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Hercules (PS1)

Hercules PSX
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Visual: 2D scrolling
Gameplay: Arcade, Platform
Setting: Fantasy
Published by: Virgin Interactive Entertainment
Developed by: Eurocom Developments Ltd
Released: 1997
Platform: PlayStation (PSX, PS1)

This game is dedicated to the adventures of Hercules and his friends. You find yourself in a mythical world to free Hellas from terrible monsters. Try to use the power of Hercules, the ease and speed of Atlanta or Jason's resourcefulness. It is time to finish once and for all with one-eyed cyclops, Hydra, Medusa, snakes and skeletons. And the gods are good! All as one is some mad, so there is nothing to stand on ceremony with them. However, the developers of the game quite freely interpret Greek mythology. You will find in the game also nasty Martians, crazy clowns and other monsters not seen in Ancient Greece. Your means of protection and attack will be a quiver with arrows, a sling with a cobblestone, a weighty club. Houses on the streets can turn into reliable shelters. You can even throw people and animals: sheep, sheep and cows. Perhaps you will be lucky and help preserve ancient civilization such rare weapons as, for example, inflatable cows.


You can change the control method, but the one that is suggested by default seems to us quite convenient:
Square - kick, attack with a club;
X is a jump;
Circle - conversation with the characters of the game, the use of collected coins (when buying things);
Triangle - the use of force (for rapid running or lifting weights);
L1 - use of the chosen weapon;
L2 - choose the type of weapon (from your arsenal);
R1 - use of elements of non-combat inventory;
R2 - choice of other non-combat equipment (replenishment of energy, etc.);
Start - "pause", viewing the map, a list of keys and the number of coins;
Start / Select - the ability to exit the game, return to the main menu;

Main menu

New Game - start the game from the very beginning;
Load Game - "load" the previously recorded game (only if there is a record card, and on it - "save")
Options - options that allow you to change the way you manage.


  • Visit Mr. Muscle Man in Elis or Egypt to increase his power and strength. You can lift heavy objects and run for a very long time without getting tired.
  • In the city of Athens you will find Mr. Tough Guy. With it, improve your health by 450 HP (Health Points).
  • Mathematician will help you open the doors. Take it with you and put it near the door. He will tell you how many times you need to slam the column so that the door opens. This number will be different for each new game.
  • Walk between Elis and Sparta, kill everyone in your path and collect spears. Then in Sparta, one "smart guy" will offer you to buy 80 copies for Georos. As the spears still fly away, and Giros can save your life, probably, the deal is not bad.
  • Collect all the items in Egypt, and then go to point X on the map. Hear that the music has changed, return to Egypt - all items "repeat" and you will pick them up again. Collect all the items on the islands that are to the left of the "0" point. In fact, you only need a ton of gold. On it, buy a bunch of Giros, Fire Spears, The Evil Taboo and Ray Gun. And then you yourself the devil is not a brother!
  • If you hit the target, and did not immediately receive money, you need to activate the nearest pedestal. And if you are not Atlanta, and you do not have arrows, then the pedestal can be activated by throwing an object at it. And it is possible and a bomb.
  • If you see a cave that you can not climb into, then turn into a pig. He's less than a pig!
  • The password in Egypt is in the cave located at the bottom of the map. You will need lipstick to get it. And Amazons have passwords, but to get them, Baby is needed.
  • Jipstic - lipstick is on the islands (to the left of the "0" point on the map). In Egypt, one woman will ask for lipstick from you, and if you satisfy her request, she will open the door to the middle cave.
  • To find Baby, go to Egypt (closer, of course, nowhere), to the Amazons, kill a couple of Lamia (witch-vampires), destroy some enemies. Do it right - you will see Baby on the premium pedestal.
  • Some galleys will float faster if you rhythmically beat into the drum, setting the tempo of rowing.
  • You can seriously injure monsters if you throw different objects in them. Just watch closely the readings of your "silometer".
  • Atlanta is not the most powerful heroine, but her bow and arrows are very dangerous even from a distance.


With the help of a weighty club you will deal with your enemies without any problems. If you have a quiver, you can shoot at enemies with arrows. You can rush garbage and scraps. You can throw a silver fork. Bombs are designed not only for the destruction of most of the enemy detachments, but also cool off the fish. Pieces of ice allow you to freeze the enemy and attack him without losing energy (better save them for the main "boss"). Hefty cobblestones, apparently in comments and advertising do not need. Lightning is an effective weapon of mass destruction. The pepper explodes like fire and attacks the enemy. A laser gun is very expensive and is extremely rare.

Other equipment

  • The case with lipstick takes away energy from the enemies.
  • A large red heart completely recovers your energy and, as a rule, adds to it another 10-15 units. A piece of meat on the bone partially replenishes your energy.
  • If you find a bag with frogs, throw them out: they will jump on the enemy, taking away energy from him.
  • The gray crow effectively distracts the attention of soldiers. Large inflatable cows also distract the enemy's attention. You will be able to hit a caged enemy without losing energy.
  • A test tube with a green liquid allows you, temporarily turning into a pig, to penetrate into low moves.
  • A potion in the form of a little man reduces the opponent. It becomes very small, and you can press it with your feet. "The golden casket gives you supergiages." "It's generally put on a beast, but you can also use it against soldiers."


