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Chrono Cross (PS1)

Chrono Cross PSX
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Genre: Role-Playing (RPG)
Perspective: Bird's-eye view
Gameplay: Japanese-style RPG (JRPG)
Art: Anime / Manga
Setting: Fantasy, Sci-Fi / Futuristic
Published by: Square Electronic Arts L.L.C.
Developed by: Square Co.
Released: 2000
Platform: PlayStation (PSX, PS1)

The story of this game. The sun's rays penetrate the thickness of the water, and memory also penetrates the thickness of the past times, trying to extract memories from there. some memories glitter with sparks of joy, and some are dark and deep. In the blue depth, two words shimmered and shimmered in different colors - Chrono Cross. The name of the game, included in a number of masterpieces on the Sony PlayStation. The name of the great, I'm not afraid of this word, game.

But first a few technical digressions. "I believe that the goal of creating Chrono Cross is to make a new game for Chrono using the most advanced technologies at the moment." Masato Kato, screenwriter Chrono Trigger. 

It was 1998 year. Square just released Xenogears. Then the future producer Hiromiti Tanaka suddenly discovered that some script writer Masato Kato is hatching the idea of ​​creating a new game Chrono already since 1996. Kato was given work on the script and in general, all the work with the Chrono team was put on his shoulders. Now it sounds funny, but then the developers felt a certain pressure - they still needed to create a game, at least not inferior to the famous Chrono Trigger. Here to you and result. Try it, play in Trigger after the gorgeous Cross. But it was originally planned to create a small game ...

Work began to boil. Initially, the developers wanted to create as many as 64 characters, planning that with each of them the player can make friends. And for everyone it was supposed to be their own ending! From the time travel line abandoned, the game system programmers wrote from scratch, and at the same time - the glory of the gameplay! - Kato previously rejected the idea of a long "pumping". As a result, the balance of the game - perhaps the best among JRPG for PS1. The game system does allow the game character to gain enough experience without participating in a multitude of monotonous battles. Of the other innovations worth noting Elements and Endurance characters. And now let's see why this game deserves the highest praise and such epithets as "legendary" and "epic".

Probably, there is no owner of PS1, which one way or another would not be familiar with the game. And so it's a little awkward to talk about its components - it turns out that everything can only be praised ... But the game is really worth it! In Chrono Cross, everything is so closely intertwined and intertwined, all parts of the game are such an amazing single whole that honestly, I would not like to lay out the game primitively. And talk about it, as if about a museum exhibit - that's supposedly music, but the plot. The fact of the matter is that in this game one is inseparable from the other.

The game opens a magnificent FMV intro with chic music (I personally watched and I'll watch it every time!). Someone at once speaks for himself, someone is drawn into the gameplay gradually, but the fact that you became the owner of the masterpiece is unquestionable. Although the introductory story is a little unclear (but in general, what is definitively clear in this game?), Literally from the first few battles it is clear - "this is something." And believe me, the sensations do not deceive you. The game is really outstanding. Yes that there is outstanding ... We can change the angle of the battle, control the Elements, like cards or checkers, to observe the colorful diversity of landscapes and enjoy beautifully traced magic. And the summoning of certain summons, that is, Super-Elements, is not even a short movie, but something like a demonstration of the power of the PlayStation. And everywhere colors, colors, colors ... Character costumes, surrounding scenery, enemies and effects - the color palette creates a real visual feast. Eyes just enjoy this game. Even weapons, forged from certain components, have the appropriate color. And each attack has a certain visual special effect! And in certain places, the lighting technologies used in Final Fantasy (for example, the lighting lamps in Chronopolis) are used. And - stunning, incredible, breathtaking cutscenes. In this case, Square always knew.

On the other hand, Chrono Cross seems to be in no hurry to surprise and surprise right away. This game is simply mesmerizing - gradually, like a real magic. Remember the Pandemonium! or, for example, Shadow Master. Everything is bright and festive there. In Cross, too, its own unique visual style - whether it's the volcano's mouth, the sandy coast, rocks with geysers, a shady forest or even the seabed - everything is carefully drawn, with love and diligence.

"Do not forget to add to all this an impressive scenario worthy of any RPG, from time to time it is philosophical." RPGFan Browser.

I will say so. Until the end to understand the plot of almost any JRPG can only that some geek, spent behind the prefixes half a lifetime. No, if you understand the stories - you're done. However, I do not believe that there is a person who has penetrated into the plot of Cross. And is it necessary, with a storyline so loaded with it?

We must immediately warn - do not try to take it seriously. In the presentation of its history, the game has moved as far as possible for the RPG, as a result, even reading the story outline anywhere on the Web, you risk getting a dislocation of the brain. Well, like in the case of FF VIII. Yes there is the "eight"! One outset in Cross is worth it - your hero not only got into the parallel world, but also found his grave there. Cases ... And after the attack on a strange mansion, the character will have to exchange bodies, visit different time lines and worlds, fight with several dragons-deities, perform side quests before the heap ... Turn into cats and back, find special frames- design for dialogue, to return two-three characters meaning of life and so on. And at the same time, almost every character meeting you will gladly share with you his opinion about the meaning of life, the universe and everything else. Moreover, you will also feel the unique individuality of each character's speech. Yes, plus he will put his emotions and emotions on you. And in parallel to all this the plot develops ... which with each new event threatens to dry up your common sense and inflame your eyesight.

