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Covert Ops: Nuclear Dawn (PS1)

Covert Ops: Nuclear Dawn PSX
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Genre: Action
Perspective: Behind view
Gameplay: Puzzle elements, Shooter, Stealth
Published by: Activision Publishing
Developed by: Sugar & Rockets, TYO Entertainment Inc.
Released: 2000
Platform: PlayStation (PSX, PS1)

As a NATO soldier dropped on a captured train, you have to become a thin line between the world and the nuclear holocaust. In your arsenal before going on a long journey, except for artificial skills, there is a rich selection of weapons. Destroy enemy helicopters, boldly engage in fierce fights one on one on the slippery roof of the train, avoid high-tech traps and you can disrupt the terrorists plan to deliver the detonator of a nuclear bomb.

Game features

  • The game takes place during a trip from St. Petersburg to Paris;
  • Non-stop action / adventure in the real modern world;
  • Realistic 3-D architecture, environment and kinematics;
  • Highly rendered characters;
  • 19 saturated high-speed levels;
  • A lot of complex puzzles and traps.


Covert Ops Nuclear Dawn's story revolves around a train, code-named "Blue Harvest", captured by a terrorist group. The Russians are standing behind this, it's clear that the Russian "armored train" is not going very slowly and quite right from St. Petersburg to Paris. You, of course, play for a brave NATO soldier named Jack Morton, who will prevent the abduction of the Blue Harvest.
Covert Ops: Nuclear Dawn is a realistic tactical shooter with a 3-person view. The Covert Ops: Nuclear Dawn story revolves around one train, code-named "Blue Harvest", captured by the "Army of Revelation" terrorist group. Behind this case are ... who? That's right, the Russians. More precisely, the commander of the train was the former military man from Russia Boris Zogorsky, but in those cases that were going on the train, the international terrorist organization and big ranks of NATO were involved. Therefore, our armored train is not very slow and quite correctly sent to Europe. You, of course, play for a brave NATO soldier named Jack Morton, who will prevent the abduction of the Blue Harvest. The game has several endings, so the train can arrive at the end even to Turkey. In some places, the game resembles the famous Resident Evil, but instead of zombies, there are terrorists armed with firearms. In general, the game is performed at the highest level. Rest assured, the game is worthy of your attention. The alternative name for this game is Chase The Express.