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Chaos Break (PS1)

Chaos Break: Episode from CHAOS HEAT
Genre: Action
Perspective: 3rd-person
Gameplay: Shooter
Narrative: Horror
Published by: Eon Digital Entertainment
Developed by: Taito Corporation
Released: 2000
Platform: PlayStation (PSX, PS1)

Action in the style of Resident Evil. As in Resident Evil, you can play for the main character or for the heroine. The plot is simple - you are a special unit fighter. Your job is to find out what's wrong with the secret database. Your team is completely destroyed by amazing creatures, scorpions, worms, etc. You have to fight with them and smash them. You can shoot at anything that moves, because there is no one left except you. You have a large selection of weapons. Numerous missions, excellent 3D graphics and stunning special effects.


To enter the code, you need to perform the following procedures:
  1. Look into all the rooms you can only enter, and collect everything that "badly lies".
  2. Follow the red flashing red blinking lights (click the Start button and then the X button). These red lights will indicate the direction you need.
  3. Review everything that is written in the computer terminal, try to read the message by e-mail; get very important information to understand the current situation.
  4. In the computer terminal with the Data Icon, try to "remember" (Fix The Data) the necessary information by moving the corresponding values ​​with the arrow-cursor (left-right).
  5. Enter the appropriate Password (Password Code) into the terminal with the Icon Icon.


Level 1: SWARM password (you can get through the door to the elevator, with which you will have access to all levels of the game, except the first and third).
Level 2: The password is 62425.
Level 3: you will receive the password from Rachel, after you give her the Benzine-T medicine, which you will find in the infirmary room.
Level 4: MONSTER or CRISIS password.
Level 5: Try to find out the password yourself.