And if seriously, of course, Chrono Cross is indeed not devoid of some background, including philosophical. For example, the problem of environmental pollution is very serious. The issues of relations between different races are touched upon. Yes, here, Cthulhu, take it all seriously. And unhappy love, and hatred, and secret revenge, and pathos (well at least not a ton of pathos). And what would you like if each character has his thoughts on the Frozen Flame? And each strives to insert some little-meaning, but hint-filled phrase! Honestly, it's better just play, not really delving into the plot. The good playability of Cross is of the highest quality. That's why the game can attract even those who previously with the RPG genre were not familiar or at all the spirit could not stand it.

As for the gameplay - the game has a lot of attractive features. From the very beginning, understanding it, we understand that this is some kind of experiment. And the creators of the game wanted to sneeze on the conventions and traditions of the RPG. Instead of levels your squad gets "stars", and then only after a fight with the bosses. Instead of magic - a grid of Elements. Instead of an insanely annoying ATB from "fantasies" or even some unnecessary "chips" - a stock of endurance. And on the other hand, all these innovations have given their own game, an unusual charm. In addition, the rules of status are observed, for example, now a member of the detachment can not only fall asleep on the battlefield, be frozen or get a dose of poison. Now you can burn yourself, stretch the muscle or dislocate the joint and even get a cold. Even a curse can hang over the status of your hero. What else from the traditional? Monsters can be seen on the map, that is, sometimes they can be tried to bypass (as in Grandia, for example). In the detachment there can be only three heroes, but they can be changed quickly. All the rest ... no, everything else, apparently, is already unconventional.

Elements are a "separate song", it's not difficult to understand them, so we will not go into a detailed description. It is worth noting that Elements-Traps are a very useful thing for getting into your arsenal some very powerful kind of magic, and even the most real Summon. These Summons, by the way, seem to be written out straight from the "fantasy", and the appearance of each looks cool. Really cool. If even such powerful Elements as the Black Hole or Supernova manage to surprise your eyes almost every time, then Summon is ... this ... Ah, better try it yourself. And when you get bored with watching them, the game will just be passed. And there will be New Game +, that is, the possibility of passing with all the already recruited Elements and "stars". (But for some reason, by the way, without Summons, you still have to get them.)

And finally, "tasty", excellent playability and replayability. Then the world of games did not know the concept of "Korean craft", so forget about the pumping and pursuit of steep weapons. Playability Cross is simply beautiful. At first, while the characters are rather weak, the battles will not be so simple. But then your party can easily cope with various enemies without much difficulty, and at the end of the game you can just run around on two worlds, enjoying the scenery. On the other hand, some bosses will perfectly all the way your nerves - for example, Garay or Miguel. And just about the handsome Dario generally keep quiet ... although there are certain strategies and for the victory over him. By the way, the extraction of Elements, perhaps, is the main component of the balance, in the second place - the manufacture of equipment and weapons, and only then - the thickness of the purse. Coins in the game to earn easy, much harder to figure out what should be the victory over the last boss of Time Devourer. However, Google to help you.

And now collect all these elements in one - a colorful environment, an extremely complicated storyline, a pleasant gameplay ... Without what will not it work? Without the most important element - music. To say that this music is nice to listen to a decade later? Or is this perhaps the best soundtrack for playing the PlayStation - in any case, in my personal rating? No, it's not just that. It's generally one of the best soundtracks I've ever heard. The composer-freelancer Yasunori Mitsuda, who previously worked on Trigger, wrote music. Subsequently, the site Square Enix Music Online will call the soundtrack "one of the best creations of Mitsuda," which even "surpasses the music he wrote for the Chrono Trigger."

The music in this game ... it's just cute. The melodies of Home World are more vivid and energetic and major, while themes of Another World are minor, slower, pensive and sad. Little censure is caused only by the music that sounds in the battles. But in itself the soundtrack is worth it to listen to it even separately, without playing. Here you have the influence of the Mediterranean, and African drums, and Celtic motifs, and oriental tunes ... Whether it's a market square or an abandoned fort, another dungeon and a swim in the ocean - music always corresponds to what is happening thematically. And how delightful is the track Garden of the Gods! And how impressive is the track Orphan of Flame! A fight with Dragon God in the tower of Terra! And of course - the final theme of the credits. This song can not be forgotten, years later it will sound in your heart. In short, the music of the game is simply beautiful, and it owns an important part of the emotions caused by the Chrono Cross. Maybe the music will not be able to make you cry over the game, but you will get unforgettable experiences for sure.

Chrono Cross has the ending of the usual - if you just defeat the last boss. And very impressive - if you know the true strategy. And eleven more endings performed on the game engine. Most of them are quite amusing, but there are also a couple of very gloomy (from one such that is called, and the jaw can fall to the floor). But is this the most important thing in the game? So you got the "right" ending, read the touching text under the no less touching composition Life - Faraway Promise (quite heart-wrenching, by the way) ... And the credits began. For me, the importance of Chrono Cross is that this is the first game that tried to convey something difficult to describe to the player. So to say, step into real life. In the credits, we see Kid in real life, she is looking for someone ... Thus producer Masato Kato tries to let players know that there are different options for future development, there are different possibilities in their own lives, that this "does not end ... with the end games". Here is how he expressed it: "Paraphrasing the words of one famous writer, it is important not the message that you want to convey, or the topic, but as the way it is presented in the game." Is this a typical story where a boy meets a girl, or the thought that no life on earth can be in vain or meaningless ... I do not know. I remember one thing - there and then, sitting in front of an old TV and admiring the credits, I already knew that this game was trying to hint at my real impact on life. Here so. Earlier, I remember, it was tried to do except that Metal Gear Solid. Or maybe not.