  • Skeletons are dangerous only in large numbers.
  • Cyclops throws everything in you that comes to hand. Cyclops are very common and cause a lot of trouble.
  • Soldiers of two types are housed in the cities. An ordinary soldier attacks a spear in close proximity (it is better to destroy it from a distance, you can try to take away his arrows). Soldiers who throw spears are dangerous at a distance, but are easily destroyed near (they also have arrows).
  • Toothed piranhas of various colors are found practically in all water bodies. Very aggressive.
  • Legionnaires attack with a huge sword capable of smashing even the wall. They are found only in the Sparta region.
  • Frogs live in swamps and near water bodies, energy is very little taken away.
  • A hollow with wasps is dangerous: the wasps are good at biting.
  • A living tree, from which the boy periodically climbs out and shoots at you, often occurs, but has a reduced protection.
  • Egyptians are very bored with their laser.
  • Amazons attack with a spear in the immediate vicinity. Occur, of course, in the Amazon.
  • The blue Vikings with the club are throwing barrels. They should be killed immediately, because if the barrels run out, they will want to try out the club.
  • Red vultures shoot with their feathers and are found only in rocks.
  • Mermaids send you big balls of water, from which it is very difficult to escape. "An old man with a big book will" save "your results for a fee. It occurs in large cities. A superfluous coin never hurts: the old man is unpredictable and likes to raise the prices.
  • Heavy hunter in a down jacket does not represent a big threat.
  • Yellow bees fly very rarely by the company. But if they get together a bunch - rather, "make your feet".
  • Small kabanjats frolic in thickets and take away energy "a little bit". But the big ferocious boar should be specifically destroyed, since after the defeat, it leaves the right key. There are only two wild boars in the game: one red, the other blue.
  • Green snakes are strong in large numbers.
  • Purple vultures shoot laser rings. It is better not to contact them.
  • Penguins are found only in the north and absolutely harmless.
  • A painted clown, getting close to him, takes out a sledgehammer, many times larger than himself, and begins to chop without rest. The most dangerous clowns, gathered in a heap. Surround it so that you can not get out.
  • From time to time you will meet locals. Talk to them - and learn a lot of interesting things. Without talkative people, the world would be boring and incomprehensible.

Gods (and goddesses)

  • Zeus meets throughout the game, gives advice and a little cheers. You can not say that Thunderbolt.
  • Hera, the wife of Zeus, needs a big blue cow. I need it, and that's it. The first lady of Olympus can have her quirks. The desired cow can be found in the cowshed of the city of Sparta.
  • In order to get the key for Athena, she needs to bring a mask of Medusa (this mask will be available to you only after the death of Medusa).
  • Poseidon, the god of the sea, asks you to destroy the Minotaur, which began in the underground labyrinths near Crete.
  • Dionysus (divine drunkard) should bring a grape branch, which owns Hydra (until you finish off Hydra - you can not see a branch).
  • Hades is the god of the afterlife. He asks for a golden sheep's head. It can be found by defeating a large snake. Further, in order to penetrate into the underworld, it is necessary to find another sheep's head (in a cave near Dionysus). Using the protective properties of this head, go to the round gate.


  • The first "boss" that will meet on your way is a fat boar (boar). He shoots from the mouth with a laser beam. Kill it best with arrows.
  • The next you most likely will meet the Minotaur, throwing an ax. It is also best to destroy it with arrows or bombs.
  • The stone knight is destroyed only with the help of bombs. He also attacks bombs, which he throws to the right and to the left. "You can not get to Medusa on foot." Take advantage of the catapult from Athens. It is more effective to kill Medusa with lightning, bombs or a laser pistol.
  • Hydra is easy to kill with fire arrows. But to get them, you have to sweat. Get a small child (in the Amazon, it's easier to get through Egypt). Look for the prison in the Amazon and give the guard's child the face of one of the cells. In exchange for food, you can get the codes (a unit of food will give you two codes). Then return to Sparta and take the ship of Poseidon. Get to the island of Crete and open the door with the help of a code (the code will require a guard in the aisle). Go into the passageway so that you are in the hearth of the fire when you turn on the card. At the merchant buy fire arrows and with the help of a catapult go back. "The big snake is very strong." Use the most powerful weapon. It is desirable to have a few replenishments of vital energy in stock.
  • Against a red dog with three heads (Cerberus), ice and snowballs are effective. Weakened, the dog falls into a huge green pit. "Now you need to get to the main" boss ", Hades. On the way to it, you will come across rooms full of weapons. Each room is opened with a key marked with the appropriate sign. Hades attack, launching a club from afar. You must have at least five units of energy replenishment. Hades will resist in every way, pouring on you the mountains of falling rocks and periodically turning into a cannon that extinguishes with heavy shells. In order not to fall under the hot hand of the god of the other world, hide behind the pillars and in the side aisles. Having killed the "boss", approach the girl. When you are in the room, turn left, destroy the fish and take in the pool key "A". And what to do next, decide for yourself!