplane, and when needed, then at the push of a button it goes into a ground state - it transforms into an anthropoid robot. The game simply kills the brain at its frenzied pace, when you need to fly, shoot, give orders for the purchase of units, order them to do something, transport their units, collide with the enemy, etc.

As I said, there's crazy here! The gameplay is that you need to destroy the enemy's main base, which is in the opposite corner of the map, that is, you can fly there only by spending almost all the energy, and even then in vain, because the enemy on its territory - it will easily repel you. Yes, your duke has energy that ends in flight mode. You can gain energy by standing over the center of your base. The energy is shown at the top on the panel, where all the other parameters (the life of your duke, the life of the main base). But there are a lot of auxiliary bases, most of which are drawn. To capture them, you need to create infantry with the capture team, let them go to the field, and how they will enter the base, so it will become yours. Bases are captured if you fill four balls (an indicator on the base), that is, four foot soldiers must enter there. These databases can essentially replace the main one by functions: above them you can replenish energy, take units. But most importantly, the more bases you have, the more you are credited with money for which you can buy units and assign teams to them. By the way, in the menu of buying units you can enter at any time of the game and in any position, but keep in mind that time does not stop here, while you buy something, the enemy can stay awake, for example, blow you up. The price of a unit is made up of two criteria: type, command. And you pay separately for the unit and the team (to defend, attack the main enemy base, patrol, etc.). But if the purchase is made in any place, then you can take the unit only from the top of any base. The unit must be dropped, so that it starts its action, and if you are likened to the moment when you transport the unit, it disappears. Of the units you can choose many options and types: infantry, motorcycles, tanks, rockets, turrets, ships, etc. And, by the way, in this game the technology is running out of fuel, so some types of equipment should not be sent to the enemy from the far reaches of your territories. Or you can buy a special machine that will refuel your tanks, so it is better to equip the units with at least one such auxiliary machine. Likewise, ammunition ends. In some areas, you need to help your ground equipment to overcome impassable obstacles. To do this, you need to pick up the equipment on board and land it behind a barrier.

In the game you can defend yourself, for which you need to put your missile installations near your bases. And in case of what to depart under the protection of their own. And sometimes it is useful to engage in a contact with the main enemy. When he becomes conceited and leaves for your territory, you can search him and pour him on the first number. After the destruction, by the way, you or the enemy again appear over the main base. That's just for this recovery is spent a certain amount of time. And time in this game - EVERYTHING! The loss of every second is equal to the loss. In fact, while you are simple, the enemy acts. But even if the opponent has surpassed you, then this is no reason to despair and give up. In this game, you can always win back if you have a tactical maneuver in your pocket. The correct tactic, the original maneuver, and you again "on horseback."

What I want to say about this game yet. Graphics in it is very scarce, but it's enough for everything. Here you will not see any pleasing eyes of landscapes. But this is 1989, and the genre is not as demanding to the schedule. There are only eight kinds of maps in the game: islands, lakes, volcanoes, meadows, winter, etc. There are four variants of complexity for each card, which makes the gameplay a bit more diverse.

The music here is excellent! Cool melodies that are very different from the melodies of other games. The sound of the music of this game is difficult to confuse with other games. Melodies here are presented in sufficient numbers: several melodies for the screen savers and for each zone one more. I liked the compositions, the good is the option of listening to all the melodies, which allowed me to enjoy such a sweet rattling synthesis of Yamaha chip SMD. Sounds are present, but they are not as good as music. Shots, explosions and other actions are voiced. That's just their quality is not so I liked how the quality of tunes. Yes, everything is simple, but in your own, if you want, unique style.

Here and so. For the first time this game I managed to play in 1998 on SMD. And even at that time, I realized that nothing but crazy tempo gameplay in this game is not necessary to search. The gameplay surprises me to this day, I have not seen such strategies as this, strategic games where you need to think at a crazy pace, solve problems both in a typical strategy and at the same time as in a multi-functional arcade game. This, at times, is crazy. This game is one of those that can drive any player out of himself by forcing him to tear the joystick into shreds of himself or his friend. The good of me to this did not reach, but the thought slipped. By the way, I forgot to mention that this game is still famous for being able to play against a real opponent. In this case, the screen is divided into two parts vertically: to the left - the first player, to the right - the second. It's twice as fun! But only, I think, it will be difficult for you to find a worthy opponent, since not many will cope with the nerves playing such games.

This is a brilliant game that is individual in its approach. More such games probably do not exist! Wild mix of genres made this game the rarest pearl that everyone should see, but only a connoisseur will understand. It is contraindicated and impressionable in this game to play, as, it is not excluded, after the heat of passions, nerves pass even to the most calm people. And remember, this is a very original strategic game that requires the player to pay attention, reaction and ingenuity. I wish you the best of luck in this game! Play it and be sure to win!