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Codename: Tenka (PS1)

Codename: Tenka PSX
Genre: Action, FPS
Perspective: 1st-person
Gameplay: Shooter
Setting: Post-Apocalyptic, Sci-Fi / Futuristic
Published by: Psygnosis Limited
Developed by: Psygnosis Limited
Released: 1997
Platform: PlayStation (PSX, PS1)

You seem to be in a trap - an abandoned space colony, mutants and robots chasing you, a piercing voice sounds in your head - piercing the brain ... and your name is Tenka! A powerful weapon - that's all you need! Codename: Tenka is a great shooter! Not worse, perhaps, than Doom, Disruptor and Alien Trilogy! At all levels, and there are already 31 of them, you are expected to have intense skirmishes with aggressive enemies, artful shooting monsters, various devices that prevent you at all levels. However, at your service at each level up to nine types of powerful weapons (you can take three). An important part of your arsenal is beacons that can be placed along the way in the game, and then, using a special "tractor", again to track down. This is very useful for marking "icons", which should not be taken immediately, and which may be needed much later.

This game is interesting in many ways, and all its charms are revealed gradually in the course of the game itself. Perhaps, for the first time in it the idea of ​​a "multifunctional" weapon, replacing almost thousands of different types of weapons, was used. This is very useful in the game, although in practice it is hardly advisable. On the other hand, do not you want to wear a hard drive, a blaster, a rocket launcher and a grenade launcher at the same time, if you can get one thing that immediately replaces !?

Each stage of the game is a puzzle, for the solution of which it is necessary to find the keys (and the corresponding doors) encoded in different colors. In addition, at each stage of the game there are "secondary" puzzles, the search for solutions which adds intrigue and interest in the game.

Management can discourage you at first - it is difficult enough to learn to accurately aim (using L1 and L2), you will spend too much ammunition and make mistakes. However, very soon you will learn how to "give" monsters and mutants to the right and left. Adrenaline "excites" the blood, finger on the trigger, the enemies are scattered into tatters. That's why we love Tenka!


  • "If even your own rocket, a grenade or a mine explodes, you'll have a hard time, so be careful."
  • As the aiming (higher or lower) takes a lot of time, use the radar sight and aim in advance. Press L1 or L2 to set the aiming line according to the height of the enemies (before colliding face to face!).
  • Lasers and rockets are the most effective weapon for the destruction of automated defensive systems.
  • Self-guided sight allows you to identify objects to be destroyed, even if they look completely innocent.
  • When the radar detects a dangerous rival hiding behind the shelter, boldly aim at the wall or building (homing sight does not fail) - the enemy will be destroyed!
  • The control panel is invisible. But as soon as the Object Detection alarm sounds, find the switch and press the button.
  • When the zone is "infected" by the evil little Bionids, keep your gun barrel down, so that there is a floor under the sight.
  • The voice ringing in your head is Zenith, an implanted microchip that allows you to detect visual "keys" during the game.
  • "Use the cards!" To open certain doors, you need keys that are coded with the color of the doors themselves, so it's pretty easy to guess. The position of the keys on the cards is indicated by colored diamonds.


It all starts with a basic weapon that makes one shot every time you pull the trigger. And ends with a nightmarish "combine" carrying a host of all sorts of weapons, including deadly missiles. How does Upgrate (improvement) of your weapon to this level occur? Collect blue and green icon cubes, as they are lost by enemies. The more you collect, the wider will be the range of your Weapon. However, do not forget that for "business" you need more ammunition. Their location will show you the corresponding icons. So what can we do with luck to "include" in our "harvester" ?:
  • Singl Shot - With this weapon you start. Minimum fire, maximum accuracy. However, you will not be very upset if you lose it.
  • Doublet, stage 3 - Allows you to expend twice as many ammunition. Precisely the situation is much worse.
  • Runaway Fire, Stage 11 - Such a manual automatic cannon. Fire stalks, we'd better keep silent about accuracy.
  • single-barreled laser, stage 13 - Very accurate weapon, nose with a small defeated area. He kills "ordinary" opponents from the first shot.
  • Dual-barreled laser, stage 16 - Not inferior exactly to Singl, but much more powerful, more area of ​​defeat.
  • Laser machine gun, stage 20 - If the formidable enemy lurks around the corner, pull the trigger - and peel off!
  • Mines, stage 15 - The weapon is not very useful in practice. Especially the big trouble if you have forgotten, where they have been put and have fallen in!
  • Grenade Launcher, stage 18 - A hand grenade launcher, a powerful weapon of destruction. Just pull the trigger and it's all smashed!
  • Rocket, stage 13 - Super-duper is a powerful weapon of destruction. One volley - all problems are solved.
Great luck to find such a gift!


  • All Weapons - Pause the game, hold L1 and press Triangle, R1, Triangle, Square, R1, Circle, Square, Square then release R1.
  • Level Warp - Hold L2 and press Circle, circle, Square, Triangle, R1, Square, Triangle, Circle, then release L2.